Fran Mérida to return to Atlético in January

Braga no longer counts on the 21-year old

Fran Mérida no longer counted on(Miguel Vidal, Reuters)

Fran Mérida no longer counted on
(Miguel Vidal, Reuters)

Sources close to Sporting Braga report the club will release Fran Mérida for “technical reasons”.

The young playmaker is on loan at the Estádio Municipal and was set to stay until the end of the season, but he will now return to Atlético Madrid in January.

He no longer trains with the first team and coach Leonardo Jardim doesn’t count on the playmaker, who only featured as a substitute in a handful of games.

In his seven appearances Fran scored one goal.

Mérida joined Atlético in the summer of 2010, after his career with Arsenal never quite got off the ground. In his season with Atleti the Barcelona-trained midfielder failed to convince and he was sent on loan to Braga to see more game time.

It’s doubtful whether the Spanish youth international and born Atleti fan is counted on by Diego Simeone and Caminero, and a new loan move might be on the cards for the once highly rated youngster.

  • javi

    Lets give Pizzi back and recover Fran, if there is no spot for him with Simeone we can loan him to Rayo or Getafe who are looking for midfielders.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I feel so bad and sad for him, he was labeled as Spain next big thing and the new Fabregas, you could even see how good he was, he was pretty talented, you could almost tell he was gonna become a world class player no joke about it, he his still young but seems complicated to tell if he is gonna fulfill his potential or not at this point.
    I guess his worst mistake was to leave Arsenal, Wenger counted with him towards the future and he (Merida) was having good performances in the few matches he played, definitely he should’ve stayed with Arsenal.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree, at this point we can’t risk it with Merida, he wasn’t a regular player with Braga so therefore he should’t be considered a starter for Atletico, the best thing for Merida and his career would be loaning him away with a team that can actually grant him plenty of minutes to see if he still has a future or not because he is being left behind by himself.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I forgot to say that one the reasons why Merida hasn’t make it at Atleti was because Quique Sanchez Flores didn’t place him on his ideal position, Merida is a center midfielder not a winger, he has a good vision and his a good passer, characteristics of a center midfielder not a winger.
    Also, another of the reasons Merida didn’t make it at Atleti was the environmnet, is not the same playing alongside Fabregas, Ramsey, Rosicky, Nasri, Diaby, Alex Song, Van Persie, world class players and also, guided by Arsene Wenger, one of the worlds best managers with youngster, with all due respect than playing at Atletico Madrid, alongside Tiago, Mario and Assucao, and being managed by Quique Sanchez Flores who didn’t seem to have any idea of Merida’s playing style.
    It’s really tough for young players to suceed at Atleti, it doesn’t just takes more than being talented and skilled to succeed in football, it’s takes to be guided by a great manager, working in an ideal environment, and in most times being very lucky to succeed at being a footballer.

  • falcao

    I feel so bad and sad for him,maybe loaninig somewhere where he could play for about 80min. is best solution

  • I like Merida, I’d like to see more of him at Atlético rather than Braga, I mean he is good!

  • Lubo

    Are we really going to make Pizzi’s contract permanent? He’s worth 3-5 mil and not the f!”£^*g 15 millions!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yep, I agree Lubo, I said that myself before, and supposedly the club has no money for new signings but they do 15M for a overrated player like Pizzi, pathetic really.

  • ali_

    if we sign him for 15 mil… well thats gonna be the perfect evidence that we are nothing more now than jorge mendes’s puppets…

  • falcao

    i would really like to see Shaqiri if Reyes leaves,but it depends on Simeone

  • Sergio Lopez

    I was really shocked with Jardim’s decision over Francisco, but I still hope our playmaker will return to Madrid with a firm desire to success. It’s high time for either playing or in case of lacking desire – finishing the career. I like Fran Merida very much, but he should change his attitude towards some aspects of his job in order not to loose it. As for Pizzi, I totally agree with Ali, but we are already Jorge Mendes’s puppets after signing Falcao for 40m and taking Micael additionally (as well as Julio Alves).

  • javi

    Derek, I have two wishes for the new year: 1. Can you please update the prediction league scoreboard, and 2. since we are in the midst of the trading season, can you open a post about the potential trades so that we can all thorw in our two cents about the players we want traded in or out of the team and why?
    That would be cool, thanks.

  • palc

    I thought there was going to be a discussion forum…?

  • Derek Maaijen

    The Prediction League has been updated Javi, we’ll update the table tonight. One of our new year’s resolutions is to update it after every single game, starting with the match against Málaga.

    I like your other idea, I’ll see what we can do!

  • Javi

    Sounds good Derek. Happy new year.