Copa del Rey: Atlético 0 – 1 Albacete

Los Rojiblancos end the year with humiliating defeat

Albacete celebrate their goal (AS)

Albacete celebrate their goal (AS)

Atlético Madrid lost the second leg of their Copa del Rey clash and have been knocked out by Albacete (3-1 on aggregate).

An early goal decided the match and handed Atleti a humiliating home defeat against a club playing in the same league as our B team.

Atlético couldn’t possibly have started off worse. After just twenty seconds Víctor Curto found himself in a position to shoot and the number 10 beat Asenjo with a low shot from outside the area.

Gregorio Manzano had started his strongest available eleven. Miranda replaced the suspended Domínguez, while Courtois was given the day off for personal reasons and Arda Turan was out due to a flu.

Not much changed in Atleti’s game plan after the early setback, as they already knew they had to score three goals to overcome the 2-1 result of the first leg. But not for a moment did the side seem capable and willing to advance in the cup. Our chances were few and not threatening enough to worry the opponent.

Atleti’s first opportunity came after twelve minutes, when Diego Godín headed just wide of the target. Some minutes later Adrián appeared all alone before Álvaro Campos, but this season’s topscorer hit the sidenetting.

Los Rojiblancos were uninspired and sloppy and failed to create opportunities. Shortly before the break a shot from distance by Koke sailed wide, but that was about it. Meanwhile Alba looked to break quickly on the counterattack. In the added time of the first half Curto almost completed a brace, but he shot straight at Asenjo.

The only set of supporters that had fun during the first half were the travelling fans, who ironically sang “Manzano quédate” (“Manzano stay”), well realising that this was most likely the coach’s last match in charge.

At half time Manzano brought on Pizzi for Diego, but the first big opportunity that followed was for Albacete. Víctor Curto once again found himself in a great position to score, but Asenjo beat the forward one-on-one to spare Atleti from further humiliation.

The goalkeeper was Atlético’s most valuable player on the night, although it must be said he had very little competition to claim that title.

When substitute Eduardo Salvio volleyed a ball straight at Campos it was only Atleti’s first real moment of danger in the second half. It was only our second shot on target of the entire match.

A corner was later headed wide by Miranda.

It took until the 87th minute of the game before Radamel Falcao finally received the ball in a goalscoring position, but the striker couldn’t beat Álvaro Campos.

And so our final game of 2011 ends with a game that perfectly illustrates the entire year. The team showed no passion, no identity and no cohesion and were deservedly kicked out of the Copa del Rey at the hands of a third division side.

Line-up: Asenjo; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Assunção, Gabi (“64 Salvio), Koke, Diego (“46 Pizzi); Adrián and Falcao.

Goals: 0-1 Curto (“1)

  • Nipe96

    Where do I bury myself…

  • Mais

    honestly, we would have been humiliated by some other team if we progressed past this round anyway..why waste the time/energy on midweek matches when there are bigger things to address

  • Gert

    Let’s give Manzano 3 more matches…..

  • Javi Lozoya

    Congratulations to Albacete, and as for Atletico Madrid, PATHETIC result both this and last week too, we were outmatched in both matches of the series, it’s very pathetic and awful to lose to a Segunda team, anyways, but looking at the bright side, Manzano is gonna be sacked and now that we’re out of Copa del Rey we can now focus in La Liga and Europa League only

  • Javi Lozoya

    Could this result and the other awful results be because the players haven’t been paid in about 3 months?, it sort of makes sense, the players are underachieving probably because they haven’t been payed, I honestly don’t know if it’s true or not, h it could be a strong reason why the WHOLE team has played so bad,although that doesn’t necessarily gives the players the right to stomp, abuse and misuse the Atlético de Madrid crest.

  • Mais

    it would be sad if that were true..makes me miss forlan

  • Javi Lozoya

    And I miss Kun, it was a real pleasure watching him play, I still remember most of his matches and the stunning goals he used to score at Atleti, also, he used to won matches for Atleti on his own, ugh, it’s such a shame that he left us and the way he did it, but definitely Kun is the player I miss the most.

  • falcao

    this is really embarassing…
    i can’t stand this

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    the players are getting paid but what they are lacking isnt money, its motivation and tactics. I went to the game tonight, and could not believe what i was seeing, players without confidence and soccer IQ. Then Manzano had the nerve to take out Diego!! the best player so far once again just like against betis!! whatta hell!!!!!!! Cholo simeone welcome home, Manzano dont let the backdoor hit u on the way out

  • dgsozkan

    Pathetic-Lamb of God is the only song which can explain this screwed up situation perfectly. It’s just embarassing and shameful. It’s becoming harder to endure all this idiotic games. Somebody should do something. Something fast and effective. My hatred is rising. It’s the almost rock bottom. Time to big changes or we gonna stay much longer in this piece of humiliation.

  • Javi Lozoya

    We hit rock bottom already, since we lost to Getafe you could tell right away the team was going to do awful.

  • Javi Lozoya

    The best thing that could ever happen to us is the imminent arrival of “Cholo” Simeone, he is gonna restore things to order and make the players play with some balls, self-esteem and determination, but mostly with balls, because that’s what this team is lacking, BALLS.

  • Javi Lozoya

    It’s official, Manzano is gonna leave the club and Cholo Simeone is gonna succeed him as the Atleti coach.
    The sacking of Manzano is gonna be announced tomorrow and Cholo Simeone is gonna take over Atleti the 29 of December after the vacations.

  • Wate

    Okay, even I am beginning to think that maybe Manzano should go. He could improve next year, but he very well may not and that’s the risk we should have to take. Bringing in a new coach has its risks too, but sometimes a team starts off better with a new coach.

    All I want for christmas is to see our management have a little sense of far-sighted thinking. But I fear those idiots are looking only for short-term profits and bonuses.

  • Ameya

    I think Rafael Benitez should be d new manager of Atletico…. it would be gr8 to see Benitez vs Mourinho having war of words & hitting out on each other & it would be fantastic to watch Madrid Derby… u know what Villarreal hav sacked Garrido… its sad to see top teams like Atletico Madrid, Villarreal & also Sevilla are not doing doing well & dropping points against lower teams, humbled by the big two… I want la liga to be very very competative… title race & fight 4 champions league spot between barca, madrid, Valencia, Atletico, Sevilla, Villarreal & malaga.. but instead of Atletico, Villarreal & Sevilla teams like levante & osasuna are in 4th & 6th place… shame 2 la liga! look at epl man utd, man city, chelsea, arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool & Newcastle are in top 7… Dats called competition between top teams in epl but its not happening in la liga… I want la liga to be d best league in d world… for dat we should hav top class managers in la liga… Guardiola, Mourinho are d best managers…. Emery is also top class, pellegrini is also good… but managers like Manzano & Marcelino are total waste….. Garrido has been sacked… hope Atletico, Sevilla & Villarreal bring managers wid big pedigree… look at bilbao, dey got bielsa & are doing wonders!

  • Urban

    Manzano’s agent is at the VC negotiating contract termination… I guess it is a matter of hours when we say goodbye to el goyo.

  • I really want to be wrong but I really think signing Simeone is not a good decision. He it’s coach since some small time. The board seems to me that they areas trying to copy Barcelona with the Guardiola case. It’s not like this. It was a huge project that took years and not only changing things in the main team only.

    Benitez is experienced and would be a shot in the right direction for me. Simeone is more like a bet to me – just like Abel Resino was – and I don’t think we should make a bet exactly right now but expend all the money we have in a great coach and not giving it ALL away in a player like Falcao

  • Flo

    The only thing I hope Simeone can do is throw out all the players that obviously don’t want to play and are having a bad influence to the rest.

    He also should be able to give us a fighting spirit and motivation. In the summer we need a long-term replacement.

  • 7th

    its offical, manzano IS SACKED and OUT of VC.

  • Flo

    And who is staying *rolleyes*