Diego Costa reportedly loaned to Rayo

The striker will finish out the season at Vallecas, reports Spanish paper AS

Costa to join Rayo through the summer  (worldfootball.net)

Costa to join Rayo through the summer

As had been widely speculated in the Spanish press over the past couple of weeks, Atlético forward Diego Costa will join the ranks of Rayo Vallecano through the end of the season.

According to AS, the Brazilian will undergo a medical on Tuesday, after which he is expected to sign with Rayo on loan.

The deal was rumoured to have been delayed because of Atleti’s interest in some of Rayo’s promising young stars, who los Colchoneros were looking to bring to the Vicente Calderón in exchange for Costa’s services.

The 23-year-old suffered a severe knee injury in pre-season, and was only cleared to play a little over a week ago.

However, the attacker cannot be registered with los Rojiblancos for this campaign due to the unavailability of non-EU spots on the squad.

La Liga only permits the enrollment of a maximum of three players without a European passport on a team. At Atlético, those spots are currently being taken up by Radamel Falcao (Colombia), Eduardo Salvio (Argentina) and Miranda (Brazil).

  • starvs

    Sounds good to me, should be able to get ample PT at Rayo no?

  • Ringo

    He signed his first contract at Atleti five years ago, but he stayed in Portugal for half a year. I don’t know when they start counting, but he should be getting his Spanish passport pretty soon, either now or in six months…

  • falcao

    he is not used to bring Cassado and Lass,is he?????

  • Martin Rosenow

    No mention of any players in exchange for Costa so far @falcao.

  • dgsozkan

    I have complicated thoughts about him. I still can’t decide if he is good player or not. It is impossible for him to find regular place in the team right now. Going on loan was the best option for him I guess.

    By the way , I wanna ask something to you guys (especially who lives in Spain) Does anyone follow Borja Gonzalez. If I’m not mistaken we’ve loaned him to Murcia. I wonder if he is developing well. The kid was impressive in Nigeria at 2009. I have great expactations about him.

  • palc

    He’s a good backup player. Useful player for us, unfortunately Non-EU. I’d like him back for next season.

  • Sebyk

    @dgsozkan: Borja’s not doing particularly well, he doesn’t play regularly in Murcia, actually he doesn’t play almost at all. He used to be impressive indeed, new Torres, but two major knee injuries slowed down his development and I’m afraid that killed his career. I can’t see his future in Atlético, even though I’d like to and I wish him the best…

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree that he would be a good backup for Falcao or Adrian in case one of them is absent due to injury or fatigue, remember Falcao is gonna have to play 2014 Brazil World Cup qualifiers and every match is gonna be very tough and be played like a final, and Falcao got injured already from national team duty, so Costa would’ve been a good striker back up but obviously his non-EU status is an important issue.

  • Edletico

    Unless we sign lass and casado in the deal. Lass looked good for Senegal

  • Javi Lozoya

    Actually Lass plays for Guinea not Senegal, anyways. Now Pulido is the only remaining player who needs an loan away move to keep up with his progression because he is still is a very promising player and I believe he has a bright future with Atleti.

  • 7th

    well, i am not a fan of him( diego costa), i wish him a good season with rayo.

    I prefer Borja Gonazlez to be the back up player for falcao.

  • starvs

    The backup striker position is quite dicey now though. If Falcao/Adrian who steps up if they decide to keep playing with two forward? Toto?

    Signing a pretty good but not great player like Fernando Torres for backup would probably be for the best…

  • Javi Lozoya

    I don’t think Toto is good enough to supply either Falcao or Adrian. Borja would be good but he is at Murcia until summer, but when he returns I think he definitely should be Falcao’s sub if the Colombian remains with Atleti. I was thinking of someone with experience who doesn’t mind being on the bench for most of the time, Luca Toni, Boriello, Gignac, Guillaume Hoarau, Mevlut Erdinc, Bergessio (although I don’t think he has an EU passport) etc…, preferably on loan, I was also thinking of bringing back Ibrahima Balde and having him as third choice striker although I think he doesn’t have an EU passport, not so sure about that, and I also think it would be better for him to stay at Osasuna for a while, but I do think a back up for Falcao or Adrian is gonna be required later in the season.

  • shlomgar

    As far as my understanding goes, even as a sub you need to have something extra to add to ur team. Costa, I’m sorry to say, is an older and less stable version of Adrian (mabe a bit bulkier). We Atletico should have an ace up our sleeves like Sociadads’ Vela or Malagas’ Rondon.

    Still wish him all the best…

  • dgsozkan

    @Sebyk Thanks man. I hope Borja can find a way to develop himself and become the player we desire.

    Regarding Costa, I believe he is at the same age with Adrian. He could be a good backup for Falcao and Adrian yet , unfortunately for him he has no EU passport. As Javi Lozoya said , Ibrahima Balde could be good backup too. I checked his statistics and it appears that he has been scored 5 goals in 12 games so far. Yet, he has no EU passport again.

    We have good striker doublet but in case one of them is injured , we will face lots of troubles. I hope this scenario would never happen.

  • palc

    If both of them gets injured, were fucked. No natural striker left in the squad. We need a third striker.. Don’t understand why Diego Costa is still without a EU passport. He has been in Spain for almost five years. Anyone know the rule around gaining spanish citizenship?

  • Javi Lozoya

    We should’ve signed Soriano from Barca B as a backup for Falcao and Adrian. He left Barca B for £700,000 and joined Red Bull Salzburg, that was a pretty cheap fee for him. Other accessible players we could sign might be; Ruben Castro, Leonardo Ulloa, Javi Guerra, Nino, Quini, etc…, I was also thinking of promoting someone from the B team but all of its forwards have been struggling to find the back of the net in the last matches, Pedro Martin is a promising player but he still has a long way to go to develop his football progress and eventually be promoted to the first team. Gerard Oliva is another promising forward from the B team, he has vast experience in the Segunda B division but he is Pedro’s sub in the B team so he hasn’t featured regularly for the B team but I think he would be a good alternative in case Falcao and Adrian are absent since he has more experience in the Segunda B than Pedro.