La Liga: Atlético 2 – 0 Granada

A brilliant volley by Miranda and a late goal by Falcao enough for Rojiblancos

Atletico Madrid players Falcao and Miranda both scored against Granada

Miranda and Falcao both on target

The Vicente Calderón was packed as 53,800 spectators enjoyed the sun in Madrid and saw Atleti beat Granada 2-0.

The game winning goal came from the foot of first time scorer Miranda and in the added time Falcao contributed with a second.

With Filipe suspended the Rojiblancos lined up with Álvaro Domínguez at left back. Miranda replaced Luis Perea in defence while the rest of the team remained unchanged from the XI that beat Besiktas on Thursday.

Vice captain and youth product Gabi made his 100th appearance for the club.

Atlético’s first half performance was uninspired and sloppy. Passes didn’t reach their destination, there was no creativity and the players didn’t look as sharp as they normally do under Simeone.

It was the visitors, who have now lost six of their last seven games on the road, who looked more threatening in front of goal. They had a handful of shooting opportunities from the edge of the box and looked dangerous on the break.

In the 37th minute Atleti finally created their first opportunity of the match, when we cleverly executed a free kick, but Gabi’s shot was blocked.

From the corner kick that ensued, it was our two centre backs who combined for the opening goal. Diego Godín headed the ball back across the goal and Miranda finished with an acrobatic and spectacular volley. It was a perfect demonstration of Brazilian finesse and technique by Miranda, who scored his first goal in an Atlético shirt.

After the break the Colchoneros improved and there was an early chance for Falcao, who was denied by goalkeeper Júlio César. In the uneventful second half we still struggled to create opportunities, but we had a firm grip on the game and didn’t allow Granada any shots on goal.

Granada finished the game with 10 players after Henrique was sent off with a straight red. The substitute lunged forward in the 83rd minute and only hit Koke’s feet as he launched our midfielder into the air.

In the first minute of the added time Juanfran surged forward on a dazzling run. After winning the ball on his own half he crossed the entire pitch and provided Radamel Falcao with an easy chance. The Colombian scored through the legs of Júlio César for his 21st of the season.

El Tigre almost got number 22 too, but he hit the post as Atleti went forward one last time.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Domínguez; Salvio (“69 Arda), Gabi, Mario (“57 Assunção), Koke; Adrián (“79 Perea) and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Miranda (“38); 2-0 Falcao (“92)

  • Very good results although i could have expected a bit more from Falcao. Juanfran made a splendid run and an accurate pass to set up Falcao but the keeper HALF WAY stopped it and rolled through him. All in all good match not the most convincing displays.

  • SoLobo

    I prefer a bad performance (once in a while), than a loss. So, I guess we did very well! I hope Arda has gained confidence and returns in the starting 11 next match.
    And if anybody is interested:

  • rockefeller

    Falcao was a little too selfish IMO. He just got lucky with the goal. Nevertheless it is always good to grind a win despite a lackluster performance.

  • shlomgar

    Congratulations for Miranda, Gabi and Juanfran. It takes a very good club to win when things aren’t looking that good. Referee did look a bit Rojiblanko but who cares. A win finally, and another concerto led by El Cholo.
    Aupa Atleti!

  • Hey guys have you realized that ronaldo is on four yelow cards in La liga? If he gets one the day before the Madrid derby. He will be suspended and we will have a good chance because di maria is injured

  • Solobo thanks for accepting my request and who do we have next?(after Besiktas)

  • A great result but not a great match. I wish falcao hav scored 2goals but was unlucky and hit d post. Hopefuly we wil keep winin in stylez.
    RANDY GERMAN u are a great fan of atletico i like you. SoLobo i hav send fb request hopefuly u wil acept me bcos we are atletico fans

  • @Amed9ja
    What is your FB name?

  • oh yeah ahmed abdel musa or sum i saw he just confirmed you never mind

  • JohnGreece

    I hope not, Randy.I want Ronaldo in,so they won’t have any complaints for their defeat.Plus,I desperately want to see him reacting the way he did in euro 2004 final… 😉

  • But wont it make it easier for us @JohnGreece

  • Randy German are on face book? If yes ur email adress pleaz
    Our next oponent after Besiktas are Mollorca at Iberostar Estadi. Palma de Mollorca, on Sunday 15GMT

  • Randy German are you on face book? If yes ur email adress pleaz…..
    Our next oponent after Besiktas are Mollorca at Iberostar Estadi. Palma de Mollorca, on Sunday 15GMT

  • ratchet

    when is the real madrid game?

  • Yes i do
    I sent u a request amed9ja

  • SoLobo

    You are welcome Randy. As far as I know, we ‘ve got Mallorca away next Sunday. Not an easy game…

  • Randy German are you on face book? If yes ur email adress pleaz……..
    Our next oponent after Besiktas are Mollorca at Iberostar Estadi. Palma de Mollorca, on Sunday 15GMT

  • Edletico

    Another 3 points, another goal from Falcao, another good performance from Koke. Many other positives and we didn’t play that well, 4th is still achievable

  • starvs

    Points are the only thing that matter right now and we got our three, we need to keep it up.

    Game against Bilbao may be decisive for our CL hopes, they look very good recently. Hopefully we have Diego back by then, this team is much better with him in it.

  • Hey guys i realized that if we had won our last five games we would have been 3 points behind barca if they hadnt beaten us and if we did won the rest!!!!!

  • Hey guys look athletic have valencia next weekend as well as malaga have real madrid and levante have villareal so we HAVE to take the points it will be difficult versus mallorca but it must be donE. Too bad Espanyol have Racing at home:(. But good news otherwise

  • shlomgar

    Hey, I’m with JhonGreece, CR7 MUST play against us, a strong Real Madrid means our players will try harder and put their heart and blood on the pitch. Also there will be another chance to break his legs, ammm I meant spirit.
    A solid squad with Felipe back on the left line means Mallorca will have a hard time. Simeone is a crowd pleaser, he loves to see the fans and enjoy their embrace, I see this relationship last for a long time…

  • shlomgar

    Randy German that means only one thing, we need not to look at any other club and just try to take one game at a time. Adrian and Koke should play as long as they can, they change this team from good to excellent!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Saul and Pedro didn’t play :(, by the way CR7 is just a freakin’ diver and diva and I don’t care if he plays or not, good thing we won, I didn’t saw the match as I was working and drank some beers, shit, I feel so dizzy, so I suggest y’all to don’t drink while you’re working or don’t drink at all, Aupa Atleti!.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Oh I forgot, it’s not CR7, fuck that, it’s Cristiana Ronalda!!!

  • ali_

    “Also there will be another chance to break his legs, ammm I meant spirit.”

    ahah epic comment is epic 🙂 i hope the same btw, ufo was very close to that if im right

  • Javi Lozoya

    Perea keeps the legend alive!!!, Grande Luis Amaranto Perea!!!, Atleti’s captain and legend forever!!!

  • Javi Lanzoyo and ali ar you people on face book? If yes can we be frnds…. If you wouldnt mind me send me your FB name

  • Javi Lozoya

    I don’t mind giving you my facebook address Amed9ja, I just don’t have one!.

  • k14

    Salvio don’t fit well with the Falcao-Adrian combo, things looked much better when Arda took his place.

    And BTW guys, you could just make a group page on FB, and then all people have to do is sign up, would make it easier than adding each other like this 🙂

  • Javi Lozoya

    This is the guy we need;, if he comes to Atleti I’m ma walk my town naked, no, just kidding!!!, or perhaps???, no!, but seriously, this guy is freakin’ good, if he is signed we’re gonna have a much more competitive team, hope this is true although you never know with Gilma.

  • shlomgar

    Yeah Ali_ Ujfalusi was good in the breaking areas. Miss the guy, though no real place in the squad for him today.
    K14, you know I thought just like you about Salvio, but I think last couple of games show that he gives an extra aspect to our attacking game, moreover he links very well with our passing game, with Koke specifically.
    Arda is good at times but he is really not consistent, I think he still suffers from adjusting problams but mabe I’m wrong.

  • Gert

    I thought Arda made the game interesting from the moment he came on. He’s one of my favourite Atleti players this season. Hard worker! Too bad he has to pay that off in his injuries …

  • Edletico

    I think we will see the real Arda next season, hopefully he can stay free of injury and adapt fully to the team. It shows that we are improving on the squad depth front as we are having conversations like this

  • palc


  • 7th

    one question, cuz i didnt see the match.

    how was Domínguez’ performance?

  • SoLobo

    Good enough in my opinion, even as a left back. He didn’t have much to do.