Reyes reportedly close to Sevilla return

Press reports this morning suggest that a deal could already be in place

Reyes and Manzano at training (

Reyes and Manzano at training (

Atlético winger José Antonio Reyes could be on the verge of a return to hometown club Sevilla, according to various reports in the Spanish press this morning.

Both AS and MARCA delivered the news that a fee of €3.5 million had been agreed for the 28-year-old winger, who began his career at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán back in 1999.

Atlético have since denied the agreement, but Miguel Ángel Gil Marín is set to meet with Sevilla president José María del Nido next week to negotiate the transfer.

Los Nervionenses have also shown interest in Tottenham Hotspur attacker Giovani dos Santos, with whom discussions are supposedly already underway. Talks with Reyes on the other hand are now said to be at ‘an early stage’.

It had looked as if la Perla would be moving to Galatasaray, but earlier in the week manager Fatih Terim pulled the plug on the deal due to a desire to sign younger players for his team.

As we’re already well aware, Reyes’ relationship with Atlético boss Gregorio Manzano plummeted following his withdrawal in October’s defeat at Athletic Bilbao. The former Arsenal man has featured just once in the starting line-up since then.

The majority of fans, especially those that attend the Vicente Calderón, have made it clear that their support lies with the player, but it looks increasingly likely that his time in Madrid will be coming to an end regardless of Manzano’s future.

Reyes signed for Atlético in 2007, and despite a difficult first couple of years, he firmly established himself as a key player and fan favourite upon returning from a loan spell at Benfica.

The Andalusian attacker was instrumental in our Europa League and Super Cup successes of 2010, but since Quique Sánchez Flores’ departure in May his form has suffered. Even before the incident in San Mamés he was featuring less frequently.

Now, with contact having opened with Sevilla, we should hear more news about a possible transfer in the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts on Reyes’ potential departure? Who could be brought in to replace him?


  • Roja

    Reyes stay, Manzano leave.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Screw Sevilla and their 3.5M offer, if they want Reyes it’s either pay 6M and or hands us over Pitbull Medel or José Campaña, they don’t want to pay 6M for Gio but they want to pay for Reyes 3.5M who is better with two eyes closed than Gio, cheap clowns, they never want to spend high amounts of money, but not this time, Gil better ask for a better offer or tell Sevilla go screw themselves.

  • JohnGreece

    Why letting Reyes go and in the return of 3,5 millions?ridiculous…Reyes is one of the most talented players we have(refreshing our minds we let Forlan,Aguero etc go).So why bother selling Reyes?Instead save money firing MAnzano.Huh???????????????OF COURSE NOT!!!!!HE IS THE GUY THAT RUINS OUR TEAM.

  • Lolo lo lo lo lolo lo! FUCK OFF SEVILLA!

  • Heißenberg

    brilliant move. Sell one of your best players to one of your main rivals for such a riddicilous amount of money.
    Maybe we should sell Dominguez to Malaga since they have problems with the defence or Adrian to Villarreal… our board just keeps impressing me.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Yep, in case Reyes is selled we’re just doing Sevilla a favor and reinforcing their squad, and I still don’t know why people are surprised, this things happen each and every year, Donato, Hasselbaink, Jose Mari, Christian Vieri, Luis Garcia, Movilla, Coloccini, Manu del Moral, Ibanez, Martin Petrov, Fernando Torres, Ze Castro, Thiago Motta, Maxi Rodriguez, Ignacio Camacho, Angel Bernabe, Sinama Pongolle, Heitinga, Jurado, Simao, Ujfalusi, Raul Garcia, Forlan, Aguero, and now Reyes and the list is gonna keep growing until… you know, until Gil gets out of the club.
    It’s always the same thing, so I don’t why are some people surprised.

  • ara

    nooooooooo manzano should go not reyes

    manzano out pleaseeeeeee

  • Derek Maaijen

    SportYou reports that Reyes only wants to leave Atleti for Sevilla, and not for Galatasaray. A deal could be reached on Wednesday

  • Croatia Atletista

    When will we stop destroying ourselves? WHEN?!

  • SoLobo

    After Simao having left for free, nothing ‘s gonna surprise me! I want Reyes out of the team, but for 3.5m to one of our main rivals?? What kind of idiots are ruling our team?

  • Kaminero

    Forget Manzano, he staying or going isn’t the issue here at all. The only coach under whom Reyes has been able to perform was Quique. Reyes insulted Aguirre and had to be loaned out. With Abel the same thing happened, but that time the coach was already on his way out. Whoever our next coach is, it is likely that if he doesn’t pamper Reyes there’s going to be a conflict again. This is a pattern in Reyes’ behaviour that is slowly but surely ruining his career.

  • Javi

    I agree with Kaminero, there is a personality issue with Reyes and despite loosing his talent we need to get rid of him, but not for peanuts and to a direct rival please. Since we don’t have money to buy his replacement we should get players in addition to money and either keep the players or trade them with a third team for someone we really want.

  • starvs

    I agree Reyes just has a cancerous personality it seems and I would not mind to see him go. But for 3.5m to a direct rival is just pure fucking folly, and would be once again an insult to the fans from this lovely board.

  • starvs

    If Reyes goes to Sevilla for 3.5, Caminero is either powerless or an idiot.

  • Mais

    ugh there goes my silver lining

  • uyegs

    Selling Reyes to a La Liga club is like shooting yourself in the foot. Also for just 3.5mil? I think they can get a deal with someone for around 5.

    By the way I heard rumors in Turkish news that Atletico are near bankruptcy. Is this true?

  • Javi Lozoya

    Eduardo Vargas has joined Napoli for €13.6 million , puff, in 2 years his rights are gonna be worth over €50 million.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Well, I was wondering that in case Reyes does joins Sevilla again in which position is he gonna actually play, because as far as I know, Jesus Navas is an unconditional player down Sevilla’s right wing, also, the left wing is occupied by either Manu del Moral, or/and “Monito” Perotti, and lately also José Campaña has played on the left wing, perhaps he could play as a second striker but that’s gonna mean that either Rakitic or Trochowski are gonna be out of the starting 11 for Sevilla so I don’t really think Reyes is gonna actually feature as a starter for Sevilla in case he leaves Atleti, and we know Reyes isd one of those players that is not happy if he doesn’t play as a starter rather than being a sub, so his possible transfer to Sevilla doesn’t make too much sense to me, but let’s see in the next days what happens and hopefully Reyes doesn’t leave Atleti.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Also, I’m not so sure about Reyes return to Sevilla because Garcia Toral wants Gio dos Santos instead of Reyes, because Garcia Toral coached Gio at Racing de Santander where Gio had a wonderful season helping Racing to avoid relegation, it was perhaps Gio’s best season overall playing in Europe for a club team, and so, if Garcia Toral is keen in bringing Gio to Sevilla is sort of illogical to bring Reyes back if Garcia Toral who is the manager, doesn’t actually wants to bring Reyes preferring Gio Dos Santos instead, so perhaps there is a slight chance of Reyes staying with Atleti if obviously Gio dos Santos is indeed signed by Sevilla, hopefully Gio signs for Sevilla so that Reyes stays with Atleti.