La Liga: Sevilla 1 – 1 Atlético

Atleti and Sevilla again share the points after a highly contested game

Atletico Madrid forward Eduardo Salvio scores against Sevilla

Salvio scores the opening goal (AS)

Atlético Madrid dominated in Sevilla for 45 minutes, but had to settle for a point after Los Nervionenses fought back in the second half in a match that ended level at 1-1.

Both coaches were missing key players, but there were no surprises in Simeone’s line-up. Domínguez replaced the suspended Godín, while Koke and Salvio played a supporting role for Adrián in the absence of Arda Turan and Falcao.

Atlético scored from the very first chance they were given in the match. Eduardo Salvio beat his man and headed home from Gabi’s cross.

Two minutes later the Argentine nearly doubled his and Atleti’s tally, but Andrés Palop saved Toto’s volley.

Atlético controlled the game and outnumbered Sevilla in midfield, where the quartet of Mario, Tiago, Gabi and Koke did an excellent job. When possible, we looked to break forward quickly with Salvio usually at the end of our attacks, but Palop did well to save another two chances for the goalscorer.

Sevilla struggled and looked to José Antonio Reyes to serve as their creative outlet. The man who was an idol at the Vicente Calderón just a few months ago played his usual game. He constantly tried to draw fouls and it must be said the Rojiblancos didn’t hold back on their former team-mate.

The home side only came close to our box from set pieces and at half time they were yet to record a dangerous shot on Courtois’ goal.

At the start of the second half Sevilla had a good chance after a fast counterattack, but Navas and Rakitic couldn’t hit their shots on target.

In the 54th minute Atlético seemed to break forward, but Sevilla recovered and hit us hard on the counter-counterattack.

Jesús Navas put in a perfect cross for Babá Diawara, who scored his first goal for Sevilla to tie the score at 1-1.

After the break Sevilla improved and took control over the match, with Navas being a constant threat down the right side. The speedy winger provided Reyes with a good chance, but Courtois pulled off a great save to keep the score level.

In the final quarter of the match both teams looked exhausted. Many passes were misplaced and there didn’t seem to be a plan behind the attacks of either team.

Sevilla almost nicked the 3 points in the 89th minute, but a goal by Manu del Moral was correctly ruled offside.

The matched ended in a draw, which means Atlético have now gone five league matches without winning. Next week we’ll host Granada. We’ll be without Filipe for that clash, who picked up his fifth booking of the season tonight.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran (“91 Perea), Miranda, Domínguez, Filipe; Tiago (“81 Pizzi), Mario; Salvio, Gabi, Koke; and Adrián.

Goals: 0-1 Salvio (“9); 1-1 Diawara (“54)

  • Next we have an EASY game vs granada next weekend. We have Falcao, Arda and Adrian in attack next week so that is gonna be an easy win
    3 cheers for Atleti!!!!!! Let me hear you

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree. It was quite a turn off performance from Atleti. Sevilla tried to play offensively and we just tried to defend well and counter attack them. The team should’ve tried to attack more and score another goal. Sevilla was blurred in the first half after Atleti’s goal, then they fixed things in the second half and almost win the match. Still it was a good result considering all the players that we’re missed today for Atleti. It’s not a bad result at all.

  • sorry that SHOULD be an easy win

  • against Granada* and Javi youre rite it was a Fair result due to the players we put out but Excellent performance from salvio hopes he starts the next game and show the same intent

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yeah, it’s nice to see Salvio performing good. He looked confident and happy. Hope he keeps improving every match.

  • Hey sorry we have a game in which we will have to fight hard for the win against a determined Besiktas outfit. Sorry we have Granada next weekend.

  • palc

    Good result, but wtf happened to us in second half? Played very well in the first but in the second half frankly we were shit and were very lucky not to lose.

    Salvio looked confident and was the only one with shots on target I think. But sometimes he’s very selfish and holds on to the ball too much/ shoots when there are better options, might be because he has a lot of proving himself to do.

    Malaga is now four points ahead of us.

  • ratchet

    yh, its not the worst result. The result could have been a lot better if we finished them off in the first half, but we got off lightly in the second. @Randy German, im afraid no game is easy at this stage of the season, with the relegation scrap getting underway, even though i would be surprised if we did not take all three points up for grabs. There is a positive and a negaive thing out of this. The positive is that we have a greater H2H record over sevilla this season, The negative been that we cant reach the CL spots by the end of the next round, even if results do go our way.

  • @Ratchet i guess youre rite. I’m sorry for calling Granada an ‘EASY’ team 😉 No game is easy I’m happy Espnayol has to play Real so that will HOPEFULLY GIVE US A BOOST CUZ REAL DONT LOOK LIKE LOSIN SO THEY SHOULD BEAT ESPANYOL AND EASE THE PRESSURE ON US. Levante, I hope they lose as well and hopefully Valencia as well once we retain our winning form we will reap rewards. Lookin forward to the Europa League. Sorry bout the caps lock (CAPITALS) i forgot to take it off. :p

  • Oh shox WTH Can anyone belive Rayo are ahead of us!!!!!!!
    Our Canteranos are doin maybe a lil bit TOO WELL we need to bring back Diego Costa and possibly sell……….Miranda or Salvio. Costa is playing to good. we need him too play alongside Falcao
    Aup Atleti

  • palc


    You should get a Twitter account. You seem to have alot on your mind. Always. Twitter is a great place to express whatever’s on your mind. 🙂

  • @Palc I’m too young too have one 🙁

  • ratchet


    Just lie your way through the age barrier 😉 Anyways, we need to start winning in the league again soon. We want to be in CL slot ASAP to have the best possible chance to get CL football at the end of the season.

  • k14

    Eventhough Salvio was the one to score, and kinda was the only threat on sevilla goal, I think his performance was kinda badish.
    He was lost the ball just way too many times, and 1 of them resulted in a counter attack on our counter !
    And they easily scored because out of position, if he at least had tried to pass and failed, that would have gave our players extra time to get back in positions :/

  • k14

    He lost the ball just way too many times*
    And they easily scored because Filipe was out of position*

    New keyboard ;p

  • My dad always told me not to lie, fuss, what would i like to add on Twitter when i have u guys here :). I have everything on this site good treatment good friends and the through club we all support, ATLETI. So since i started commenting here its been fun and by the way, Javi, i see u have joined the prediction league 😉

  • Sorry Ratchet My dad said I’M NOT ALLOWED not the age barrier thing. Plus people on Twitter have Basically No life

  • ratchet

    im not a big fan of twitter myself anyway, i always forget my login details :). Anyway, has anyone got a ps3 and has a psn account, id like to add people from here.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Don’t worry Randy, feel free to express anything you want, you’re a smart boy and I always like to hear to your opinion,:), you too Ratchet:), by the way my PS3 just stop working, ylod, sucks.

  • palc

    Twitter is great. I get a lot of useful Atleti-stuff from it. I follow everyone affiliated with Atleti and spanish football. Don’t tweet much though. Just like to read. 🙂

    I remember there were talk about setting up a forum here so we can talk about topics from A to Z about Atleti. That is still a good idea… 🙂 But I understand that it might be quite a hassle setting it up.

  • Sam

    On a completely separate note, I was digging through some old sports cards and I found a 1994 world cup card for Diego Simeone and Luis Garcia haha.

  • Javi Lozoya

    @Sam, is it Luis Garcia the Mexican player?

  • ratchet

    @ Palc, a forum would be good, but as you said, it would be really difficult to set up. The website is coded to allow people to type in their username, e-mail, website and what they want to post and then your done. A forum would probably require you to actually log in, which means the server where the website is stored would also have to store all the individual login details for everyone. That would make the website bigger, which would require the web host/master to have to find a server with more storage space. Let alone when you come to creating the forum itself.

  • DJ_ZA

    @ Randy G – i hope you follow you father’s advice. Being able to trust your kids is something every parent hopes for – and if you break their trust, it’s really tough to get it back. Being honest shows maturity. But enough of the Dr Phil… back to all things football…..

    If we hadn’t dropped the points against Racing Santander and Sporting Gijon, I’d have been happy with the result. But with CL getting further away again ….

    I read this after last weeks match … Atleti suffer from altitute sickness – as soon as we get close to the evasive CL heights, we suffer decreased performance …. amusing but sadly true. So is Cholo our cure?

    We seem to be putting in the hard work, so perhaps a bit of luck’s all we need.

    Talking of luck …. how unlucky were Sociedad (or is it lucky were Athletic) to have that goal disallowed. Another case for implementing goal-line technology. It’s been proven to work in rugby, cricket, tennis …. why is FIFA still dragging its heels?

    Still on the subject of luck (and a bit of comic relief) : This South African record breaker happened yesterday. It’s a KO competition similar to FA Cup, so it’s a premier division team against an amateur 3rd or 4th division team.

    Hopefully we’ll get the luck of the winning team BUT may we NEVER be as unlucky as the loser!

    See you all Thursday against Besiktas 🙂

  • leika

    just found a mistake from Atleti wikipedia page that says Mathieu Valbuene is playing for us. Another point not to trust Wikipedia. It would be good though if Valbuena is playing for us 😀 Anyways that twitter thing is good, but I would like to see an English translation for Youtube videos, like subtitels or smth. The fanbase of Atleti is growing and many of them(like myself) doesn’t understand Spanish. i hope this will be fixed soon…Wonder why anyone hasn’t thought about it yet

  • ratchet

    wikipedia can be edited by anyone. Thats the problem. A lot of people take it for granted that the information it gives is always right. Most of it is, but not all. Just realised i can watch utd and atleti in the europa league, as they are on at different times over both legs. Looling forward to both ties.

  • ali_

    leika: yeah, thats an issue for me too… tho it was really fun to see watch those videos from the trip to rome on the official atleti youtube channel!

  • Mais

    i love those vids! they look like such a laid back bunch

  • Javi Lozoya

    Great news guys, Levante defeated Betis, that’s just great, what a bummer, Atleti needs to start getting them three points from now on, it’s a must.

  • Mais

    theres a bit of a silver lining, over the next cpl weeks our direct competitors will be playing each other, so that gives us a chance to climb back up