Gil Marín in denial about opposition

Atlético's general manager hit the airwaves Thursday evening to spin the current crisis

Gil Marín at the Cadena SER radio studios  (

Gil Marín at the Cadena SER radio studios

Hours after Atlético Madrid’s Executive Board publicly announced its decision to can coach Gregorio Manzano, both the club’s president, Enrique Cerezo, and its general manager and majority shareholder, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, spoke to the press regarding the team’s current state of affairs.

“We submitted an offer to ‘el Cholo’ Simeone,” Cerezo told reporters at a press conference held at the Vicente Calderón late Thursday evening, confirming quite possibly what everyone in the world of football has known for days.

“He is very pleased, but now the contract must be negotiated,” Cerezo said.

The kooky president then pandered to the Rojiblanco fan base.

“Simeone is who we want and who the people want at this time,” he said.

“Between today and tomorrow we will have an answer. He’s the best choice in these times.

“He’s a good option, especially because of his excitement about coming and the affection he has for the club.”

Later Thursday evening, question-mark-faced director Gil Marín made an appearance on Spanish radio station Cadena SER, where he proceeded to distort reality for a period of close to 40 minutes.

Spanish paper Mundo Deportivo transcribed the interview on its Atlético Madrid news and information Twitter account.

On the treatment of Manzano
“Manzano has not been mistreated,” Gil Marín said on the station’s “El Larguero” radio programme.

“This is how football works. He was bid farewell after the cup [loss] on Wednesday. No one from Atlético had contacted any manager until after [the loss to] Betis.

“We put a poor image on display in Getafe, but there was no meeting afterwards. We thought things had to change after the Betis match.

“We only very recently spoke to ‘el Cholo’. We felt shameful about being eliminated by a Segunda B team. It’s an embarrassment but it has to help us grow.”

On when Simeone is expected to arrive
“We would like for Simeone to be here in Madrid on Monday and begin working right away to join the team when he returns,” he said.

On the protests at the Calderón and those calling for his exit
“19 years wears one down,” he said.

“It’s normal that the people get tired of seeing the same faces. There’s a minority that is looking for changes.

“That minority of 500 people infect others when things go badly. When there is success, that minority is silent.”

He continued: “Am I tired of this? No. I continue to have hope and strength. Have I thought about leaving? Millions of times.

“That exit will come when someone comes and gives us what is fair for our shares. I own 56 per cent of the shares. Between 2003 and 2004 we have spent 54 million euros.”

On the accusations that the club’s shares were taken by the Gil family and their cohorts illegally, as a Madrid court held
“The theft of the club incident took place in ’94, when I wasn’t there; my father was,” said Gil Marín, referring to his infamous father Jesús Gil y Gil, who served as Atleti president for 16 years beginning in 1987 up until 2003 before passing away in May of 2004.

On Atleti’s latest crisis
“Football is an emotional state and we’ve been through this depression during other seasons,” he said.

“Other clubs have changed coaches many more times and no one has said anything about it. Football is a crusher.”

On the media’s alleged responsibility in swaying supporter opinion
“The press manages the situation,” he said.

“They’ve placed pressure on Manzano since the first day. Manzano was disrespected since the first day, when it was said he was our fourth choice.”

He continued: “In recent years, we have always taken part in Champions League and Europa League. That’s an objective fact.

“The media conditions the emotional state of the fans.”

On what he expects from Simeone
“We hope that Diego [Simeone] can change this dynamic,” he said.

“He has only been given the objective of finishing in the top four. This squad was put together to finish in a Champions League spot.

“Diego [Simeone] is familiar with the squad and the league, and is coming to work with a clear head and following successes in the Argentine league.

“I have spoken to him today. I have told him that I am happy he is coming. He’s excited about returning. We are going to give him all the power, just like we have given every other coach we have had.”

On the possible friction between sporting director José Luis Caminero and Simeone due to personal issues in the past, when they were both members of the team
“Caminero is coordinating the coaching staff with Simeone,” he said.

“It was Caminero who suggested [we hire] el Cholo.”

On the rumours in the Spanish media suggesting Caminero could also be dismissed shortly
“Caminero? We can’t change the structure of the club every time things go wrong,” he said.

“The ultimate responsibility is mine, then comes Caminero’s. The possibility of Caminero leaving hasn’t been considered.

“When things are bad it’s easy to pick everything apart. Caminero is doing his job.”

On other managers considered to replace Manzano
“Simeone communicated his excitement and desire to come,” he said.

“We only tried to hire Benítez in the summer. In the summer my hope was to sign Luis Enrique. It could not be and I told Caminero to [choose a manager]. He said the coach would be Manzano.”

On the possibility of new signings over the upcoming winter transfer window
“I don’t know who el Cholo has in mind when it comes to reinforcements,” Gil Marín said.

“There will only be signings if there are departures. There could be [some exits] because we have 24 [players] on payroll.

“Reyes’ exit depends on him and Simeone. If it were up to me, he wouldn’t leave.”

On his role at the club
“It’s been six years that I don’t go to a game,” he said.

“I don’t have to show my face. I manage and Cerezo represents. I work for the club and the weekends are sacred. They are for my family.

“I worry about the minority [opposition] but I will continue to work. There is a minority that goes to [the stadium] to insult.”

He continued: “The majority of people go to the Calderón to watch their team play. If we win they don’t show any disgust.

“In football, there’s an excessive demand to give explanations. I only come out to put out fires.

“Nobody remembers me when things are going well.”

  • Urban

    Ok this one is true: if things were going well I could turn the blind eye to his malpractices.

    Unfortunately they are not. Therefore: GIL, CABRON, FUERA DEL CALDERON!

  • osmanson

    el cholo works. In tough times likes this, the best bet is to bring someone who knows the culture and someone from “within”.

    He will figure out.

  • Asim

    The man is deluded.

    No doubt we will be hearing the same sort of thing again in 6 or 12 months when Simeone is sacked.

  • I just don’t think Simeone is going to succeed. I think he will be a new Abel Resino on the bench

    We could have tried harder for Benitez.

  • Javi

    Well he said it…with the right money I sell my shares. As I said before Im exploring something to try and get this done. When I have more to share with you I will. Hopefully we can get this guy out and take over, or have a responsible person or group take over.

  • @Javi, interesting to read this.

    Hope you can get this done.. maybe with some Arabian Sheiks.

    Complaining doesn’t help anything. Way to go, Javi.. if you need any kind of help, do not hesitate to ask. We all care about this.

  • Mais

    i dont think atleti fans are interested in sheiks…n im an arab myself..

  • javi

    Will and Mais, when the time comes we will need all the help we can get from all atleti fans from all over the world.

  • Mais

    i guess its not impossible for wealthy individuals to want to invest significantly without wanting the control, tho less probable

  • falcao
  • falcao

    this will be good choice i think

  • FF

    the question is how long el cholo will resist??

  • Javi Lozoya

    Speaking about Gil Marin, I found a rumor that says if an offer to buy Atleti emerges, he would be in favor of selling the club, again it’s just a rumor, probably not true.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Selling Atleti to a Sheikh wouldn’t be a bad idea, in fact, that would be great, look at Manchester City, PSG, Malaga, Barcelona with Qatar foundation, etc…, I honestly don’t think having a Sheikh or a very rich owner would really be bad for the club, on the contrary, it’ll help Atleti grown in all aspects, economically, sportively, globally, etc.., and for that matter, I found a rumor at Colchonero that Sheikh Mansour was/is interested in buying Atleti, (for those of you didn’t know, Sheikh Mansour is the owner of Manchester City) and if that’s was true, it would be great, Mansour could aid Atleti economically and raise the club funds to compete against the likes of Barcelona and Madrid, let’s not forget about the economic disparity between Barça and Madrid, and the other 18 Spanish teams, it truly is affecting the competitiveness of La Liga.

  • Martin Rosenow

    @Javi Lozoya

    From this report:

    “Am I tired of this? No. I continue to have hope and strength. Have I thought about leaving? Millions of times.

    “That exit will come when someone comes and gives us what is fair for our shares.”

  • starvs

    How could a sheikh be worse than what we got going on now?

  • That’s my point. I don’t see how it can get any worse. They make bad decisions, they don’t have money, they don’t see to care about the fans and they don’t see to care about the club now or about the club’s history.

    Having someone with money owning Atleti is already better. The guys from the city of Madrid can add something if they think there’s someone in there that fulfill the rest.

  • Mais

    i dont think its worse, i was just under the impression over the last year that atleti fans on the whole are very motivated by the club’s history, n want the club to return to the people, i think it has been mentioned on this site a few times
    isnt a sheikh just another gamble…brings in money in the short term, could be just as corrupt/bad decisions made in the long term..where do fans’ input fit in with that scenario

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yep, Martin that’s the one, I found it, I don’t know, maybe sad, for one part Gil says that he has always tried to do the best for us fans and for the club, honestly it seems the opposite, and I don’t know what to say, the stats are there, in 16 years we’ve only emerged champions in La Liga once, we’ve been relegated too, we’ve qualified to champions league 3 times, the balance of those 16 years is mixed, we’ve had some good seasons and really awful ones too, so Gil’s tenure has been pretty much inconsistent and that needs to change, Atleti HAS to compete against Barça and Madrid every year, that is MUST.
    And when I said that I felt bad for Gil is that, obviously since MOST of the fans are not happy with Atleti’s roller coaster situation, Gil has been the subject of insults and he fears for his sons, and I don’t think it would be fair for Gil sons to be subjects of insults since they had nothing to do with the subject, I’ve myself been a hard critic of Gil Marin, but I would never mess with his sons, that wouldn’t be right.

  • Ringo

    Of course the sons shouldn’t be harmed or something, but monogamy is way too old of a method.
    The best president should be on top, not the son of the former one, unless that coincidently the best one.

    I thought I didn’t want a sheikh, but even without money Atleti is a buying club.
    Dominguez, De Gea and even Koke were only used because they had to be, it wasn’t really a choice by the directors and coaches, in my opinion.

    Now, I hope for a very rich boss, who hires a trainer who keeps identity in mind. Perhaps getting together a strong starting line-up and after that investing in the cantera, this club could use some investments!

    At first I was against the Man City/Malaga/PSG-movements, but remember that football is a form of entertainment and in my eyes, more competitors for the title, is more entertaining.

    The coach will be the one to decide on using canteranos, Manzano took a long time to put Koke ahead of a failing Tiago, so I guess the manager is to decide.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Hopefully Gil Marin decides to really focus on behalf of the team and the fans rather than in making profit for his own, it sounds pretty difficult but that’s what I want for Christmas!, so again, hopefully Gil Marin tries harder to make Atleti into a driving force in Spain again.

  • falcao

    but if we are going to be sell to a sheik,were we will not use our talents i think we will buying all the time just like Man.City and Malaga,PSG and others.
    we need some another owner and a coach who will trust in our talenets,not only buying…

  • Mohammed

    The idea of someone buying the club is very appealing, but this brings the worrying question of what will he do with club. I personally think anyone at this point in time would be better than Gil Marin. The club needs a big restructring move. We need to be an organization rather than simply a club.

  • Ringo Schut

    Falcao, the talents won’t be used in any occasion already, so it won’t matter having a sheikh or Gil Marin if that’s the subject. But, the players that are bought will be at a higher level, the club will be out of money problems and there is money to be invested in the youth teams.
    I believe that Mansour leaves the decisions to the manager, Mancini is the one buying all those players, so I think it really depends on who is in front of the squad, if we’ll see canteranos, not a very rich owner.
    Getting healthy again by yourself is more fulfilling, of course, but the club is way too deep in troubles that I’d rather see a rich sheikh and the problems are gone just like that 🙂

  • AaX

    I have to stop this nonsense now. You all sound like unworthy lame faggots of Real and Barca decent not of fan of Atletico mettle caliber(rise back to occasion). The reason we are ever and the reason we are and WILL BE GREAT is because Atleti NEVER GIVES UP, GIVES IN to faithlessness and especially NEVER SELLS OUT!! Represent the authenticity Calderon or off be burnt!

  • AaX

    What all has been saying as first step of an Atletico fan is yes whatever it is Real and Barca have naturally already have better players and team than ours and will continue to do so. So I ask you what’s then the point in battling and competing football, or call yourself an Atleti for that matter. It is this critical element that should first be fundamentally established and those with the wealth with identical philosophy and passion with the club supports this honourable identity. (Spare me explanations on reality when fail to understand the exact point of the success). No Atletico is NOT a buying club. If you don’t battle to win you have already lost!

  • Abi

    I personally think being an old atletico man and having played for major teams, no doubt Simeone is going to improve things around. I just hope we don’t stick to him after he has done his job. We have a first class team and a huge support, we need trophies. If he starts delivering results then he is the best coach around.
    Point is every team needs a different personality. No one knows if atletico will win the games even if we have Mourinho or some other rated coach. If Diego works for us so be it. There is no harm in trying. As for Benitez, I think we are better off with el Cholo.

  • Abi

    Interestingly what we have been lacking the most has been our defense and midfield. With less chances strikers can not possibly perform and having a DMF as coach is going to change things around a lot.