How Atleti captain Tiago motivated each player individually before the Osasuna match

Tiago served as Atlético captain for the first  time this past Monday  (Colchonero.com)

Tiago served as Atlético captain for the first
time this past Monday (Colchonero.com)

Spanish website SportYou revealed some details about Atlético’s pre-game motivational tactics ahead of their match against Osasuna.

Rojiblanco boss and ex-club legend Diego Simeone tapped veteran midfielder Tiago to serve as the squad’s captain in Pamplona, a decision he assured afterwards was a personal one made by him.

Before the clash got underway Monday night, the Portuguese skipper reportedly addressed each one of his fellow starters individually in the dressing room tunnel, repeating, up to ten times, one word: “Hombres” or, in English, “Men”.

Tiago grabbed his team-mates by the head one-by-one, and over-and-over again, looking them squarely in the eyes, with a ritual-like chant, reminded them of their manly virtues.




The players of course, went on to heroically and fearlessly conquer their physically overpowering Rojillo foes at their own Reyno de Navarra fortress.

If at this point you aren’t inspired to go kick some ass, you might have to schedule an appointment to talk to your doctor about a potential testosterone deficiency.

  • Geir Magne

    Grande Tiago!

  • starvs

    I was def down on Tiago earlier this season, but Cholo seems to have really brought him back.

  • Javi Lozoya

    That’s the spirit Tiago, let’s kick some Valencian ass on Sunday, Aupa Atleti!.

  • javi l how old are u

  • Roni

    Haha awesome!

  • Javi Lozoya

    I’m 19

  • Gert


  • shlomgar

    Sounds like Tiago just got out of an American sports movie or something.
    Aupa Atleti!!

  • Davide

    For Valencia game he should say “Champions League wage bonus, Champions League wage bonus, Champions League wage bonus”.

    That should get them going for this particular game..

  • Lubo



  • ratchet

    @ davide, to be fair, i dont think its money that motivates the players, i know its not what you said, but i want to make a point. our players are fighting for the badge, 4 games ago, CL was out of sight. now we are within 2 points of 4th spot. i think we can and will beat valencia, they are not on top form, and with spirit, we will beat them. a 3rd place spot is not out of reach

  • Robel

    It sounds ridiculous to me, but the players are falling for it. So I will say I love it! 😀

  • shlomgar

    Ratchet not cool man. It was a good joke nothing more. Other then that, “don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling”. Valencia is going DOWN!!!

  • ratchet

    i did say i know thats not what he meant, but as i said, i was offering an opinion. football players tday, in the top leagues at least, are usually very greedy. football revolves around money nowadays. but what i meant was that atleti’s players arent like that. some months they will not get paid, but what tjeyve been doing on the pitch recently is miraculous. they are highly motivated by simeone. i know it was only a jole, i was just saying how it is different at atletico compared to players at other top flight clubs