Europa League: Lazio 1 – 3 Atlético

Atleti impress in Rome despite conceding early

Falcao scores two against Lazio(Lazio)

Falcao scores two against Lazio

Atlético Madrid have won the first leg of their Europa League round of 32 fixture, impressing at the Stadio Olímpico with a huge 3-1 win over S.S. Lazio.

Diego Simeone, who had a four-year spell with the Romans during his playing career, surprised by including Koke in the starting line-up at the expensive of Arda Turan. In the center of defence Diego Godín and Miranda returned after missing the game at Racing due to injury and suspension, respectively.

Atleti nearly were off to a flying start, but Falcao wasn’t able to keep his shot down after being assisted by Koke.

The Rojiblancos were then hit hard on the counter. A nice move by Adrián and Falcao resulted in nothing and the home side quickly broke forward. The normally extremely reliable Thibaut Courtois spilled Hernanes’ shot and we conceded the 1-0, as German veteran Miroslav Klose made the most of the howler and scored the rebound.

It was one of few and rare mistakes by Courtois, who hadn’t conceded yet under Simeone and had managed to keep a clean sheet for 648 minutes.

Atlético swiftly responded and levelled the scoreline five minutes after the opening goal. A cross by Juanfran was deflected and then headed goalwards by Falcao. Adrián reacted quickly and volleyed the ball past Marchetti.

It was already Adrián’s sixth in European competition this season, and our first goal in three games.

Atleti didn’t stop there. We played dominantly on Lazio’s half and shortly before the break we took a deserved lead. After Adrián flicked on the ball, Diego did superbly to hold off his man and deliver a cross to Falcao, who scored from close range.

In the final minute of the first half Falcao almost scored a spectacular second goal, but Marchetti was able to save the striker’s diving header. The way the Colombian reached Filipe’s cross most resembled a salmon jumping up a downstream river. Last season’s Europa League topscorer was in great form as Atleti headed into half time with a 2-1 lead.

After the break Lazio crawled out of their shell and tried to play further forward, but the biggest opportunity early on was for Atleti. Adrián did extremely well with an inventive backheel and Koke saw his shot stopped on the goalline by a Lazio defender.

Shortly after an hour had been played, Atlético decided the match and with that most likely the double encounter too. After another attack set up by Diego and Adrián, the latter crossed for Falcao to tap in the third goal. It was Falcao’s fifth goal in the tournament this season, and he has now scored 23 goals in 23 Europa League games.

With the comfortable lead, Simeone decided to give rest to Adrián and Diego, realizing that on Sunday we’ll play our third game in the space of eight days.

After the third goal it seemed the Biancocelesti lost all hope of turning the game around, and Atleti were able to see out the remainder of the game without much effort.

Next week Atlético will defend their two goal lead at the Vicente Calderón.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran (“82 Salvio), Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Diego (“72 Arda), Gabi, Mario, Koke; Adrián (“65 Perea) and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Klose (“19); 1-1 Adrián (“25); 1-2 Falcao (“37); 1-3 Falcao (“62)

  • I am slightly speechless. AUPA ATLÉTI!

  • It was a great match. very good performance fuck the word good, excellent performance.
    Our defense was great and our offense was even better but we conceded a goal but all in alll a convincing performance
    Aupa Atleti!!!!!!!

  • Javi Lozoya

    It was an outstanding performance, the team managed to recover from an early goal and dominated Lazio for the remainder of the game, the series seems pretty much done for Lazio, they now have to score 3 goals to win the series and that’s looks impossible, now it really seems we are real contenders to win the Europa League once again and qualify for Champions League, it was well a deserved victory, good job from our boys.

  • Tom Pollock

    This form will see us in the Champions League but the big question is, can we keep it up for the rest of the season?

  • Javi Lozoya

    I think so Tom. Since Simeone’s arrival the team has improved greatly. We don’t concede easy goals anymore, Simeone fixed our poor defending, the teams looks pretty solid in all of its sectors. We have struggle to score goals in last few matches but that’s because the team has been very unlucky, we have dominated our opponents like in matches against Valencia, Racing de Santander, and now Lazio I really think this version of Atleti is the real deal and I’m pretty sure we can keep it up this form for the rest of the season, and eventually qualify for Champions League.

  • falcao

    Amazing game,great show now priority is win over Gijon….

  • Javi Lozoya

    Let’s enjoy this victory for the rest of the day, shall we?

  • shlomgar

    I was under the impression that defence was allright from the beginning of the aeason

    WOW. I hate to say “told u so” but this is just what lacked in the last two games in order to become spectacular! Atletico is officially under Simeania! Koke was great, Adrian and Diego were inspiring, but most of all el Tigre was running wild.

    The only reason

  • shlomgar

    The only reason we gave a goal was because Courtious dosen’t remember what size is the ball.

    Happy day

  • Javi Lozoya

    Nah, I respect your opinion but I differ from it. Our defense was weak from the first half of the season. We used to make many mistakes and childish errors. Look at the defense now, we have conceded just one goal in what?, 7 or 6 matches?, that’s say it all, although it doesn’t matter now, the important thing is that we have a solid defense and a strong team in all of its lines.

  • shlomgar

    I’m with you about that. Only thing I was upset about was when Arda came to play. Everyone was running wild and giving pressure and good offensive passes and Turan was just hanging around the left side with no joy at all. Unless he wants to see the bench for the rest of the season he needs to come together with the new clubs’ spirit.
    But enough with this party pooping, Aupa Atletico! Watch out La Liga. Here we come

  • ratchet

    our defence started the season well but went progressively worse as the season went on. Anyways, its great now, and a fantastic result. Could this lead to europa league glory?

  • Josh Elorm

    Great game from Atletico…nw we hav to secure a champs league spot.

  • 7th

    oh, if we were togetherm I woukd invite u all to a drink, my treat.

    great performance from atletico today.

  • dgsozkan

    there is nothing much to say. I’m over the clouds. We have ever right to be proud and happy. Thank you Simeone. Thank you boys.This is Atleti!

  • Davide

    Adrian has to be the most intelligent Atlético signing of the decade. If you compare the ratio of price, performance and room for developement you get, then Adrian has to be one of the most price worthy top acquisition ever in the club.

  • DJ_ZA

    Fantastic performance! Lets hope we keep this up. Far less ‘Fantasy managers’ out there now that we’re doing better. (lol)

    @ Davide – have to agree on Adrian (perhaps the absence of a hefty transfer tag takes away the pressure to succeed) — just wish we manage to add Diego on a permanent basis too 🙂

  • shlomgar

    Took me some time to see but yes, Diego is one of the best things that happend to Atletico and Atletico is the best that happend to him. A complete synergy of team and playmaker.

  • Arjit

    Yes I agree, Diego is definitely needed going forward. Great! no, brilliant! game today, against a good team too! Needed this after two goalless draws. On to sporting!

  • I’m so happy to read you guys talking high about Diego. You had so many doubts about him in the beginning due to his problems in the previous two clubs. I was sure, as someone once said here, if you let him play in the position he knows how to play he would succeed. He’s happy, Atlético is happy and this is a marriage that will last long you always can be sure.

    About Adrián, what a player! Although Jonas was considered the best sign of La Liga because it was also “a free sign”, I would consider Adrián this best sign. What a player!

    Sent a message to Diego on twitter asking him to read what you all wrote about him. Hope he comes here and leaves us a message. It’s always complicated to professionals to comment on blogs, but hope he gives it an exception. 🙂

  • ratchet

    I always hoped diego would succeed. He’s done great since the new year, and he was quite good before in the first half of the season. He works hard and is a quality player. We really should get him on a permanent basis, im pretty sure we will.

  • Diego replied to my tweet! Probably he has read everything we wrote here!!/ribasdiego10/status/170504975707942912

  • palc


  • RojiBlanco

    If i’m not mistaken ‘maneiro’ meens ‘cool’. Great stuff Will!

  • I said: “Diego, guys are speaking up nice about you. If possible, get in there and let a message to everyone (plus link to this page)”

    And yes, Diego said: “Cool! (plus RT)”.

  • palc

    Haha. Nice. 🙂

  • Sergio Lopez


  • DJ_ZA

    @ shlomgar – It’s DJ_ZA, not that Valencia-loving DJ

    @Will – nice one 🙂