Europa League: Atlético 1 – 0 Lazio

Godín the matchwinner as Atleti easily qualify for next round

Juanfran and Godín celebrate  Atlético's goal (Marca)

Juanfran and Godín celebrate
Atlético's goal (Marca)

Atlético comfortably beat Lazio in the Europa League and qualified for the Round of 16 in the Europa League.

The Rojiblancos had won the first leg at the Stadio Olímpico 3-1 and beat the Italians a second time on Thursday night with a goal by Diego Godín.

The result from the match in Rome allowed Simeone to rest Filipe, Tiago, Arda and Falcao. Captains Luis Perea and Álvaro Domínguez returned to the side in a defence that was formed by four centre backs.

Despite a ton of injuries and the earlier result, Lazio fans had travelled to Madrid en masse and provided a great atmosphere at the Vicente Calderón.

In the opening period of the game Eduardo Salvio was our most active player. The criticised Argentine seemed out to prove a point, but was unfortunate to hit the woodwork early on.

Another highlight in an otherwise dull first half was the beautiful control and half-volley by Adrián, who saw his shot stopped by Bizarri.

After the break Atleti quickly scored and decided the encounter. A corner taken by Gabi was accurately headed in off the post by Diego Godín, who scored his second goal this season.

Koke almost doubled our lead when we again won a corner, but his powerful strike was saved spectacularly by Lazio’s goalkeeper. Adrián then headed wide from the exact position Godín had been in earlier, from another set piece taken by Gabi.

Atleti were energetic in the second half and came close to scoring when Adrián found Salvio, but Toto’s shot was kept out by Bizarri.

With the tie decided, Simeone decided to take off Juanfran, Miranda and the outstanding Adrián. One of the players coming on was Sílvio, who hadn’t featured since our win over Levante more than three months ago.

Lazio were never really in it and Atleti were able to save some energy for our upcoming clash with Barcelona.

Our next opponent in the Europa League will be Simão’s Besiktas, who lost against Braga at home but advance with a 2-1 score on aggregate.

Line-up: Courtois; Perea, Miranda (“71 Sílvio), Godín, Domínguez; Juanfran (“58 Arda), Gabi, Assunção, Koke; Salvio and Adrián (“61 Falcao).

Goals: 1-0 Godín (“47)

  • palc

    Good game. We won without breaking a sweat. Solid display once again. Now muy importante to get some rest and prepare well for the Barca game.

    My wettest wet dream is knocking out Manchester City at Vicente Calderon. Now Besiktas awaits us. Last time we me turkish opponent, we won EL. So it’s a good omen with other words

  • David

    “Last time we me turkish opponent, we won EL. So it’s a good omen with other words”

    I remember it was against Galatasaray. Atletico was very lucky to win that game.

    Caner Erkin got fouled in the box and should have been awarded a penalty on the 88th minute, but instead got sent off.

    However that Galatasaray team was better then the Besiktas team we will face.

  • Sinan

    I follow the Turkish League, and i am not impressed by the performance of Besiktas. They have some nice individuals, but they can’t play as a team. Atletico Madrid will win twice against BJK, in Istanbul and in Madrid.

    in the first match Besiktas was fortuned, if it wasn’t for the red card, Braga would be victorious. Today in istanbul braga won 0-1 they where better and deserved to win.

    Btw can anyone tell me why Arda isn’t playing so much anymore lately ?

  • Tackle_Hard

    Yeah where is Arda ?
    I have much higher expectations from him and we have yet to see his full wrath.

  • palc

    Relax my turkish comrads. Arda just got back from injury, otherwise he is a starter. I expect him to start against the great almighty Barca. He’s an important piece of Cholo’s puzzle. Especially now that Diego is out for a month.

  • Javi Lozoya

    So, if we defeat Besiktas we’re gonna face either United or Bilbao?, nice!. I know I’m getting way too ahead of time, we still have to face Besiktas, and no offense to them, I don’t mean to look down on them, they deserve some respect, but we’re gonna defeat them. I’m already imagining a possible showdown against United or Bilbao. I personally prefer United. Not only because we’ve seen enough of Bilbao, (we face them every year) my countryman Chicharito is an United player, and I would love to see him play against Atleti, but more importantly because United is a big club. One of the world’s best and the best in England. You don’t have the privilege of playing against United all days. I don’t remember when was the last time we played against them, therefore it would awesome to series of matches to watch. And defeating United will confirm that Atleti is indeed a contender to lift the trophy again. Can’t wait for that. Hope we do face United in the quarter finals.

  • Urban


    I guess after the round of 16 there will be a draw…

  • David

    The dangerous thing about besiktas is that they have played bad in most of their games, yet they have made it to the last 16.

    The game they played against Braga in portugal, they played so bad, but with slightly better finishing they could have won the game 6 nill instead of 2 nill.

    Besiktas has maybe 5 world class players, maybe 5 good players and 10 or so average players. They always play at less then 50% of what they can.

  • Davide


    Exactly which five players in Besiktas is world class? Even Atlético only have some very good players, but not world class players. If you have 5 world class players in your team than you should be playing in the finals or semis of CL every year and be a top European side.

  • ali_

    haha, yeah, the 5 world class player caught my eyes too.

    imo, the whole team pretty mediocre.

  • leika

    I guess we must look out for Quaresma. And if we want to keep going in the competition, drawing United is the worst we could get. There is very little chance against them. With they’re class they will beat us. But also Athletic is a bad opponent for us.

  • palc

    Bad news. They’ve got Julio Alves.

  • Kaminero

    “I remember it was against Galatasaray. Atlético was very lucky to win that game.”

    Personally, I think it was the other way around. The referee kept Galatasaray in the game. There was a clear foul on Reyes in the penalty box plus a kick on Kun’s head, which should’ve been a straight red.

  • Javi Madrid

    @Urban, yeah your right. We’ll have to wait until March 16th to see who we’re playing. I thought all matches we’re already arranged but March 16th is gonna the final draw.

  • Javi Madrid

    Drawing United wouldn’t be “the worst we could get”, it’ll be a nice challenge. If you want to be champions again, you’re gonna face the best teams and you have to be prepared against any team, you have to be confident and have the mentality of defeating any team no matter what. If not, then you have no chance to be champion.
    I explained myself when I said United is one the world’s greatest teams, I’m aware of that. But I’m confident that if we face them, we’re gonna defeat them. But if we afraid of them then, we have no chance to lift the trophy. I know Simeone isn’t afraid of any team, whether is Barcelona, Manchester United or any other. United is a great team, but I believe more in Atleti’s fighting spirit.

  • ratchet

    oh god, who would i choose over atleti or man u. ill probably go for atleti as utd are in contension for the league. atleti arent so EL is the best chance of silverware.

  • Javi Madrid

    Looks like the Copa del Rey final is gonna be play at the Vicente Calderón.

  • Taylor Swift

    Hey guys , I wish us the best of luck but I don’t think we can get past Besiktas . I hope I’m wrong and I don’t mean to sound mean . Love to all

  • Sinan


    >>The referee kept Galatasaray in the game<<

    Are you aware of the fact that Galatasaray is a Turkish club ?

    Then you must know that referee's are always against Turkish club, a example ; any ohter player of a none-turkish club would get a warning for a charge. A Turkish player would never get a warning. Instead they recieve a yellow card. It's a fact, and every Turk knows this.

    Do you remember the game Atletic Bilbao – Trabzonspor for EL Qualify. A Turkish player called Burak Yilmaz gets kicked by Iker Muniain, so he kicks back, and what happens, The Turkish player gets a red card and a suspension of 3 matches.

    And yes the game between Atletico Madrid – Galatasaray. Kun Aguero idd gets a kick on the head. But the player ' Servet Cetin ' was aiming for the ball. And Aguero was ducking ther for the ball. So i prefer to call it a acident.

  • ratchet

    @Taylor Swift, Im pretty confident we can get past Besiktas. I cant see them winning over two legs. Theyve got a decent team, but never play as good as they should be. Thats why Galtasray are winning the league, by a good 11 points over Besiktas as well. We will beat them about 2/3-0 in Madrid, about 1-0 in Istanbul. If we are serious about winning the EL we will comfortably beat them. Lazio are a better team in my opinion, and we comfortably beat them. I really do thing we can go all the way this year.