OFFICIAL: Reyes returns to Sevilla

Sevilla announce transfer of the Andalusian winger

Reyes in his early days at Sevilla(Marca)

Reyes in his early days at Sevilla

Spain’s worst kept secret has finally been made public.

On Thursday, the transfer of José Antonio Reyes from Atletico Madrid to Sevilla was announced by the Andalusian club.

Reyes will sign a contract for three and a half years at the club where he left exactly eight years ago.

Back then, Sevilla sold their young star for £17 million (€20m). Now, the 28-year-old only cost them €3.5 million to re-acquire.

The transfer fee could increase by another million if certain incentives are met.

La Perla made 152 appearances for Atleti and scored 13 goals, with his most important strike as a Rojiblanco taking place on the 29 August 2010, when we beat Inter in the UEFA Super Cup.

Are you disappointed by Reyes’ decision to leave, or did you see this coming? Will he be welcomed with open arms when he returns to the Vicente Calderón next season donning the shirt of one of our fiercest rivals?

  • starvs

    Not a good price for him, but not too sad to see him go. He is a great talent but inconsistent and petulant. Team as a whole may be better off without him.

  • falcao

    wish him all best in the future i’m very sad because he leaves

  • Wish him all the best, I wish Sevilla all the worst! He has a great talent, but he’s selfish and kind of a prick. But anyhow, well played La Perla!

  • falcao

    what do you think about Borja Valero and Bruno Soriano from Villareal for our DM

  • falcao

    Fernando and Fredy Guarin from Porto,Javi Garcia from Benfica,Rinaudo Fabián and Santos André from Sporing Lisabon for DM too

  • Javi Lozoya

    Finally this whole novel is done, obviously Reyes is the most benefited person of the deal, he returns to his home club, he wasn’t happy here and all of this is good for him, good luck for him at Sevilla, however, it was a bad transaction for us, and we are also losing a great player who help the club win two important titles (Europa League and UEFA Supercup), but being realist that was Reyes only good season at Atleti, now the problem is who is gonna be his replacement because Salvio has failed to impress, he tries hard in all matches but he hasn’t yet been able to impress just yet and so I think the club should sign a player to supply Reyes departure.

  • falcao

    i know i’m booooring

  • dgsozkan

    Probably lots of people would be mad at me but I don’t think that Reyes’ departure is a big loss. we need a fresh start anyway but now a new replacement is required. Actually , even though I’m agree with Javi about Salvio’s failure , yet I still believe he is a talented player. Maybe Reyes’s departure will boost him to reach his potential. Maybe I’m too much optimistic about him.

  • i wish him all the best at sevilla he was a great player

  • Javi

    Its good we got rid of him because his personality is a cancer on the team, although sometimes he can play great. Unfortunately we did not get rid of him last summer when his price was 10M, and now we are giving him away to a direct rival for 1/3 of that. Way to go directors, you really know what you are doing, you can tell that the 20 years you’ve been running this team has taught you how to do things.

  • Reyes was a consistent player. He played better in most games but overall average. We gotta get a replacement or buy a DM; defensive midfielder. Best of luck in the future

  • falcao
  • falcao

    replacements for Reyes could be:Tabanou Franck from Toulouse,Valbuena Mathieu and Ayew André maybe LOic Remy from Marseille,Grenier Clément and Lacazette Alexandre from Lyon

  • Ringo

    Perhaps this departure and Simeone can boost Salvio’s confidence significantly, because I think his problems were mostly mental ones and I dedn’t even think he was that bad.

    The part that really needs improvement is midfield. Every defence would struggle if they have a midfield that cannot control a match. Intelligence in the play is the biggest struggle. It’s time to use a deep lying playmaker in the middle partnered up with at least one strong defensive midfielder, momentarily that battle’s between Paulo and Mario, but they’re both not too convincing… I don’t think there’s a very strong defensive midfielder in Atleti B, so I guess one needs to be bought for that position.

    RB looks like a problem, but let’s fix midfield first, since at least defensively the rightback position is covered right now, unless Juanfran is put in that position again.

    ON: Reyes is gone. I don’t know what kind of coach Simeone is, perhaps he could have fixed the Reyes problem, but this way no risks for the squad in that department.
    I’d give Salvio another chance. Most players weren’t convincing under Manzano’s command, I think Salvio just needs a more encouraging coach and Simeone might be the one for him to fulfill that role. Shaqiri is a great talent, though, I’d like to see him at the club, but perhaps him coming in the summer would be better. Besides, if the salary troubles are true, there should be less spending, so if they could get one good defensive midfielder, it’s enough for me and believe me, this is a strong squad, it just needs a strong plan.

    Time to say goodbye to Reyes and to let Simeone show how much he can fold this scrap of talented players into one tough team.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Salvio spell with Atleti has been a disappointment so far, that’s a fact, he is/was supposed to be the replacement of Maxi Rodriguez and he hasn’t managed to do it, at this point I would be glad to have Maxi back with us instead of Salvio, this is supposed to be his breakthrough season at Atleti and he has failed to impress, he is supposed to be assisting Falcao and yet I don’t even remember a decent pass or cross from Salvio to Falcao. Salvio is not with Lanus or Benfica anymore he plays for Atletico Madrid now and his level has fell below expectations and I don’t know if it was because a lack of confidence from Manzano or because he misses Portugal or whatever the reason is, the truth is Salvio has failed to impress and he is professional footballer and he has been granted a lot of opportunities to show what he is capable of and he has failed to do so at Atleti, and he is 21, and I don’t know how could he possible improve because of his age he is 21 not 18 or 17, Pizzi for instance was a much more better than Salvio even though he is 22 years old and didn’t had as many opportunities as Salvio. At the moment it seems Salvio is one of those very talented players that just falls below expectations and fails to impress, I saw him with the U20 Argentina national team and also at Lanus and he certainly was a very promising player, probably as talented as Merida, but then again, he has failed to impress.

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t think Salvio was as bad as you just said, he’s made some great runs. Plus I do remember some nice crosses, even with his left foot.
    And you have to consider this: Atleti is a mess.
    Besides Adrian, Dominguez, Arda and perhaps Filipe, Diego and Courtois, all players were way below expectations and ALL players failed to impress as a collective, the only partnership that really showed some promise was Filipe-Arda on the left and that’s mostly because of their hard work and great stamina.
    I wouldn’t write off Salvio, he wasn’t even one of the worst, he was about the team’s average, except I see him scoring a nice amount once he gets that first one. Just look at the way he has fired his shots so far, to me it’s clear it mostly needs that mental improvement. And 21 is still very young. He started this season with little playing time until Reyes was struggling with Manzano.
    Just give the kid some time, they did at Benfica and after a while he was one of their most dangerous players. All it takes is someone to show him the right way and I hope Simeone will prove to be a great coach for this team!
    I believe in Salvio and I hope he can show us why I do!

  • Javi Lozoya

    You mean the awful pass against Espanyol that somehow Falcao managed to score from?, or his miss againts Levante?, how many crosses he attempts have finish as assists or goals scored by Falcao?, not too many.
    I know that he always tries hard and all of that but he is still failing to impress like it or not, and of course Atleti is a mess but there are some players that are doing their best like Falcao, Turan, Diego, Adrian, Courtois and Salvio isn’t doing good precisely, I know he is a good player, he proved it at Benfica, but his performances with Atleti left much to be desired, it’s true it could be mental but I don’t get why after having a great season with Benfica Salvio is still struggling at Atleti, it doesn’t make sense, he was supposed to revitalize the team and yet he as failed to do so, I had faith in him but to tell you the truth I think it would be better for Atleti to bring a more experienced player and for Salvio it would be good for him to return for Benfica, he adapted very well in the Lisbon side and he says he would like to return to Benfica so why can we just make him return to Benfica, he shined there and he wants to return there someday.

  • Javi Lozoya

    And I’m not writing him off just yet, I just think he hasn’t progress quite good as what was expected from him, because like I said before, I saw him with the Argentina U20 national team in Venezuela 2009 and he proved to be a very talented enough young player, I also saw some matches of him at Lanus and he was quite good, in fact, he was probably the best Argentine player from that generation, although to tell you the truth, I see him now and he doesn’t finish to excel at the moment, at least with Atleti jersey, perhaps it was a bad choice for him, just like Merida, to come to Atleti, they were/are two young talented and promising players but after coming to Atleti it seems their careers have gotten marred and that’s bad and sad.
    Let’s just hope like you said, that Simeone manages to make him excel although if that does happens, Salvio is gonna be a similar case with Reyes, he (Salvio) couldn’t shine with Quique and Manzano but he might me able to so under Cholo’s guidance.

  • falcao

    Atletico negotating with agents of Gabi Mudingay…
    nothing special i thin about this player

  • falcao

    in La Liga there are many options to replace REYES:Angel LAfita from Saragossa,Lass Bangoura from Rayo,Antoine Griezmann from Sociedad,Nsue Emilio from Mallorca….

  • falcao

    i think we can expect a lot of Salvio because he is still young he needs playing time

  • shlomgar

    Sorry falcao but salvio is not that young any more and he had enough time to prove himself. He is just not cut out for the first team at the moment

  • ali_

    falcao: from the names that u mentioned only griezmann would be a quality addition to our team.

  • falcao

    ali Lass is good he is only 19

  • falcao

    there are many players but we are not persons who will bring them so we can only speculate who will they buy

  • falcao
  • Flo

    Salvio is Argentinean and so is Simeone. Give this guy a chance. I’m glad Reyes is gone. One troublemaker less. The only bad thing is that we strengthen a direct rival.

  • 20Corona

    Castro from Mallorca could be good.

  • falcao
    what abuot this man 18 years old

  • Gert

    If we loan out Salvio to Benfica, we have a free EU spot so Costa can start scoring hattricks again
    I don’t want this to happen, but I can see it happen though ..

  • And Reyes being an retarded like always. He said he is going back ‘to win titles” once he is now in a “giant and ambitious club”.

    Let’s give Sevilla 1 year and the baby will start crying all over again. Any bet?

  • leika

    WOW!!! Get that nigerian right away! I mean we could buy him now and loan him to his former club for a year or so or probably to a not so strong french side or Belgium league or Netherlands. Or just make a pre-agreement and buy him at the end of the season. Could be a real beast in the future. I suppose he is really cheap right now.

  • Falcao’s right we gotta get that nigerian right away and Lieka, we aint loanin him for anything. He gonna start and score a lot of goals.

  • Ringo

    Javi Lozoya, the biggest reason must be that at Benfica he was acknowledged right away and the coach gave him a chance because he thought Salvio was great. Back at Atleti he was put on the bench right away, because somehow Manzano didn’t dare to take Reyes out until Reyes handed the opportunity by becoming an even bigger jerk. Salvio was never certain of his place, in the beginning Manzano didn’t even give him the certainty he was second choice.
    Yes, 21 is older than 19 years old, but he’s still very young and at the beginning of his career. There are only a few talents who don’t need mental support at that age and those are probably the most arrogant ones. Now Reyes has gone and Juanfran isn’t a real challenge anymore. Furthermore, Simeone is Argentinian, and although that shouldn’t make a difference, it does. He might act like a father type just for that reason and Salvio needs that right now. There were more players from Argentina at Benfica and Aimar was pretty experienced, with might have been great for him.
    I’d give Salvio a real chance now, tell him he won’t be replaced after one mistake and let him grow in confidence. Same goes for Koke, but he’s another subject right now.

  • falcao

    what about Mauro Zarate he is forgoten in Inter

  • falcao

    Sebastian Giovinco from Parma,Alessio Cerci from Fiorentina,

  • Javi Lozoya

    Or Götze, Müller, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Marko Marin, Patrick Herrmann, Draxler, Harnik, Alexandre Pato, Eden Hazard, I could do this all day long.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Kerim Frei, keep and eye on this kid, he is very promising a true jewel,

  • What about abdel kader keita??

  • he even played vs atleti

  • Lubo

    Keita? Even Miroslav Stoch could be better than him.

  • rojiblanco93

    Stoch is a great idea to be honest ! He would fit perfectly in our team !! He is strong with tempo dribblings and has a great right foot, so why not ?

  • Lubo

    Because he doesn’t belong to Jorge Mendes. That’s why.

  • 20corona
  • Lubo did you check the link. Or you just ignored it??!!

  • rojiblanco93

    To be not a client of Medes, should be the biggest reason to buy him !!! The first step to get out of this cunts hands!!!

    Stoch is younger and more talented than Keita!!
    Keita left Galatasaray for Quatar just for money , dont need such a guy in our team , he can play for Real ir City!

  • rojiblanco93

    He has plenty of goals like that, reminds me on Reyes last season !

  • Lubo

    @ Randy German I did check the video. And all I can is that Stoch is by 8 years younger. No offense, but if this board is starting a new project, the 30 years old soulless player motivated just by money isn’t the right choice. Anyhow good he is (or could have been).
    In addition, Stoch is coming from a village 30km next to me, so I’m naturally following his career. I also played a game against him on junior level. He wasn’t that special back then, but he was 11 years old playing with (against) 14-15 year old kids. But he made amazing progress in Chelsea’s academy and after his FC Twente spell everyone knew that this kid actually can be special. His playing style is similar to Reyes’ (as rojiblanco93 mentioned), but he’s not a trouble maker and is much better team player than La Perla. Let’s see how Simeone’s style will work out, but if we’ll play counterattacking style, that might fit Miňo as well. But Fenerbahce set his price to 12-15 millions and we cannot win a race against the rich Moscow clubs that are after him.

  • dgsozkan

    About Stoch, I feel like I have to add some comments because I’m also a fan of Fenerbahce and I follow him very closely. Last season wasn’t the his best season , he had some troubles about adapting the team. But this year , he is completely a different player. Now, he is the one of the best player in the squad. Thus, it wouldn’t be easy to get him to the Atletico. He is not a troublemaker that’s for sure by the way. I think,he would be more successful in La Liga , because Turkish Super League is more muscle-based league comparing to La Liga. However, as I said before, I believe Fenerbahce will demand considerable amount of money to let him go.