Opinion: A black sheep no more?

New defenders seem to improve us by miles.

filipe luis

For years Atlético’s defence has been the weak spot of the team. Atlético always depended on the scoring prowess of the forwards. However, when ‘Kun’ and ‘Uruguayo’ were invisible in a game or when we came up against opponents with great forwards as well, we often lost because of the multiple mistakes an the back. Perea wasn’t paying attention and lost the ball against Higuaín, López got outran lots of times. Álvaro still had a few youthful mistakes and Ujfalusi isn’t as strong defensively as he used to be.

After the official signing of Filipe, the confirmed deal for Godín and our breakthrough talents Álvaro Domínguez and David de Gea, a whole new world seems to have been opened. With Álvaro in the back we immediately improved, we conceded fewer goals. When ‘Van der’ Gea finally replaced the failing Asenjo, we had a confident goalkeeper who was great at organising the back four. A great organisation helps a lot.

Filipe is a contender for best left-back in La Liga and it’s surprising that he hasn’t featured more often for the Brazilian squad. Diego Godín was part of the team that reached the semi final at the recent World Cup and showed some very nice performances.

With Filipe Luis replacing the inconsistent López, we now have the best left back in La Liga instead of a not so great one. Godín isn’t as fast as Luis Perea, but he seems to be way smarter with the ball at his feet. With Domínguez we won’t have to fear for the No-Go‘s Pablo Ibañez and Juanito. Ujfalusi has been a good right back so far and still there is the possibility for a better one: Rod Fanni.

Ujfalusi – Godín – Domínguez – Filipe

This new defensive line looks terrific! We could’ve had Rafinha replace Ujfalusi for free in a year, but he signed for Genoa in a €8m deal. Perhaps we should’ve looked around for a little bit more money so we could’ve signed him right now.

We have to be cautious, though, with two or three new defenders, they will probably have to get used to eachother. It is good to know that at least individually they’re all great defenders, which already improves us compared to the last years.

We can conclude that the defenders are, at first sight, far greater than what we had walking around in recent years. If Pulido and Cabrera continue growing the way they do, in the future we’ll also have great competition. Only Ujfalusi is getting old, but Godín and Filipe are 24 and Domínguez is only 21. Pulido and Cabrera are both 19. López is 28, plus he might want to leave with Filipe as unbeatable left back in front of him. So, in a few years we only need a new right back (depends on Fanni, though) and left back substitute. Between now and two years, we will have the best back four of La Liga!

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  • Mohammed

    Nice article. Understanding between defenders is key. Also, we need the midfielders to help in defence. Otherwise, it will be difficult, even for the best defenders in the world.