Manzano pardoned

Atlético will reportedly wait until the Christmas break before making a decision

I'm still here motherfuckers! (

I'm still here motherfuckers! (

Following Sunday night’s epic collapse at the Cornellà-El Prat, Atlético were widely expected to dismiss beleaguered manager Gregorio Manzano.

The debacle in Barcelona came just days after a disastrous performance against Spanish minnows Albacete in Copa del Rey play.

“There are no excuses,” Manzano said in the post-game press conference.

The team remain without a single win in their league travels and are just four points clear of the relegation zone in the Primera División standings.

Spanish radio station COPE had reported before Sunday’s game that Manzano would be given the boot if Atleti were to lose against Espanyol.

In fact, the reports suggested sporting director José Luis Caminero has been combing the coaching market for the past three weeks in search of the former Sevilla man’s replacement.

But it looks like Atlético fans who woke up Monday morning hoping to read about Manzano’s sacking in the paper will have to wait until the New Year before the manager is given his marching orders.

According to AS, Caminero, Enrique Cerezo, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and youth academy director Carlos Aguilera had a meeting in which they determined that they would stick with their man until at least the Christmas break, despite a portion of the directive council of the club calling for the coach’s dismissal.

Therefore, ‘Goyo’ will be on the bench for our upcoming encounters against Rennes, Betis and Albacete.

The scenario for the Jaén-born tactician is a favourable one, as all three of those matches are at home.

The Vicente Calderón has been a fortress for los Colchoneros this season, as they have yet to fall to any visitor in the current campaign.

Other rumoured factors that led to what will obviously be considered an unfavourable decision among fed-up supporters is that potential substitutes are either tied down or awaiting other posts, as is the case with Rafa Benítez and Diego Simeone.

Also, it is said that the club are currently strapped for cash and simply cannot afford to let Manzano go.

  • Javi Lozoya

    “I’m still here motherfuckers!”, ja, ja!, LMFAO!, but seriously, HELL FUCKIN’ NO!, Manzano must go RIGHT NOW!

  • Ringo

    I think it’s good they’re not doing things to hasty, although a youth team coach might fit better with the squad.

    But it’s better than contracting the first available coach they see…

  • Veiko

    fire that idiot.

  • Javi Lozoya

    And those thieves know by the names Gil and Cerezo need to get their fuckin’ asses kick out of Atleti too, c’mon don’t keep being blindfolded, the real problem of Atleti is GIL AND NO ONE ELSE, we need to take a stand againts his dictatorship, I’m DEAD serious, needs to be taken down from his throne as the maximum authority of Atleti, or else we’re doomed to failure.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Look at Manzano’s face!, “I’m still here motherfuckers!”, is funny as fuck!, LMFAO Again!, that’s is some funny shit!, seriously this has made my day, “I’m still here motherfuckers!, ja, ja!.

  • Urban

    yeah the picture + comment own! hahaha!

  • Javi

    This can only be explained because we dont have anyone else to take his place.

  • osmanson

    Bernd Schuster FTW!

  • atletisrael

    The funny thing is that Manzano started giving excuses even before the season started. Said last time around he have done the best with what he had or somthing like that, blaming anyone but himself.

    Shame on you Manzano for being so arrogant, shame on us for beimg so naive.

  • Sebyk

    great comment on the picture, no great news though :/ anyway i hope he’ll be sacked anyway…

  • Javi

    Letter to Santa: Please pull us out of this misery, get us LUIS NOW

  • starvs

    I obviously want Manzano gone, because, well, who doesn’t. But I don’t mind them doing it right now because he is not going to be coaching any important games between now and Christmas. If that allows them to find a better coach I’m okay with it, but I doubt that will actually happen. And as Javi said, the next coach is a clear choice :/

  • Javi Lozoya

    The real problem of Atletico is Gil and no one else, face it guys, he appointed Manzano in the first place, obviously Manzano is the manager and alll the bad results and criticism point out him as the main responsible for the bad spell of the team, but I think that’s secondary, as everything that happens to Atleti is a vicious circle all thanks to Gil; bad results, bad signings, waste of money and time, bad planning, every year is the same thing, is true that we qualifies to Champions League twice, and won the Europa League and UEFA Supercup, but if you really think about it, only 2 titles in a span of over 20 years is really disappointing for a club with so much greatness like Atletico de Madrid, and it’s all because of Gil, also, remember that Atleti was relegated one time only in all its great history because of Gil and manager at that time Antic and the players, but mostly because of Gil.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Dani Pacheco, who is at Rayo Vallecano on loan from Atleti, played today about 81 minutes in the Copa del Rey match against Racing de Santander, interestedly enough Rayo were winning 2-1 until in the 81st minute, Dani Pacheco was substituted off for Nesta Susaeta, shortly afterward, in the 83th minute, Stuani scores an ties for Racing 2 minutes after Dani Pacheco was substituted interestedly enough again, and 6 minutes later, in the 89th minute Nahuelpan scores the game winner for Racing to make it 3-2, was it coincidence or destiny that after Dani Pacheco was substituted Racing ties the score and ultimately win the match?, who knows, but I guess next time Sandoval should just keep his line up intact and in case Dani Pacheco starts and plays a match, Sandoval might as well just let him finish the match.

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t think Pacheco adds a lot to the defensive part of the game, so unless he alone put Racing under too much pressure to set up a decent attack, I don’t think it would’ve mattered much.

  • falcao
    we don’t need old players
    i think Shaqiri is better,he could play much longer

  • falcao

    Funes Mori 20 years old,Ocampos Lucas 17 yeras old,
    keep eye on them

  • falcao

    from River Plate

  • I’d rather not see Shaqiri in Atletico. Just…no.
    Hahah but Manzano man come on, go somewhere:)

  • Ringo

    What’s wrong with Shaqiri? Is there something we need to know?

    Malouda’s linked to Atleti? That’d be a terrible move, in my opinion.

  • Ringo

    And falcao, why aren’t you applying for a scouting job? 😛

  • falcao

    sorry guys I’m booring with this I know,but this what i like,what can i do
    I love ATLETICO very much,i want only the the best

  • Shaqiri is Albanian. End of story, I’ll never ever like him no matter how much critics.

  • Ringo

    You dislike him just because he’s from a certain country? Sorry, but that’s enough for me to not take you seriously this time.

  • BoW

    shaqiri is great talent!! but whats wrong with albanian !!