La Liga: Racing 0 – 0 Atlético

Atleti hit the post twice and leave two points behind in Cantabria

Atlético stumble in Santander(

Atlético stumble in Santander

Some weeks ago Diego Simeone said that he’d rather go forward once and score than create 15 opportunities without finding the net. Tonight just that happened.

Atlético travelled to Santander to take on Racing and should have comfortably won, but an incredible amount of chances were missed and the game at El Sardinero ended goalless.

Simeone was forced to make two changes to his line-up but left the rest of his team intact. In defence the injured Diego Godín and the suspended Miranda were replaced by two vice captains, Álvaro Domínguez and Luis Perea.

Atlético Madrid started strongly with Arda Turan and Adrián involved in every attacking set-up, always searching for Falcao to finish the move. The Colombian had two enormous opportunities early on, but first he was flagged offside and a minute later he headed straight at goalkeeper Toño from only a couple yards out.

After a cross by Adrián, Diego attempted a spectacular bicycle kick and Falcao couldn’t follow up on the rebound. Some minutes later Falcao was clean through on goal but was given offside, although replays suggested the striker should have been allowed to continue as the pass from Adrián came at just the right moment.

The Rojiblancos dominated the first half, but were unable to finish their chances. Arda tried twice from the edge of the box, but shot well wide of the target.

Even Filipe Luis tried his luck, but the left back saw his shot stopped by Toño. Filipe also picked up a yellow card for diving, which means he is now suspended for our next la Liga match, next week against Sporting.

Shortly before the break Atleti almost scored an absolutely fantastic team goal, but Adrián’s seemingly comfortable finish was saved by Toño with his feet. Diego had played a lob over the Racing defence, which Falcao delivered to Tiago. With a clever backheel the Portuguese provided Adrián with an easy chance, but once again Toño shut us out.

The ‘keeper continued to be our biggest obstacle as he denied Arda with a spectacular save.

Right after the break the home side created their only chance of the match. Adrián González made space for himself outside the box and tested Courtois with a low drive. The Belgian shotstopper hasn’t conceded in la Liga since the 18th of December when Roque Santa Cruz scored in injury time, and has been unbeaten for 540 minutes.

Atleti immediately took over the reigns again and continued to create chances. Diego hit the post after a one-two with Adrián through the heart of the Racing defence.

And just three minutes later Atleti again hit the woodwork, with despair starting to set in. Diego forced Toño to a save with a powerful shot from the edge of the area and Falcao hit the post as he slid in for the rebound.

After Falcao headed a cross back to Adrián, the number 7 was given another opportunity to score, but Toño seemed to be magnetically attracting everything we threw at him.

Two close range headers, by Mario and then Falcao, still weren’t enough to beat Racing’s 32-year old captain.

The final opportunity was for Pizzi, far into the added time. The substitute’s shot was saved by Toño who stopped our 12th attempt on goal of the match, and in the end managed to keep a clean sheet.

There was little more Atlético could have done, as we played a nearly flawless game. Unfortunately the only thing we failed to do was bang in a goal or two.

Line-up: Courtois; Juanfran, Perea, Domínguez, Filipe; Diego, Tiago (“44 Mario Suárez), Gabi, Arda (“70 Pizzi); Adrián and Falcao.

Goals: –

  • JohnGreece

    Solid defence,nice football,diego TOP CLASS..But Falcao is clearly underachieving..He must not think scoring that much..Finally,I wonder if Perea can make a single pass without giving it away..

  • Mais

    A for effort, A- at the very least

    didnt turn out as hoped, but to keep things in perspective, we did not win against racing last year, either leg, so before everyone starts in on not being able to win today, lets keep most recent history in mind

  • ratchet

    the fact is, we have blew our one chance to go into the top 4. you have to score at least once with 12 shots on target. its just not good enough, and to be honest, its completely unnaceptible

  • Mais

    why is it our one chance?

  • Arjit

    That was just really good goal keeping by Tono and bad luck for us. We played great otherwise. I admit I was frustrated when the referee blew the final whistle but there was nothing our team actually did wrong. Good performance, just extremely bad luck.

  • 7th

    If they were clincal today, I would have gotten 15 points in prediction league.

    oh well,

    are we in crisis or no? lol.

    Tono was so freaking amazing today, but to top it all, it was against us.

  • davidsf

    RAUL GARCIA- Barca Killer!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Another unfair result, we created some great chances but just lacked good fortune to win, we just have to be more clinical next time and more fortunate to win, it’s just a luckless streak but I’m confident Cholo and the players are gonna get good results in the next few matches.

  • Another unconvincing draw. Well, looking forward to the next matches Gijon and Lazio. A solid performance but Tono was brilliant and we missed some good opportunities.

  • Davide

    Yes it’s true. We have gone vice versa. We can now defend but we can no longer score. The irony of it all…

  • shlomgar

    We were not excellent, for 90 minutes we played the best football in La Liga. And I’m not exaggerating.
    Regardless of the scoreline, I’m proud to be a supporter. Playing like this for the rest of the year will get us to CL next year, no problem.
    Aupa Atleti!!!

  • @7TH
    you would have never gotten that prediction right

    look at the scorers, now that was a game!!!! Way better that his
    but……..Aupa Atleti

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yep, it was a great match, too bad Barcelona lost, fucking Madrid is closer to win La Liga now, they don’t deserve to win anything but that’s just the way it is.

  • @Javi Lazoya, you mad to say Real dont deserve to win la liga, Barcelona is shit, rel shit. I backing Real

    1. Real Madrid
    2. Barcelona
    3. Valencia
    4. Atletico Madrid
    5. Athletic Bilbao
    6. Espanyol/Levante

  • Javi Lozoya

    Well, Randy, Real are Atletico greatest rivals, so fuck them, they’re shit not Barcelona, plus they have Pepe and Mourinho as their coach, those two are enemies of football, and therefore they don’t deserve to win anything.

  • Mais

    you know what i love about atleti? the fact we dont have to be dragged into real vs barca crap 😛

    let’s let them play their games and make their beds, and concern ourselves with supporting our guys without comparison

  • shlomgar

    I just can’t see a better club to support than Atleti. Real and Valencia has no soul and Barca just play the most arrogant football in the world. Sevillia is borring and the yellows are sinking. Only club playing decent exciting football other then Atleti is, well Atletic. So mabe I can understand them :).

    Randy, I’m sorry but this year I’m settling only for 3rd place because the club deserves it!
    Aupa Atleti!

  • Mais

    I’ll have a soft spot for Athletic too, they are our parent team

  • @Javi Lazoya
    forget the crap with real and barca we are atletistas!!
    @Mais i completely agree with you.
    1. Real Madrid
    2. Barcelona
    3. Atletico Madrid
    4. Valencia
    5. Athletic Bilbao
    6. Espanyol/Levate

  • Yon

    Oh i wish Simeone could have come and managed while we still had Kun and Forlan!!!!

    Could have done with 1 of them today over big Radamel!

  • @Javi Lazoya
    Sorry, no hard feelings right?
    Everyone has a different opinion.
    i definately agree with Mais we are atletico men no realmen or barcamen

  • ratchet

    @ mais, i didnt mean like our one chace, but the other fixtures suited us quite well. levante away to real, atletic away to betis. instead, about 4 teams are going to have to drop easy points now for atletico to get in 4 th spot, making the barca game a must- win. However, if you cant score with 12 shots on target (which is truly shocking) then i cant see anything but maybe a draw against barca at best
    We had a great chance last week at blew it, we had another this week and blew it. Now, the other teams have sloghtly easier games mostly, meaning we need to win our next 3 so we dont fall more than 3 points away. We end today out of any european spots, and the head-2-head record is not very good for us either. 3rd place will not happen if we cant score goals. I think we are on a poor goalscoring run, 1 goal in our last 3 matches. We desperately needed to win this, im frustrated that we didnt, our forwards need to improve extremely quickly or we wont get any european football at all. I dont think a team that doesnt score with 12 attempts on target is top 4 quality. We have lazio next. If we dont score in that one we are in serious goalscoring trouble. As i say, we HAVE to win our next three games for any chance of success. I hate matches like this as if you play vad and drop points you can improve. If you play ‘good’ and drop points then there is serious troubles up front. Falcao for Torres doesnt seem like such a bad idea now.

  • Mais

    chin up ratchet

    athletic lost today, so i dono if that eases the disappointment a little bit but we are in europe this week at least 🙂

    still a long way to go, could be a long way down or a long way up, football fandom is all about the anticipation right?

  • Mais we have a good chance to be in a good position by the end of this weekend. And youre right we have european football to look forward to

  • @Mais
    How old are you?

  • Yon, I agree with you

  • Mais

    26 (and im a girl, in case that isnt obvious from my posts)

  • Javi Lozoya

    Either way fuck Real Madrid, seems most of you don’t the meaning of the Madrid derby and everything it represents, you also seem to forgot the big banner at the Bernabeu with the “looking for a decent rival for next derby” slogan, among Mourinho hypocrisy of saying how good the carbon shinguards are because of Atleti rough style when he and his thugs do the same thing against Barcelona, he is pathetic clown along his team of sore losers and therefore don’t deserve to win anything, and because I’m an Atletico I always wish Madrid never wins anything and I’m an atimadridista all the way, so fuck Real Madrid and Aupa Atletico!.

  • its obvious from your picture Mais

  • Mais


    phew 😛

  • Javi Lozoya, this guy is a true Atletico, he always defended the Atletico jersey with honor and made any clown like Ronaldo respect the Rojiblanca, Grande Raul Garcia!, fuck Ronaldo and his band of thugs.

  • Javi do you want to see the same fricking champion all the time???!!! It is totally lame that is why la liga is stupid cuz of Barcelona. Fuss, we should be atletico fans. AUPA ATLETICO AND Real Madrid and Barcelona need to find a toilet. To piss off in since they like competition against each other

  • Javi Lozoya

    I want to see Atletico champion of Spain every year, but Madrid is Atletico’s biggest rival so fuck them, I prefer to see anyone but them champions, I AM ATLETICO and Antimadridista, get it?, I don’t want to see Madrid champions and acknowledge them in the future, fuck those cheaters, as long as I know they deserve to win nothing and Barcelona is the best football club, LIKE IT OR NOT!, AUPA ATLETI!, Visca el Barça!, AND FUCK REAL MADRID!.

  • Yon

    Agreed with Javi Lozoya! I don’t like Barca but i DETEST Real Madrid, absolute scum of this earth, along with Liverpool and Manchester United!

  • Arjit

    Guys calm down, I agree with javi. Most of you probably hate Barcelona because you have lots of friends who are bandwagon jumpers and call them selves “Barcelona fans”. But barcelona are a good club, they play great, they have a good philosophy and they’re a real team, their fans aren’t exactly humble but they have a great team. Real Madrid is a collection of rich players with no soul and have terrible arrogance that can’t be backed up. They have terrible sportsmanship and pepe is one of the dirtiest players I have seen in modern football. It’s also unfitting if they win la liga without even being able to beat Barcelona.

  • shlomgar

    I’m with you man. Except for the thing about Real beating Barca. One on one collisions are cup issues, league is about consistency, and I’m sad to say that this year it goes to Real.

  • ratchet

    Thing is, Real dont deserve to win the league. Its a simple case of Real winning games and barca drawing or losing them. Last year, would barca have lost to osasuna and getafe? Real arent champions. They just win their games. Thing is la liga is painted as a two-horse race, with teal and bsrca being the two biggest clubs in the world. El Clasico is supposed to be two teams playing great football. In reality it is incredibly dirty, and cheating is common. To summarise, barca are handing the title to real.

  • ratchet

    hopefully zaragoza wins and both valancian sides lose, that way we will stay 6th

  • leika

    I think you need to understand the Atletico fans outside Madrid and Spain. We don’t live in Madrid and we probably don’t feel the derby atmosphere away from Madrid. Thats why I hate Barca more than Real. I loved Real when Raul, Ronaldo, Figo and Zidane were still playing there. So because we don’t live in Madrid we probably don’t have that direct rivalry feeling against Real. Aupa Atletii!

  • Erwinito

    We played a great game yesterday, with a little bit of luck we could have won. I think it is promissing for the future, El Chole realy knows how to make this team to play football.
    Still i wonder why we payed 40 milj euro for Falcao. Perea was as always terrible, he schould be the first to go next season.
    If it wasn’t for Toño we won the game.
    I hope that our next opponents lose some points today so the gap doesn’t grow bigger.
    It seems that Real Arrogance Madrid are going to win La Liga, to bad:-(
    Aupa Atléti!!!

  • Metro

    Javi, Raul Garcia a true Rojiblanco – seriously? Would a true Rojiblanco push his former teammate and therefore show disrespect against the club?

    Seriously, we are Atlético. We have our own things to concentrate on. Like Mais said, let Real and Barcelona do their business and we’ll do ours. After all, we all know that we are the greatest club in the world for all the reasons we don’t have to explain.

  • ratchet

    @ leika, i dont live in madrid, the same as many others on here, but i feel hatred towards real madrid. I dont like barca also, but i hate real that little bit more. Im also a man utd fan, so for me it is similar to my hatred towards liverpool and man city. This season i hate man city more as obviously they are title rivals, i still love to see liverpool lose though. As i said, i love it when barca loses, but i prefer them to real madrid.

  • Erwinito

    By the way, it doesn’t matter where you live, every true Atléti supporter is a ‘ANTIMADRIDISTA’.
    Look it up on the facebook pages if you don’t know what it means!
    Better to see Barca win the league then that arrogant bunch of nitwits.

  • leika

    It’s just that in my country Real fans are much more polite and respectful fans than the Barcas. They have every respect against Atleti. But Barca fans are mostly supporting the club cause it wins titles and they can say that my team is the beast aka. gloryhunters. If they loose they start moaning that your team defends too much and that the referees are guilty and so on. Of course I love Atleti much more than Real but I just prefer them over Barca cause of their fanbase. I just want to say that some people judge me cause I dont hate Real as a normal Atleti fan should, but I still am a true Colchonero and my heart beats for them. Aupa Atleti!!

  • Mais

    i experience the same thing leika, the real fans i know are much more supportive than barca fans in my experience

    i have to disagree that “true” atleti supporters are avid antimadridistas…we didnt support atleti because we were looking for a rival to hate (i think barca fans are more guilty of that) but thats just my opinion

  • Great result for Valencia. For a while there I thought Atletico Madrid may be unstoppable.

  • SoLobo

    I think that Barca fans are no real fans. Barca has done wonders with marketing and it is just that. Most Barca fans worldwide (I don’t speak about those supporters that are supporting Barca for decades) support Barca because it is the better advertised team these years. The only thing they understand is that if they choose Barca when playing fifa or pro, they will always win. That makes them happy. I feel that they know veeeery few about real football. As for Real, I can’t find a reason why I have to hate a team. I love Atleti and that ‘s all. Hoping another team to crash and burn just don’t make me feel a better fan or a better person. I am with leika and Mais.

  • ratchet

    espanyol are losing, what a shocker that would be, hopefully valencia and levante lose now

  • check this out. Its so cool

  • Ok Ratchet i didnt see your post. sorry

  • Heißenberg

    God I come here to a site named ‘ATLETICO fans’ to read comments about Atletico’s yesterday game against Racing and what do I find? More Madrid and Barca shit, like I don’t get that everywhere else. This site altough is great, and it’s great that there is a place where all Atletico’s from around the world can come it should be better moderated because there is waaaay to much offtopic.

    About yesterday’s game I thought we played good but these lack of concentration in front of goal is starting to worrying me. And credits to Tono, it’s not the first done that to us.

    Also, I read some comments here that Perea was terrible… which is not truth. He didn’t even have that much to do and when he was involved he was pretty confident. I’m getting really tired of reading that for everything bad in these team are Perea, Miranda and Mario Suarez to blame.

  • Hey, I have just realized that we have kept 11 clean sheets in 22 games.Were doing pretty well defensively and need to score some goals. But before the two scoreless draws we played pretty well.

  • Ruben Micael is doing pretty well at Real Zaragoza. He would be great to have BACK here

  • FancyFartPants

    barca real, this is atletico madrid, stop talkin about others, we should only care about atletico madrid, talkin about and hatin other clubs already is an admitation. where can i find large highlights of atletico madrid matches?

  • ratchet

    @randy german, dont worry, ive done that before. anyway, zaragoza won 2-0, that helps us out. looks like the draw was a small step forward for CL qualification. need to score more though.

  • Well since we’re on the topic, I dislike them both, Real and Barca but most of all Valencia and Sevilla! Or the lucky ones 😀 But anyways, fuck them, it was a great game, slightly disappointed with Falcao…he can’t seem to finish off many of his chances and there were many. The rest of the team played well I thought. Aupa!

  • God, i hate Barcelona,Valencia,Sevilla and Villareal. Them is lucky teams. Valencia doesnt realize the value of good players(villa,silva and mata),viullareal is sinking, Sevilla is too lucky and Barcelona does play STINK STINK STINK football. So only Atletico Madrid is a good option

  • Oh wait I forgot Athletic Bilbao but there a ok team so fuck them other fuckers

  • Hey Real zaragoza are the only team to have failed to score in more games than us.

  • ratchet

    and we are meant to be competing for 3rd spot…

  • oh men…..Valencia won 4-0 now they are nine points ahead of us

  • palc

    Good thing that all of our contenders except Malaga, didn’t win. Only Espanyol ahead of us in terms of the last CL spot. Don’t consider Levante as a contender. When I think about it, neither do I consider Espanyol as a contender. So we’re basically in fourth. We’re also the Champions League challenging team who have been the most consistent. BY FAR. So Cholos boys need only to keep it up and then im pretty sure we’ll be in fourth when the season ends.

    Now about the game. We played good, actually very good. Very happy with the amount of chances we created, but also of course disappointed in not converting them. Very disappointed with Falcao. He gave his all, but what has happened with his finishing? Adrian was good in the combining play, but also he has to work with his finishing, obviously. Im sure Simeone knows what to do to get them out of their funk. HE’D BETTER.

    Simeone also needs to teach the boys a thing or two about not getting too frustrated when things doesnt go well. We’ve played far too many 0-0 games. Games in which we shouldve won. ALL OF THEM.

    I also think we should have signed a forward in January. Pizzi is not good enough. Neither is Salvio. We need better forwards than them. I’ve actually lost faith in Salvio. Wished Costa couldv’e attained his Spanish passport. If he had played against Racing, he would have scored six. He has two in two for little Rayo Vallecano.. Speaking of Rayo, man that Michu guy is good. 12 goals as a midfielder is extremely impressive. Lets get him in the summer.

    Diego was awesome.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Nobody has said you guys need to “hate” Madrid, some of you always get things twisted and understand things your way, I just wanted to highlight that Madrid is Atletico’s greatest rival, in fact Atleti’s only rival, the Derbi madrileño is a very vital part in the history of Atletico, Madrid is the government’s team and Atleti is the people’s team, I don’t care what Madrid does, I just don’t want to see them champions, why is that so hard for you guys to understand?, and of course you don’t have to “hate” Madrid to be a true Atletico, but you can’t say than being an Antimadrista is a bad thing as we Antimadridistas think the Derbi madrileño is a vital part in the life of us Atleticos and WE DON’T WANT TO SEE MADRID CHAMPIONS, GET IT?, and no, I don’t “hate Madrid”, I just dislike them, get that clear.

  • Davide

    Good Lord! What happened to this website?! I used to enjoy it before.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Pfft, cry me a river charity sister, another one who wants to make things worse and thinks is an exemplar “Atletico”, well, I enjoy when people are more rational rather than just being nosy and criticize others thoughts just because they don’t agree with them.

  • shlomgar

    With you about almost everything, one I think we should be noticing Espanyol. Second I didn’t notice a problam about frustration in the last game. The team was focused on winning and was strolling around the goalie with no idea how to finish. Intensity is there, and the way of playing is obvious for the hole team. Plus everyone is now trying to score not just the two frontman and Diego. So now only thing needed is a bit of basics.
    Aupa Atleti!!! Only worthwhile club in Spain

  • palc

    @ Stefan and whomever it may concern.

    Don’t know why you all hate Villarreal and Valencia. These clubs are two humble and extremely well driven clubs. Whenever they play in Europe, I always root for them. I can understand Atleticos hating on Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona.. but why Villarreal and Valencia?

  • Davide


    Personally i do not hate Valencia as a club. I hate Marchena and can not stand Valencia supporters. Most of them have a unhealthy habbit of always making Valencia victims of anything. Agreed that most other fans of other clubs can see things in a subjective way that is only viewed though the eyes of a supporter. But Valencia fans takes it to another level. They always see everybodys faults but their own. If a Atlético or any other player kicks a Valencia player, then he should be dragged to EU criminal court and this playerss hould be prosecuted for crimes against humaniy. If a Valencia players does the same kick on a another player, then this kick dissapears from discussions and match reports. Horrible fans base they have Valencia. I have no beef with Villarreal (except Marchena).

  • palc


    I don’t like Marchena as well. A poor player and also an ugly type of player. Don’t know why he has so many caps for Spain..

    I dont have any beef with Valencia supporters, because I don’t know any.. But if what you said is correct, then screw them! But I do think every team has fans like that. Including Atletico. But one should not judge a team by its fans.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Seems most of you have forgotten about our boys at Rayo. All of them had quite a good yesterday against neighbors Getafe, Joel kept a clean sheet and played the whole match as well as Pulido who saw a yellow card in the 21st minute, Diego Costa started the game and scored a goal assisted by former Atletico player Movilla. Pretty good performance by our players for Rayo, unfortunately Dani Pacheco wasn’t called up because he is recovering from an injury, that sucks, I think Pacheco has a bright future but things haven’t work his way, hope he recovers soon and starts getting playing time so we can buy him because he is a very promising player.

  • Sam

    Javi, I caught a little bit of the Rayo/Getafe action on el radio. Good stuff! I wish Diego Costa was more than just a Rayo-quality player. He plays with so much heart, charging full on. If only he had the technical skill to function well in more high pressure environments.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Indeed Sam, good stuff from our boys at Rayo, Diego Costa has scored 2 goals in 2 matches, hope he keeps scoring, and I agree about him, I wish he becomes a much more improved played at Rayo, like you said he plays with so much heart and has a fighting spirit to admire but he lacks some skills in order to become a better player, so hopefully his spell with Rayo helps him improve his level because I think he could be an important player for Atleti in the future.

  • Our guys are doing pretty well at rayo vallecano