Arda, Tiago & Sílvio keep Diego company in the clinic

Five players already ruled out through injury for Thursday's Europa League clash

atletico winger pizzi helps full back silvio stretch out

Pizzi helps Sílvio stretch out (

Atlético’s official website confirmed on Tuesday that Arda Turan, Tiago and Sílvio will all be unavailable for our upcoming match against Besiktas.

The trio join Diego and team captain Antonio López on the Rojiblanco injury list.

Tiago, who traveled to Portugal on Tuesday to await the birth of his child, is suffering from a hamstring injury that will keep him from playing against the Black Eagles.

Arda, who could not take part in last weekend’s match at Sevilla, continues his recovery from a muscle strain sustained in his nation’s friendly against Slovakia last week. The 25-year-old will not be facing his countryman on Thursday.

Sìlvio’s injury-plagued season continues as the full back sprained his left knee in training, sidelining him for our Europa League round of 16 first leg encounter.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Silvio has spent more time on the infirmary than on the pitch, hasn’t he?, poor guy, let’s just hope he recovers against Granada since Filipe Luis is abscent due to yellow card suspension, or if he doesn’t recover which seems likely, then Cholo should call someone from the cantera like Javi Cantero, he is a good player.

  • Sebyk

    To be honest, Javi Cantero is a pretty weak player and even his nomination in the first team would be a joke. Don’t forget that Álvaro can play on the left as well and everytime he was used there, he played very well. I don’t believe that Sílvio will recover for the Granada match, hence Domi will play on the left…
    Arda’s absence is a very painful one – without him (and Diego of course) our midfield lacks ideas. Koke isn’t the true link between the midfield and the players up-front.
    The health issues of Arda and Sílvio start to worry me more and more – there is no point in having a player on the team when he misses half the season through injury, or eventually isn’t able to play full 90 minutes (as Arda). Our condition trainers should think about it and DO something about it… :/

  • Javi Lozoya

    Javi Cantero is a “joke” according to you?,ha!, good thing you’re not Atleti manager or a scout, I know people who actually keep up with the Atleti B team and say Cantero is a great player and I don’t find any reason to not believe in them.
    You also think Perea is a joke too and yet he holds the record for Atleti of most matches for a foreign player and he is an Atleti legend. With that said, you can say anything you want but for me I think all the Atletico Madrid players reserve some respect and I don’t like the fact that people like you call them a “joke”.

  • Mais
  • Sebyk

    Perea has my respect for what he has done for Atleti, he was (mostly) a good servant for the club, but nevertheless I can’t help myself and could never count him among Atletico Madrid legends or icons. It would be a great disrespect to them. Perea wouldn’t even count among the better half of the defenders who ever played for the club, his form has the consistency of a rollercoaster. He reached his milestone just by accident, nothing more.
    I used to follow the reserve team quite closely and I still try to, though I have still less and less time for that. Trust me, Javi Cantero is nowhere near the level required for Atleti and never will be. I don’t believe that the boy will be ever good enough to play consistently for a team in Segunda…

  • Javi Lozoya

    Is Perea an Atleti legend guys?, I think he is and will be forever, he is uno di noi, sure he had his ups and downs, but his dedication and commitment for the club for so many years have made him a legend of already, was his milestone a mere accident?, I think not. With him playing as a CB, we qualified for CL and won the Europa League, and I prefer to remember him for his dedication on the pitch than his roller coaster performances.
    Grande Luis Amaranto Perea!!!, leyenda del Club Atletico de Madrid!!!.
    About Javi Cantero, well, like I said before, people who actually been following Atletico B matches since the start of the season say Cantero is a good player and would be a good signing for the first team of Atleti, so…

  • Javi

    Although he can’t play in the EL, given our number of injuries in the midfield, I would like Cholo to give Fran Merida another chance in la liga, I believe someone like Cholo can finally get Fran to play like he is capable of.