Reyes:”I’ve asked Simeone to let me leave”

The Andalusian stresses that he wants to return home

José Antonio Reyes (BBC)

José Antonio Reyes (BBC)

On the first day of the new year, AS comes with disappointing news.

The newspaper reports Reyes has informed them that he has asked Simeone to allow him to leave for Sevilla.

Reyes gave his reasons in an interview with Javier G. Matalllanas.

Have you decided to leave Atlético?
Yes. I’ve spoken with Diego Simeone to ask him to let me leave to Sevilla.

But your new coach counts on you.
That’s right, but I’ve already made my decision. I have to be honest to Atlético, because my mind is already elsewhere.

Why do you want to leave Atlético?
Because Sevilla have given me the chance to return home. It’s an option that might not be available in the future and I want to take the opportunity. I think it’s the best for my career and now is the time to make this move.

Aren’t you feeling well at Atlético?
I’m very happy. It’s a fantastic club and I am very appreciated by the fans and the people who work at the club. They have treated me fantastically. But I left Sevilla when I was very young and I think this is the time to return home, because that’s best for my family.

What about your family?
A couple weeks ago my father underwent surgery. It’s best for me to return to my hometown and Sevilla has given me the opportunity. I always wanted to come back and they have an ambitious project at the club.

Your relationship with Atlético supporters has had its ups and downs. How do you think they’ll feel after your departure?
When I first arrived I was received in a bad way because of my history with [Real] Madrid. My first period at Atlético was difficult. But when I left Arsenal, the only possibility was Madrid. There I had a good experience and we won the league. When the possibility of signing for Atlético then arose, I didn’t hesitate. When I first arrived [the fans] insulted me, but later everything changed.

And now they will be mad at you again.
I understand that many will be angry, but I can’t waste this opportunity to go home to Sevilla. I’ll always carry Atlético and the fans in my heart. I enjoyed wearing the red and white and we won two titles. I’ll never forget what it is like playing in the Vicente Calderón and being champions with Atleti.

I ask the fans to understand, and I wish them all the best because Atlético is so important to them.

Have your problems with Manzano influenced your decision?
No. Manzano did what was best for the team and I respect that. These things happen in football, I understood that the coach preferred other players over me. All players want to play, but we respect the decision of the coach. I’m not leaving because of that. Let me stress that I’m leaving because I might not have this opportunity to return to Sevilla again.

What do you expect of your return to Sevilla?
When the deal is closed, I’ll speak about that. But I’m very excited and grateful for the understanding of Simeone. And I hope the fans of Atlético will understand.

  • Robel

    I have mixed feelings about this, but I can understand Reyes wants to go to Sevilla. I am sure he will come good for Sevilla. I wish him success, but not his team.

  • Sad, I really wanted to have him at Atlético 🙁 Another good one, gone! FFS! But yes, best of luck to him, worst to Sevilla, hope they’ll get relegated!

  • i kind of glad reyes gone. now we can have arda, diego, adrian and falcao in the strike

  • falcao

    wish him all best in the future…

  • falcao

    we have some good alternatives…hope to bring some replaces

  • DJ_ZA

    I’m so glad he’s going!!! It’ll give someone who actually wants to be at Atleti the opportunity to play. No more ‘Why’s Reyes on the bench?’ (Hopefully) no more off-the-field (and sometimes on the field) disharmony – just a unified Atleti.

    Adios Reyes! (no tears from me!)

    Just to make you northern hemisphere Atleti’s a bit jealous …. I’m spending the first day of 2012 at the pool, with a cerveja (give or take a few), a stunning view of plantations and mountains, having a braai (aka barbecue). But to make you feel better, tomorrow it’s back home to sit at the pool with a drink (give or take a few) without the view. Happy 2012 everybody!

  • Courtois
    Dominguez Godin/Miranda
    CB CB
    Silvio Filipe
    RB LB
    Tiago Mario Suarez
    CM CM
    Diego Arda Turan
    RM Adrian LM



    AMF(left)-Arda Turan
    SS(second striker)-Adrian

  • A good man. Wish him the best for his future! And thank you for everything, you were absolutely unstoppable at times!

  • Lubo

    He left Arsenal because he was homesick. Now he’s doing it again. In Sevilla he will have no excuses for his unprofessional behavior and troublemaking nature. Thanks for everything he’s done.

  • palc

    He’s the reason why Aguero left. Freezing out Forlan prevented him Forlan from scoring regularly and therefore prevented the team to perform better and reach the Champions League. If we were in CL now, Aguero would have stayed, as well as Forlan.

    Reyes is a little snake.

    Good riddance.

  • Javi

    DJ-ZA good for you, it’s below zero here! I’m jealous
    With Reyes, I agree if his heart is not here he needs to go and we end the saga of Reyes
    But selling him to a direct rival for 3m is crazy, I would at least try to get Caceres out of the deal and if we get him I would have our defense like this: Filipe-Dominguez-Godin-Caceres, and when Silvio gets back, Caceres replaces Godin

  • Javi

    This article summarizes well the situation, for those who don’t read Spanish it says that other than in Sevilla Reyes has had irregular seasons with strange absences, moments of good play and bad play and issues with coaches. It says that although he can be a great player his attitude makes him irregular wherever he’s played except Sevilla

  • Shaqiri is his most likely replacement

  • But atleti dont have any money

  • shlomgar

    goodbye and thanks for being the right guy for a while.

    Hope your departure will clear a space for someone better, I miss Maxi…

  • Davide

    Reyes is a brilliant player, sometimes… If he could have cut the drama and conspiracy crap in the dressing room then he would have be much more consistent performer.

    Whatever you people (including me) may think of Reyes as a person, it’s still a big blow to the strength of the squad.

    The only think that can make me accept releasing such an good player to a rival is if we bring in some nice exciting young talent in his place.

    Maybe Shaqiri or Lanzini would be nice?

    We all know Roma got the wrong youngster from Los Millonarios when they bought Lamela even before he arrived in Rome

    Lanzini should be brought in before Fluminense pays of River Plate for his loan and make it permanent. After that his price should skyrocket in the Brasileiro.

    Cholo should have pretty good knowledge of the Argentine player base and i would naturally expect Diego to sooner or later bring in some young Argentines.

  • DJ_ZA

    aaah Javi, Caceres would be so good…. but I don’t think that’ll happen 🙁

    I don’t mind saying farewell, but it always seems to be undervalue!

    … and Randy G & Davidse, Shaqiri…. that’ll be nice too…. but THIS IS ATLETI! Always the most unlikely and never without surprise. Lets see where we stand come end Jan 2012.

  • Javi Lozoya

    You could see this coming, Reyes didn’t seem very happy at Atleti the past few months, just to sum up what you guys said about Reyes, most of you are quite right about him, I’ll add that in all the time Reyes was at Atleti the only time Reyes overachieved at Atleti was during Quique’s tenure, not with Aguirre, not Resino, and also Manzano couldn’t get the best of ‘La Perla’, out of the 4 managers Reyes was coached he just perform good with Quique, so in my opinion there was a huge percentage of Reyes not being able to perform with Simeone, obviously if he goes we’ll not be able to know for sure but the statistics are there, anyways, good luck for Reyes, although I agree with most of y’all, not so much good luck for Sevilla.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Shaqiri is not coming to Atleti, he is gonna play Champions League with Basel so that his transfer value rises and Basel have a better to get more money out of his transfer.
    We all know it would be superb to have him at Atleti, he is a fantastic player, but we also know how does things run at Atleti, I myself dream about seeing Shaqiri with the Atleti jersey, but I honestly doubt he is gonna come, supposedly the club has no money for transfers and also, Shaqiri’s “pre-contract” with Atleti hasn’t been yet announced or even been confirmed, thus it seems pretty hard to think that Shaqiri is indeed coming to Atleti, it would be great to have him at Atleti but nothing has yet materialized.

  • Javi Lozoya

    With the arrival of Ancelotti the French press reports that Lugano is gonna leave the club, it’s not like it matters but I think Lugano would be a great signing for us, I know that the priority signing would be a Defensive or Box-to-box midfielder but our defense as been really awful, Godin for instance, is a great player but he hasn’t really finish to convince at Atleti, and I would prefer Lugano any given day ahead of Godin, but anyways, just wanted to point that out.
    Also, obviously now that the transfer window has openened, there are many rumors of possible transfer, and I wanted to point out that Guardado and Colotto both from Deportivo La Coruña, are now free agents, two interesting players in my opinion although Guardado has been injury prone in the past, now speaking solely about rumors, Muntari and Ricky Alvarez, both from Inter, they have been falled out of favor at the San Siro outfit, Muntari who has been a consistent player during his career, first in Italy with Udinese and in England with Porstmouth, but upon arriving at Milan with Inter, he hasn’t really been able to earn a spot in the starting XI with the Nerazurri, he fell out of favor with Mourinho and now also with Ranieri who doesn’t count with the Ghanaian for the season, and about Ricky Alvarez the Italian press claims Inter wants to loan him away in order to bring another player, Alvarez is a good player, very versatile, but probably his lack of experience in Europe is preventing him to fully convince at Inter, anyways, both Muntari and Ricky Alvarez are very interesting players, in my opinion they could help improve Atleti’s midfield, and now that Simeone is our manager he might be interested in bringing Alvarez to Atleti, since Alvarez is a countryman of Simeone and also, Ricky plays for one of Simeone’s former teams, Inter Milan, so I hope Simeone has been keeping track of both Inter and Alvarez, and who knows, Alvarez might be one of Simeone’s transfer targets.

  • 7th

    javi, alvares is now shining at inter, he is currently their best player, all the attacks comes from him. he is settled i guess now. really doing a great job filling senjider rule.

    he was not performing well with gasbarini, their previous coach. ranieri is doing a good job taking out the best of alvarez.

    though he was really close in joining roma, but as usual inter always intercpts roma’ targets.

    however, i prefer Lamela over alvarez. that kid is a special. playing well in roma. all credits goes to enrique.

  • falcao

    acording to El Fichajes Atletico is interested in Jefferson Farfan…
    i think he’s very good player he is fast and strong
    and also he can play like winger

  • ricky alvarez is probably one of the best replacements for reyes

  • falcao

    ricky alvarez and xerdan shaqiri i think

  • Rowly

    If he wants to go let him go, of course Atleti will get a poor deal out of it because Reyes wants to leave so they’re in a weak negotiating position.

    Players leaving is never really a problem in my opinion, many great players have left Man Utd & Arsenal in the past but they both remain top clubs because it’s the replacement that is important to get right. This is why Arsenal are starting to struggle because they haven’t spent the cash to adequately replace players. Not sure how Reyes will be replaced in the position Atleti are currently in, the turnover of players is bizarre.

    Being a big club, Atleti will one day get some owners that take the club forward & make the club a force again, the question is how long we have to wait…

  • Javi Lozoya

    7th, you are right about Ricky Alvarez, he is now a much more consitent player under Ranieri, something than did often happen with Giasperini, Ricky is performing good but I wouldn’t exactly say he is shining, he is doing good but he still needs to learn a lot, but my point was that now with the trasnsfer window is open, the Italian press says Ricky might be loaned away to bring a much more experienced player, you know how the press is, especially the Italian, the Italian press has also criticized Alvarez heavily, and I thought than in case Ricky is gonna be loaned away, he could be a great signing for us, he is versatile and very skilled and has an EU passport, but as I said before it’s mostly a transfer window rumor and speculation, nothing concrete.