5,000 fans witness Simeone’s first training session

Vizcaíno continues while Baraja leaves Atlético

5,000 fans turn up at Atlético's trainingsession (Clubatleticodemadrid.com)

5,000 fans turn up at Atlético's training
session (Clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Diego Simeone’s first training session as coach of Atlético Madrid was open to the public and about 5,000 fans made their way to the Vicente Calderón on Thursday afternoon.

The players returned to training after their Christmas break and did various exercises, mostly focussed on pressuring their opponents.

Cantera players Alberto Noguera and Javi Manquillo trained with the first team, while Sílvio and Diego Costa worked with fitness coach Óscar Pitillas.

Diego had to retire early after picking up a minor knock.

Simeone’s staff is formed by Germán ‘Mono’ Burgos and Juan Vizcaíno, who has stayed on as assistant coach. They are joined by Óscar ‘El Profe’ Ortega who returns to the club after working with Simeone at Racing.

Rubén Baraja, Toni Servera and Joan Mesquida have all followed Gregorio Manzano out of the club.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I’m so excited to see Atleti under Cholo’s command, if everything turns out right, we’re gonna see a team with a lot combativeness, agressiviness, never surrender and pressuring the opponent the whole match, and that’s what I want to see from all Atleti players, a tough team to deal with whether is an away or home match.

  • 7th

    i agree with you, javi,, that is what i liked about simeone when he was a player, didnt see him much as a coach. but he seems a born manager.

    simeone said we will play fast and counterattaking.

    he likes assuncao and tiago. and would love to develop youngsters like koke.

    really looking forward to el cholo atletico

  • shlomgar (aka atletisrael)

    I realy think that counter attacking should be our strategy. The team obviously doesn’t play possession that well so why not changing style.

    I really don’t know what Simeone findes in Tiago but Assuncao should become a regular in lineup if the change will come. Pressure game sounds good to me. It worked against Real, sort of, so why not?

  • JohnGreece

    I dont know about Simeone at all.As for the coach we could do better in finding someone more experienced.Does anyone know his style and an oppinion about him…

  • Ringo

    Manzano had 40 years of experience, so I don’t think that’s the solution.
    There is an article about his “style” on this website already.
    In Italy he played very attacking football and in Argentina very conservative.

  • i didnt know bout simeone at first. I wanted the club to hire rafa benitez but the current financial situation, it was a good move to hire ‘el cholo’. he might bring success to the club.

  • Ringo

    And if Benitez fails over here, he’d probably have to be paid 50 billion euros to get rid of.
    And his last years as coach all he said was he “needs to buy player”.
    If he wanted to be a buyer over here, I think it would be a terrible decision to hire Benitez. Especially considering his probable buyout clause and salary.
    I don’t think he’s an Atleti fan himself, so he wouldn’t be a nice guy to the financial department.
    Simeone might be. I don’t know what kind of demands he had and what his contract looks like, but I am pretty sure he costs way less than Benitez.
    Hopefully Simeone could make this team work, you cannot say it’s a weak squad.
    With the right coaching Perea could do great on RB and CB, in my opinion. Physically he’s great, so I guess he just needs structure.
    He has looked like a clown, but too many defenders failed harder at Atleti than he did, so it has to be the organization.
    The biggest problem is probably a strong defensive midfielder, but I think that the midfield could’ve been much stronger by now, without a possible new player. It’s just hard to believe that so many coaches couldn’t create a decent midfield with the available material for years…

  • Ringo

    Oh, and happy new year to you all, of course!

  • rafael

    i hope simeone brings some dignity back to atleti. i know we have the squad to do more damage then we have but its not showing. hopefully 2012 is the start for a new atleti