Joel moves to Rayo while Fran Mérida returns

Young goalkeeper joins Diego Costa, Pulido and Pacheco in Vallecas

Fran Mérida when he was first signed(

Fran Mérida when he was first signed

On the final day of the January transfer window, Atlético finally added a new player to the team.

Fran Mérida returns from his loan spell in Portugal and rejoins Simeone’s squad.

The young playmaker was supposed to stay at Braga until the end of the campaign, but was released in December.

Until now, Fran had been without a club, but Atlético decided to take him back after failing to find a new team to welcome him on loan.

As one player comes in, another goes out. On deadline day Atlético also announced the temporary transfer of Joel Robles to Rayo, where he’ll be the third loanee to join this month. Last week Jorge Pulido and Diego Costa already made their way over to Vallecas, where Dani Pacheco is also on loan.

The goalkeeper’s move brings Atlético’s number of departures to four, with José Antonio Reyes returning to Sevilla.

  • Do you think Fran Mérida will play any part in Simeone’s plans this season?
  • Can Rayo Vallecano avoid the drop with all their new Atlético players?

  • Javi Lozoya

    I’m not sure if it was the right decision to have loan Joel to Rayo Vallecano as it’s hard to determine if he is gonna plenty have minutes or not, I think it would have been better to have loan him to a Segunda where he probably could have more minutes, but on second thought, he might me a starter after all considering Dani Giménez is injured after having Cobeño relegated to the bench because of poor performances and so, Joel might just be the starting GK for Rayo, and I hope that’s the case, because Joel is a very promising GK and it’s crucial for him to get plenty of playing time for his development, he is a bright talent and needs time to cement his career.

  • Urban

    I will surely be following rayos results, however I have the feeling that none of our players will play an important part at the club, maybe except for DC22.

  • Ringo

    If Joel gets the chance, he could grab a starting place if he does well, most managers don’t change around things like that too often.
    Costa will probably get his chances, if he’s fully fit and I don’t know about Rayo’s defense, so I’ll have to wait and see, what will happen to Pulido.

  • shlomgar

    Are we building a team for Rayo or something? We now have 4 players of quality in a club we play against twice a year.
    Atletico management on it’s best!

  • leika

    I think it’s a good place for our plyers to be loaned there (of course if they get playing time). It’s good for players themselves cause they don’t have to travel a lot and the club is not a topflight team in the leagu, but by playing there they still get a lot of good matches. It also helps us in the future if we want to make any deals with them, like a new talented youngster or so.

  • dgsozkan

    Fran is such a huge disappointment. Maybe he will rise again in the hands of Simeone. It’s a very very long shot I know.

  • Sam

    I really like this rekindling of a positive relationship with Rayo. Rayo has always been the other club I’ve had a soft spot for, since the atmosphere is so fun and there are a lot of leftist supporters (a stance I firmly take in all aspects of life), most of whom couldn’t believe I’m so in love with Atleti.

    It’s been tough, since Rayo’s back in the same league as my dear Atleti, and now with some of my favorite youngsters Joel and Pulido, its only going to get tougher!

    Also, welcome back Fran, hopefully this return inspires you to prove all the naysayers wrong and get something going out on the pitch!

  • Heißenberg

    I also like Rayo for the very same reasons as you Sam and I would like if the two clubs could be in a better relationship 😉

    Good luck to all of our loanees there. About, Joel I didn’t get an impression that he is that good, especially not good enough to compare him with De Gea as some did. In a few matches he played he seem very nervous and that nervousness was reflecting on defence which is not a good thing. But maybe he will get some security with more playing time.
    Btw. does anyone keep track of Roberto? He has become one of better keepers in the league and he is probably the best player of Zaragoza. If I remember correctly, you guys don’t like him very much but I would like to see him in a few years competing with Asenjo for number one spot if he continues like this.

  • ratchet

    Heissenburg, i know de gea was good at atleti, but im also a man utd fan. he gas been so bad in goal so far. lindergaards over taken him. many question his ability. some of my friends who dont really follow european football and arent too familiar with atleti say atleti ripped utd off. phrases like ‘oh dea de gea’ appear in papers. he is nervous and struggling to aclimitise to the EPL

  • Javi Lozoya

    Roberto Jimenez is good for a team with the caliber of Zaragoza, where he shines mostly because Zaragoza has a poor defense and all teams take shots on goal at them, for instance, Gabi who was Zaragoza’s best player last season is having difficulties playing with Atleti because obviously is not same playing for Zaragoza than to play for Atleti, just ask Gabi or Mario Suarez, besides, Zaragoza payed €8.6m for Roberto, and there’s no way he is worth that much, for that amount of money we could sign cheap GK like; Andres from Osasuna, Marc-André ter Stegen, Rene Adler (who’s a free agent on summer), Christopher Toselli, Rafael Cabral, Mauro Goicoechea, Sebastián Sosa, etc…, Roberto Jimenez is only good for a team that aims to not relegated and he is way too overpriced.

  • Sergio Lopez

    I think Fran Mérida will play under Diego Simeone this season – if only Francisco uses his chances…

  • @Ratchet
    I agree with you.
    I am also a man utd fan and de gea has been no better than sloppy this season. lindegaard has played very well this season and i think there is a lot of competition between them for the no. 1 spot. i say if de gea is so sloppy, best thing man utd loan him to us and bring back kuszach into the line up.

  • because de gea is accustomed to la liga so he will play better than the epl conditions

  • ratchet

    im not too confident in kuszach’s ability, he wants to be #1 anyway, so he should leave. i agree de gea should be loaned back to us, but that wont improve his physical presence in the box, although while he wont get stronger he will gain much needed confidence. However, i think utd need to buy a top goalkeeper like lloris for the number 1 shirt. i feel de gea would just be better coming back to us on a permanent deal, woth lindergaard competing with lloris (i can dream cant i?) with amos as third choice. at atleti we could have de gea, asenjo and joel, but if rene adler is a free agent at the end of the season, we should definately get him. it probably wont turn out anythimg lile this but it would be a good scenario if it did – and it is realistic

  • Javi Lozoya

    What do you guys think about Amos?, shouldn’t he be granted a chance to prove himself?, he is very promising and I think is about time for him to get a chance to show his worth. And about United signing a top GK, I never understand why they didn’t sign Neuer when they had the chance, he would have been a better signing than De Gea. anyways. Lloris would be a great signing but he is gonna be just as expensive as De Gea. Instead, I think United should go for Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Ron-Robert Zieler, or Bern Leno. Andre Ter Stegen is just 19 years old and he is one of the most promising GKs in Europe. He has a tremendous future. Zieler, well, coincidentally enough, he was an United player not too long ago, he played for the reserves too but never got the chance to prove himself at United, he is now a very good GK with Hannover, and he has even being called for Germany’s natl. team and debuted against Ukraine. I think Sir Alex Ferguson is regretting the day he allowed Zieler to walk away from the theater of dreams. And last but not least we have Bernd Leno, he is another promising GK, just 19 years old, he made his top division in Germany this year after Leverkusen first and second GKS, Adler and Giefer got injured, he was even considered Leverkusen 4th GK behind Yelldell, but after Adler and Giefer got injured, Leverkusen manager Dutt decided to give inexperienced GK Leno a chance despite having experienced Yeldell available, and Leno didn’t disappoint him, he prove that he is a very solid GK despite his age and has been one of the revelations in the Bundesliga, he signed a contract with Leverkusen for about 5M and he is one the players to watch in the future. I think United should sign any of these players for a not so expensive amount of money, in my opinion they’re all better than David De Gea.

  • @Javi Lozoya
    ander ter stegen is a promising gk but remember de gea left for man u at a young age and he couldnt fit in to the premier league style so maybe the same will happen, i dont know cuz football is a funny thing but some good choice you have otherwise. i think man u shud loan amos to us cuz he is a promising young gk.

  • Javi Lozoya

    The Bundesliga is similar to the Premiership, they’re both too physical and the climate is about the same, so I think Ter Stegen wouldn’t have too much trouble adapting to it, but yeah, in football you never know, everything about it it’s unpredictable.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Do you play for a club Randy?

  • yes javi i do in my school
    Glenford Thomas Football Academy

  • Javi Lozoya

    what position?

  • Midfielder attacking mid or winger
    i like to support the striker

  • Javi Lozoya

    cool, is your season going so far?

  • We here in trinidad are trying to build football in our country. Cricket is the most popular but i like football

  • Javi Lozoya

    I mean how is your season going so far

  • i only joined two weeks now

  • havent scored but 3 assists in two games

  • Javi Lozoya

    oh I see, where did you played before joining Glenford Thomas Football Academy

  • nowhere i just played for fun

  • Javi Lozoya

    3 assist that’s quite good, in football that’s what matters the most, assists are as important as converting goals.

  • ratchet

    amos got loaned out to oldham last year but it got cancelled later on as united only had one keeper available. however lindergaard looks set to be out for a month, so amos may have a chance. i agree with javi lozoya, utd could do with another cheaper goalkeeper, but my worry is that they will hardly get a look in, ravel morrison, who was described as the best thing to come out of the youth academy for a generation, moved to west ham for both a pay rise and first team oppurtunities. if utd were to sign one of those keepers, they would need first team oppurtunities to develop.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Trinidad and Tobago has produced very good players like Shaka Hislop, Dwight Yorke, Kenwyne Jones, Jason Scotland, Russell Latapy, etc…, despite not having football as their primary sport.

  • Javi Lozoya

    @ratchet, yeah it’s pretty bad what happened to Ravel Morrison, I’ve heard he was quite a good player but I heard had some legal problems and was demanding lots of wages from United.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Ratchet, do you know what has happened to Petrucci?, he was labeled as Italy’s next big thing, and I know he has been suffering from injuries in the last couple of years, and so he has been fell out of radar recently, and since United has been having trouble with injuries I’m wondering what has happen to Petrucci and why hasn’t he been at least call up with United first team.

  • I cannot wait for the summer transfer window. We need to buy a man like giovanni dos santos(for the wing) and claudio yakob for central midfielder or whatever position he plays

  • Javi Lozoya

    I think United should go for Sneijder, M’Vila, Strootman, Marvin Martin, Javi Martinez, Moussa Sissoko, etc…, Gio Dos Santos is a great player but I think he would struggle at United because of the high pressure at the theater of dreams, all new players who sign for United are pressured to perform good from the first time they arrived, just look at De Gea, British tabloids have criticized him heavily since the first day he arrived, and as for Claudio Yacob, I don’t think he is ready yet for a league as important as the EPL.

  • palc

    Javi Lozoya. In your opinion, which league is the most competitive? The EPL or La Liga.

  • Javi lazoya i meant for atleti!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  • palc is think epl is most competitive because in spain it is always real madrid and barca, no one else but the epl we have man utd man city chelsea arsenal liverpool and tottenham competing but la liga is more fun to watch than the epl

  • Sorry Palc, i realized you weren’t talking to me sorry bout that

  • Javi Lozoya

    Sorry about the late reply Palc. And most definitely I agree with Randy. The EPL is most competitive than La Liga because of it’s regulations and financial balance between most clubs, although there are some exceptions from clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, and now Liverpool who spent a lot of money last season because of their rich owners. I also think that the EPL is the best league because any team can defeat anyone, Swansea City and Norwich City are having quite a good season despite been just promoted recently this season.

  • Javi Lozoya

    And in Spain pretty much since the last 10 years the championship has being a contest between Madrid and Barcelona mostly because of their financial power and the fact that other clubs can barely keep up with their expenses giving up in signing world class players while pretty much all of Madrid and Barça players are world class, and that weakens La Liga and makes it not competitive, unfair and sort of boring if you may. Del Nido is quite right about La Liga, it’s a freakin’ lie, Barça and Madrid are finishing Spanish football, it’s all about them unfortunately, and I believe all other 18 clubs should unite like Del Nido said and take a stand against the economic disparity of Barça and Madrid, or else La Liga is gonna keep being unfair, uncompetitive and pretty darn boring.

  • Hey Javi i think this is my last comment i can make so here it is:
    have you played for club???

  • ratchet

    @ javi loyzoya no i dont actually, but with utd weve always had cover in every position, so i imagine the competition for places is preventing him from growing. maybe he is not trying hard enough in training, i think he wouldve been loaned out otherwise

  • Javi Lozoya

    No, I just play sometimes at the park, I used to play at indoor too, I think I’m too old to join a club but I wish I could join one someday.

  • how old are you

  • ratchet

    Randy German, what do you mean its the last comment you can make, is there a limit or something?

  • Javi Lozoya


  • Javi Lozoya

    how about you Ratche, do you play for a club?

  • am every time i type ten comments i cant type any more idk bout you but thats whats happening to me

  • ratchet

    i just play football on saturdays, as well as with my friends, on saturdays it is basically a kick around, a few county players come though. ive never played competitively. i play rb. where do you play javi?

  • ratchet i just joined a club its tough to play competitively you need plenty stamina

  • Javi Lozoya

    I play pretty much all positions except GK!, but I like to play in the midfield as CM or winger

  • Javi Lozoya

    do you play on becoming pro Randy?

  • ratchet

    i hate been a GK, i find it so boring. @ randy german, i know, my friends who play for a club tell. i was going to join one, but it folded, but me and my friends are going to make a 5-a-side team, im looking forward to that. im pretty fast, and my staminas building up. my only problem is playing football when the weather is as cold as it is now. im not sure about anywere else, but i live in the south-west of england, it was -8 degrees today, and loads of pitches are frozen. ive also got a nice big cut from the astro we are going to play on 🙂

  • Edletico

    Where abouts in England do you live Ratchet?

  • ratchet

    @ edletico, i live in weston – super – mare in avon. its about a 20 minute drive away from bristol