La Liga: Espanyol 4 – 2 Atlético

Lacklustre performance by Atleti in match with horrible start

Romaric celebrates his goal (AS)

Romaric celebrates his goal (AS)

Atlético Madrid travelled but failed to turn up in another away match.

On Thursday night, the Colchoneros lost 4-2 to a vibrant Espanyol side, who capitalised on mistakes early on and were more aggressive over the course of the entire game.

Diego Godín, Thibaut Courtois and Arda Turan all returned to the starting line-up after sitting out suspension last week. The biggest surprise in Gregorio Manzano’s eleven was the omission of topscorer Adrián.

We assume Atleti had travelled to the capital of Cataluña with the best of intentions, but not for a second tonight showed the team the will to get their first away win of the season.

Courtois hit a poor kick in the 5th minute and Espanyol pounced immediately on the first weakness Atleti showed. Joan Verdú picked up the ball and scored from 30 meters out after the Belgian ‘keeper responded to the shot poorly.

Moments later Verdú was gifted a second goal. Again he picked up the ball in midfield and he was allowed to run forward without any Atléticos stepping up to challenge him. The Catalan finished his run with a powerful strike to double Espanyol’s lead.

Still Atleti hadn’t woken up and after yet more shambolic defending by the entire team we conceded a third. Nobody was there to stop Romaric on his rampant run, and the Ivorian slotted the ball past Courtois after setting up a one-two with Sergio García to make it 3-0.

After half an hour the Rojiblancos finally showed signs of recovery when they pulled one back, albeit with a bit of fortune. Eduardo Salvio’s cross was flicked on by Falcao with his shoulder and the unconventional way of heading was enough to beat ‘keeper Álvarez.

We almost instantly brought the gap down to one, but Mario Suárez’ header was tipped over the bar by the Espanyol captain.

With Falcao’s goal Atlético were provided a lifeline, but instead of picking themselves up and chasing another goal, the players continued their slump and ridiculed the club even further.

At the start of the second half our defenders rolled out the red carpet for Sergio García and the pony-tailed forward profited from the time and space he was given. He made his way through the penalty box to make it 4-1.

Thievy almost scored another, but Courtois was finally able to make a save and pushed the shot wide. He was also called to action when García and Thievy were allowed to make their way through the Atlético box.

Courtois was one of the few players able to improve his performance during the game, because a little later he made another stop from a header by Sergio García.

Arda Turan, Falcao and substitute Adrián worked tirelessly to make the most out of a match that had already been lost, and the Turk scored a great goal in the 82nd minute to make the score a little more bearable. It was Arda‘s first league goal for the club.

No more goals were scored as Espanyol won deservedly, 4-2.

On Thursday we host Rennes at home in the final round of Europa League group action. Coming off two horrible away defeats we can only hope the team improves their performance, but drastic changes will need to be made.

Line-up: Courtois; Perea, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Mario Suárez (“63 Assunção), Gabi, Arda (“84 Koke), Diego; Salvio (“46 Adrián) and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0 Verdú (“5); 2-0 Verdú (“7); 3-0 Romaric (“19); 3-1 Falcao (“32); 4-1 Sergio García (“54); 4-2 Arda Turan (“83)

  • Sinan

    To bad Arda’s goal didin’t helped the team… He played a great match.

  • Germany

    time to go manzano!

  • Javi Lozoya

    There goes our CL hopes, but seriously, we have no team no compete in Spain for a CL berth, our defense is a big joke, and our midfield as well, very, very poor performances from both the defense and the midfield, and since our midfield is so poor, we create create very few goalscoring chances in most games recently, but I don’t blame the players and coaches at all, the responsibles for the bad spell of the team are Gil and Cerezo, and no one else.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Offtopic, Ajax was disqualified unfairly, they got 2 legit goals disallowed, the Zagreb-Lyon was a fixed match, Ajax deserves to be in the knock out stages because they are a very competitive team, shame on Platini and UEFA.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Remember the name, Kyle Ebecilio, he is gonna become a World Class player,I have no doubt he will, I have SEEN him and he is pretty damn talented, and Tonny Trindade too, he is gonna become a World Class player just as Ebecilio.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Now more than ever, Gil cabrón fuera del Calderon!, if he remains still in charge of Atleti we’ll never progress again, we’re never gonna win any important titles, we definetely need to take a stand against Gil if we really love Atleti, Atleti has had enough of Gil’s dictatorship, think about it guys, Atleti is sinking every year because of Gil, not because of the managers, not because of the players, just because of Gil.

  • k14

    Honestly the goals was a result of weak defensive midfield, gabi was bad, but mario was indescribably horrible.
    how can ur team concede 4 goals and not commit any foul as a defensive midfielder.
    Todays game would have been completely different if Mario was included.

  • k14

    wasn’t *

  • Abi

    A ‘positive’ result!
    ciao Manzano

  • atletisrael

    Are you sure you want ro reboot your football club?
    F**k yes!

  • FF

    who talks about CL hope!! man stop dreaming we will finish in top 15!!! the best team not relegated!!!!

  • falcao

    what about gokhan tore??
    do you know anything about him??

  • falcao

    im sad because of reyes….we need him

  • falcao
  • falcao
  • falcao

    watch this please

  • ff

    we dont need talents player we need someone like essien or xabi alonso it will be enouuuugh!!

  • falcao

    i know … we need two very good CM, WE ONLY NEED THAT

  • Javi Lozoya

    I’ve seen Gökhan Töre and he is a very good player but we need a defensive/holding and box-to-box midfielder, because honestly, our midfield is very poor, and none of the players we have, (Gabi, Mario) are even good at destroying attacks in the center of the midfield, Assuncao is a good midfielder but he is getting old and doesn’t have enough stamina, and we definetely need a good DM or else we’re gonna suffer for that spot for the remaining of the season.

  • falcao

    gabi is good but mario is very poor
    Assunção is good he should play…but in any case we must buy one DM in january

  • falcao

    i believe in KOKE too,he is a great talent,he will be our base for a few years

  • falcao

    who would you like to see instead MANZANO on our bench……???

  • Javi Lozoya

    Frank de Boer or Van Gaal, they’re both good managers, they like to play Total Football, and they know how to work with young players, I’m pretty sure that the team will improve instantly with any of the as our manager, also, Luis Aragones would be a good option, because he has a strong character and he is the maximum idol and figure of Atleti, he would also improve the team and make it work in my opinion.

  • Javi Lozoya

    How about you Falcao?, which manager would you like to see in place of Manzano?

  • Heißenberg

    it’s best not to think who could or should be new manager, since Manzano will never leave.
    There was plenty of chances to do that but he is still here. We will win the games against Rennes and Betis and we will return to ‘normal’ . These will be one more shitty season…

  • ratchet

    I completely agreevwith you heissenberg. Sorry if my german is sligtly out, but i think that b-like sign is double s. Anyway, would gil ever go, just coz we ask him to?

  • Ringo

    I think Koke needs to be put (and given time for it) in a deep lying playmaking position, since he gives a lot of structure from there on. But the problem is his ‘partner’, a midfielder close to him who knows how to play a bit of football and who’s got some strength, a Yaya Toure kind of player, I guess. Perhaps Mario could grow into that role, but I’m not really sure.
    Gökhan Töre is not the solution this team needs, I guess. All Atleti’s attack needs from now on is a coach who divides their roles in a better way, bettering their combinations.
    You can’t say Arda, Diego, Salvio, Adrian and Falcao don’t know how to play some football.
    When you look at the team you can clearly see the midfield is the problem, the defenders are put under too much pressure, there is no dominance at all. The midfield is the area where control over the game is decided and momentarily Atleti fails to do so.
    With a strong, intelligent and structured midfield, there is less difference between home and away games, as well.

    When you look at games (for Spain and Atleti B) when in the right position, Koke shows he’s always free to pass to and he isn’t to eager to be the hero by only giving long balls forward. He’s, after some time, the player Atleti needs.
    So if they want to buy a guy, go for a big one.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Ringo, perhaps Capoue, Moussa and/or Mohamed Sissoko
    would be the rights guys to lead or midfield?, any of them are quite good, and seriously with Mario and/or Gabi our midfield is gonna still be very weak and poor.

  • Arjit

    Something hit me the other day, Gil and Cerezo will leave the club but it won’t be until they get that 250K euros or so that we will recieve for vicenete calderon when we move to our new stadium. Those mercenaries will be out as soon as the money comes. Also, there’s really not much wrong with our attack, but every single defender we have keeps launching the ball up the field for no reason. Even the “talented” filipe kept kicking and running yesterday. This is the fault of manzano and manzano only. He needs to instruct his defenders to look for options and get mario and gabi to play much deeper in midfield. Or what i would like to see personally, use assuncao to pressure anybody with the ball while gabi stays back behind him as our deep lying playmaker, like the old-school Gattuso-Pirlo combo.

  • falcao

    my suggestions are Hector Cuper,Radomir Antic,Aragones,Pantic

  • Ringo

    Arjit, with Koke + strong guy I meant about the same thing.
    But Koke instead of Gabi.
    Javi Lozoya, I haven’t seen much of them, but they seem to be fitting physically!

    I completely agree about Gabi having to play deeper, I saw that he was playing more like a RW than a central midfielder… That’s a mistake of Manzano’s by not pointing that out or not even seeing it, but it’s also Gabi’s, he should be disciplined enough by himself!

  • falcao

    do you know OSCAR from internacional porto alegre???
    he is a machine

  • falcao
    his worth is about 15mil.
    also we have Marvin Martin from Socheaux
    and of course Ian M’villa from Rennes

  • falcao

    there are also Casemiro and Lucas from Sao Paolo
    we have 1000000000 talented players on that position only we need some money

  • falcao


  • Javi Lozoya

    Marvin Martin is a machine too as well as M’vila, Martin is called the French “Xavi”, they’re fuckin’ great players, good eye Falcao, and Martin supposedly said that he is ready to leave Sochaux and he likes the Spanish league, so there’s a chance to sign him in the summer, and about M’Vila, there’s no doubt he is a great player, but I doubt that he even wants to play in Spain, I’m sure he wants to play in England with Arsenal, and that’s the best thing for his career.

  • falcao

    i’m really sad about Reyes,he is great player who we need…
    i hope he will not go

  • Javi Lozoya

    Ryan Boudebouz and Modibo Maïga both from Sochaux are great players too, keep and eye on ’em.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree about Lucas Moura, he is fucking beast!!!!!, he is from another planet, the Brazilian Messi, his style and movements are like Messi’s, no wonder why Lucas Moura has a 80M buyout clause, so I’m afraid we will never ever will get to see him at the Calderon, and that’s a shame because he really is a great player destined for greatness.

  • osmanson

    schuster could also work

  • falcao

    of course..

  • falcao
  • falcao
  • falcao

    we can buy players from Internacional Porto alegre
    we corporate with them
    they have some very good young players

  • falcao
  • falcao