Convince us Cholo!

Simeone can validate his influence at Atlético with a victory in San Sebastián Saturday

'El Cholo' clarifies what we've lacked in our travels (

'El Cholo' clarifies what we've lacked in our travels

We want to believe in you Mr. Simeone.

We want to believe your hiring wasn’t just a transparent ploy to appease us, the disgruntled fans, fed up with the butchering of our beloved club by its crooked captors.

We want to believe that despite the dysfunctional management up top and regardless of the reasons why you ended up here again, that you’re the real deal.

That all the heart, character, guts, glory and all those good and manly virtues mythologically associated with your name and legend are more than just stuff of mere fable.

That on Saturday night in Anoeta, our men will come out with the same passion, intensity, and discipline they displayed last weekend at the Vicente Calderón.

That we will finally put an end to our season-long struggles on the road and get our first away victory of the season in La Liga.

That we will let our future hosts know that we’re no longer bearing gifts in our suitcases.

That we are on a mission, and that we intend to vanquish our foes and take our booty back home with us.

You want us to take things slowly coach? We understand.

But understand that our pride is wounded. That it crushes our souls that we are the worst travelling team in all of European football.

You sir, more than most, know that 10th place is no place for Atlético Madrid.

Convince us Cholo!

  • Davide

    I would like Simeone to play himself partnering Gabi this game… Take no prisoners….

  • Lubo

    Hahaa, Davide, that’s pretty good suggestion. And Mono Burgos in the net. I think we would scare the shit out of them.

  • shlomgar

    Wow. A bit intimidating Martin… I think it hits the spot though so yeah!

    And if el-Cholo won’t get it than mabe he is not the one.

  • DJ_ZA


  • Jam

    With Cholo you have someone who bleeds red and white
    With Cholo you have someone who knows the club in and out
    With Cholo you have someone who is not using this as a stepping stone to something else
    With Cholo you have a coach you didn’t have to ask 3 times and get turned down
    With Cholo you get a coach who is not afraid of the debt
    With Cholo you get a proven multi title winner in Argentina and someone who was able to work miracles to save a club in Italy

    If Cholo was as negative as you we could expect to be in the same hole as we are always in….. and I know what you are going to say…. that you “believe” but your body language says different. The debt and the administration are not going away tomorrow…. just enjoy the football.
    You act like you want Schuster, Victor M, or some other mediocre alternative…… BELIEVE!

  • palc


  • dgsozkan

    Finally , an away win. Falcao’s second goal was just terrific. And Koke, 10 minutes 1 assist. It’s very good isn’t it.

  • Urban


  • an away victory finally!!!!!

  • Jam

    Convinced yet?

  • ratchet

    great result. we were the best team and we were excellant away from home. falcao got a great future at this club, as has koke and adrian. simeone is proving to be a very good manager

  • Lubo

    I think it should be 10 minutes and 2 assists by Koke.

  • Joe

    Well said Jam! You hit the nail on the head

  • Martin Rosenow


    I think you misinterpreted the spirit of the post. It was a plea for Cholo to show us that he is the real thing, that what we witnessed last week wasn’t a mirage.

    It was a hopeful post in other words, not a negative one.

  • Jam


    With respect there are too many “let’s see” ambassadors out there right now with respect to Cholos arrival. Too many people not convinced, not willing to believe when all of us should be showing all our support for this project. What I wrote earlier was before we scored today because I believe. If this project fails it’s not because some mercenary came in for the money, half committed and then left for the next adventure…… this is the best option we will have for some time. I realize many people on here are newer supporters, driven by Kun, Forlan, maybe even the rise of Torres over the last decade. Many more of us remember a passion, true ownership and pride of the shirt and Cholo was that ambassador. We remember the doblete 95/96 and we remember the 2 years in Segunda…..Embrace, believe and open yourselves to what is happening because this is from the heart….. regardless of the outcome.

  • Martin Rosenow

    I admire your conviction when it comes to your faith in Simeone, but do you really feel it’s unreasonable for Atleti fans to temper their expectations?

    I love what he’s done so far. His influence is undeniable now.

    No one is questioning his intentions. He’s a bad ass and has always professed his love for the shirt.

    What people didn’t expect was for him to be working miracles so quickly. Transforming Manzano’s Atleti into the Atleti we have seen these last couple of weeks is truly a remarkable achievement.

  • jam

    Not unreasonable but there is a huge misunderstanding of who this is, what he brings, his experience and the fact he dropped the club he supported as a child to come here. The negativity from the press, the fans is overwhelming to the point where we will never rise above this situation with these collective negative undertones from ourselves! As I said, regardless of outcome we should believe in this “Made in Atleti” project and enjoy the moment