Simeone abruptly quits Racing post

Rumours linking 'El Cholo' with a move back to the Calderón are gaining traction

Diego 'El Cholo' Simeone (

Diego 'El Cholo' Simeone (

Former Atlético midfielder Diego Simeone has reportedly quit his job as manager of Argentine Primera División outfit Racing Club, leading to rampant speculation he is on the verge of replacing Gregorio Manzano at Atleti.

According to Argentine sports paper Olé, it was el ‘Cholo’s sister – who oversees his contracts – that broke the news to Racing president Rodolfo Molina via telephone Monday evening.

A member of los Rojiblancos’ legendary Doblete-winning team of 1995/96, Simeone reportedly blames a “lack of support” from club directors, specifically, from Mr. Molina, who publicly criticised him during La Academia’s recent presidential elections, as the reason for his departure.

The 41-year-old’s decision caused an uproar among Racing fans on social media sites in Argentina.

On Sunday, the club’s president had assured supporters Simeone was “guaranteed” to remain at the helm of the squad.

El Cholo’s latest stint as Racing boss was his second. He signed with the club just six months ago and led them to a second place finish in the 2011/12 Apertura (opening tournament) of Argentina’s premiere football division.

In addition to his issues with the front office, the former Argentina international had a widely publicised dust-up with controversial Colombian striker Teo Gutiérrez this season. The two have since reconciled their differences.

Simeone spent his last days as a player at Racing, retiring in February of 2006 and immediately taking over on the coaching bench before leaving in May of the same year for Estudiantes de la Plata, where he won his first league title as a manager.

He then succeeded Daniel Passarella at River Plate in 2007, winning the Clausura championship in 2008, but handed in his resignation in November of the same year amid the club’s last place standing with six games to go in the Apertura tournament.

Months later, in April of 2009, he joined San Lorenzo where he failed to impress and again was forced to resign, this time after a year in charge.

Back in January, Simeone agreed terms with Serie A club Catania, helping the side avoid relegation in their 2010/11 campaign. Racing came knocking at his door in June and handed him a one-year deal.

The Colchonero idol has repeatedly made it clear he dreams of one day returning to Madrid to manage Atlético.

How would you feel about a Simeone return to the Vicente Calderón?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Not really a big fan of Simeone’s coaching style but obviously he was a very good player and a legend for Atleti, he was a great leader and had a strong character not to mention he won a double with Atleti.
    Also, in case he becomes Atleti’s new manager, we’re not gonna a team with a lot of ball possesion but at least we’re gonna get to see an Atleti with a fighting spirit never giving up, and I prefer that than rather play posession football which doesn’t really fits Atleti.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I hope than in case Simeone signs with Atleti, he doesn’t get any sort of restrictions and does whatever he feels like and thinks is right for Atleti, because if there is a man that really knows what does represent Atleti means is Diego “El Cholo” Simeone.
    Grande “Cholo”!.

  • Mais

    This reeks of something fishy

  • atletisrael

    Fishy or not, as long as the fighting spirit will get back to the Vicente Calderon!

  • Joe

    What is strange is that Racing is where he started everything and a few months ago he longed to be given “the opportunity there” so if he quit it has to be for something significant. What the article doesn’t represent is the relative success he has had as a coach in his first 6 months everywhere…. with Estudiantes he won the first title in 23 years, with River Plate he won the 2008 Clausura, San Lorenzo didn’t go so well however he did a great job saving Catania from the drop in Italy last year. The second half of his coaching stints if allowed to continue were relatively uncussessful (Estudiantes and River are obvious examples). If he comes, not only Manzano goes but also Caminero because the wife-swapping kings could not work with each other. With a true lack of other qualified candidates out there this could be our best option

  • Martin Rosenow

    For once, I’d like a long term project to be put in place. I think Cholo should be given, from the start, two years immunity if he joins.

    If the urban legends are true about the wife-swapping incidents and Caminero and Simeone can’t work together, this is just a recipe for more chaos, Atleti-style.

  • 7th

    for my mind, i think I want simeone to come to coach us.

    he is gonna revive the fighting spirit within our team which is always a good thing.

    he is a real man. always fights and never give up. the right man for atletico madrid I would say right now.

    giving up has always been our own virtue. that may disappear with simeone if he comes come january.

    the thing is, he may not provide a good football style.

    hope he proves me wrong.

  • Jose Ignacio Perez-Laorga

    Simeone is not ready to a big time coach for atletico, he has energy and character, but lacks of experience as a coach. He should be an assistant coach for atletico, like baraja.
    We need Luis Aragones, it is the perfect time for him to come in and switch things around.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I don’t think Simeone’s abrupt departure is strange, after all, he fell out of favor with the club president over Teo Gutierrez, it’s true that Simeone and Teo reconciled, but I think Simeone didn’t felt backed up by the president who said that Teo was the best “#9” he had ever seen at Racing and vowed to back up Teo rather than Simeone, also, Teo said that Simeone didn’t said things straight to him and he did it so to other team members, and Teo also stated publicly that he felt more comfortable with Racing’s previous manager Miguel Angel Russo, and obviously that wasn’t very polite for Simeone, who preferred to leave Racing in order to prevent any or more conflicts even tough Cholo obviously wanted to stay at Racing for a longer period because Racing is his chilhood favorite club and it was a dream for him to be the manager of Racing.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I suppose that the “wife-swapping” thing between “Cholo” and Caminero is true, but of course we have nothing to worry about if the rumour that Caminero is leaving the club is true as well, also, with the possible departure of Caminero now that Simeone quit from Racing, it makes more sense to me that Cholo’s arrival to Atleti is imminent and it’s more likely to happen, although in this club we can’t really be sure of everything that the media says and with our board aything can happen, and I would be surprised if Scolari arrives since he is represented by Gil and Cerezo’s dear friend, Jorge Mendes.