Reyes move to Galatasaray reportedly all wrapped up

Gala make €6m offer for out-of-favour winger

Reyes scores the winning goal againstInter in the Super Cup (

Reyes scores the winning goal against
Inter in the Super Cup (

Both AS and El Mundo Deportivo reported Saturday that José Antonio Reyes is on his way to Galatasaray.

According to AS, the clubs are working out the last details, while EMD reports an agreement has been reached for €6 million.

The Turkish outfit made an approach last summer, but back then the Andalusian was declared “intransferible” by Rojiblanco officials.

The clubs were able to reach an agreement on the transfers of Tomas Ujfalusi and Arda Turan. Cim Bom could decide to waive part of the payment Atleti owe for the Turk in order to sweeten the Reyes-deal.

It’s important to note that 25 per cent of Reyes’ transfer rights are still owned by Benfica, who took the winger on loan during the 2008/09 season but weren’t willing to pay his €12m buy-out clause.

José, who scored an amazing free kick against Galatasaray during our successful Europa League run in 2010, recently fell out with Gregorio Manzano and can no longer count on the confidence of his manager.

A replacement has reportedly already been found, with Swiss youngster Xherdan Shaqiri rumoured to be a target for Atlético.

Reyes is one of the few remaining stars from our Europa League win from only 18 months ago. How would you feel about his departure?

  • Veiko

    Wtf ??? Reyes is still useful for us, what are they thinking?
    They sell Reyes now and few weeks later Manzano may be on his way out. So , eventually weve lost a good player because of manager who has problems with him.
    Get rid of Goyo !!!!

  • Andres

    This is madness

  • Sebyk

    WTF?! This must be a joke! :X
    How the f*ck is possible that the bunch of idiots who calls themselves Atlético management rate Manzano higher than Reyes? And 6 millions? Reyes’s price is at least twice or three times higher. No, this is just not happening…

  • palc

    I don’t like this.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Look at the bright side guys, if Reyes leaves the dressing room is gonna be more peaceful and the group is gonna grown even stronger, don’t forget it was Reyes fault that Forlan left the club in a not so nice way, also Reyes, pushed Forlan away from the group, anyways, if Reyes goes away that means more minutes for Salvio and the canteranos.
    And about Galatasaray, there’s no may Gala would pay the 20 million for Reyes buyout clause, no one would do it, remember that Forlan went to Inter for a fee of 5 million shortly after winning the Copa America, so don’t be so surprised Reyes is leaving Atleti for 6M.

  • Lubo

    I don’t want to insult you Javi Lozoya, but fuck off with that. Reyes is still the most talented winger in this fuckin team. And literally getting rid of him is also quite a signal for the whole world how we treat our best players. Now tell the fuck to me, who extraordinary left in this fuckin squad? Arda? Always-injured-not-even-spanish-speaking guy? Or Diego? I think everybody knows that he will be sold elsewhere after ending his Atleti adventure. Every star is sold under their value and this fuckin staff is just laughing at fans getting angered. Fuck Salvio, fuck canteranos. Anyhow we want there not enough quality in our B team. Let’s face it. So selling our best players is right way to the top.

  • Derek Maaijen

    I doubt that this was a direct order from El Goyo. Manzano most likely is only going to be here one year and is not the one in charge of transfers. Atlético have become a trading company, only looking to sell players as soon as possible.

  • Lubo

    And don’t even start with Falcao, he’s terrible. Worse thing is that we paid a real big fuckin bucks for that loser who cannot link up with others. Fuckin Adrian is better striker for spanish league than the toothless tigre.

  • Javi Lozoya

    C’mon Lubo you know better, Atleti always sell it’s best players to the highest bidder, it’s always been like that, Hugo Sanchez, Fernando Torres, Maxi Rodriguez, Martin Petrov, Simao, and most recently, De Gea, Kun Aguero and Forlan, it’s always been like that, the Gil’s family priority is to earn the most money no matter what, I know that Gil father at least during his tenure made Atletico a driving force in Spain but he liked money as well, and Gil son is an incompetent that doesn’t know how to run a great club as Atleti, and until he gives up his throne as the Atleti main boss, were not gonna progress that much as we the fans would like and deserve to.

  • Lubo

    Yep, I know. And that’s why my powerless anger. I mean, everybody knows football is just about the money today. And that’s why I also doubt that our management doesn’t want the money. It’s simple! Playing the Champions League = more money! I’m sorry, I don’t wanted to be rude or stupid, I’m just throwing my arms around of anger.
    I think the time has come for “the comment of the year” from last season.

  • DJ

    Can we copy Valencia and build a competitive team after selling our best player, they have brought the likes of Tino costa, Topal etc when no one new about them. what can we do

  • Javi Lozoya

    And no one questions Reyes talent and yeah, probably he is the most talented player on the squad, also he was a vital player when we won the Europa League and Supercup, and although I will always remember him for that and because he is world class player,but he is also very idividualist player, and football is a team effort, moreover Reyes sort of always acts like a 12 year old, he fights with other players and he messes with refs a lot, I remember when he was sent off one time because a player hit him and he hit him back, he acts like a child, he insults his coach, and not only Manzano, remember he criticized Abel Resino even after he left Atleti, and that, is something that must not be tolerated, so as you can see it’ not just the Manzano issue it’s gonna be sad if he leaves but that’s how Atleti rolls, and as I said ,look at the bright side, if Reyes leaves that must mean that Shaqiri is coming for sure, and Shaqiri is a great player, he is very good and talented as Reyes, therefore he is gonna be the perfect replacement for Reyes, a great player like Reyes is going away but in the end we’re gonna get an outstanding player like Shaqiri, so we are not really changing anything, we’re just rejuvenating our squad.

  • Javi Lozoya

    I agree that playing Champions League means more earnings that Europa League, but it is difficult to get into the Champions League and know with hedgemony and dirspecful amounts of Barca and Madrid earn, it gets even more difficult for team in Spain, we also have to remember that in almost 15 years we have just qualified to CL twice, mostly because of Gil’s poor management, and since it’s gettting more difficult every time to get to CL, Gil has decided to go out for the easy money, and that’s by selling almost always our best players. So we should really consider a way of protest againts Gil mananagement and taking him out of the throne or we will never win any important trophies as we used to.

  • Croatia Atletista

    Maxi Rodriguez,Simao,Uljfa,Forlan,Aguero…now Reyes
    HERE WE DRAW THE LINE!!!!!!!!!

  • Ringo

    Perhaps Reyes has the most talent, but I don’t think it’s terrible for the future of the club, Salvio and Shaqiri (if he’s as talented as shown in the youtube video)
    However, only 6 million? I wonder how much the club owes Gala, because it looks like a small amount.
    I know they didn’t get a lot for Forlan, but his situation was worse than Reyes’ right now. I think 12-15 million should be possible.
    Luckily Salvio is growing game by game, so I won’t miss Reyes on the playing field (although he is the kind of player who could be used as super-sub in this team).
    Salvio needs to work on his effectiveness, so Reyes won’t be missed. Perhaps competition from Shaqiri would do both of them well.

    Well, goodbye Reyes, if this is true.
    I don’t know if I’ll really miss you, but you sure had skills!

  • Mais

    silver lining: hes not going to sevilla!

  • Gert Jacobs

    6 million is ridiculous !!

  • Ringo

    By the way, can’t they include Tiago in the package? He’s just in the way of better CMs because of his name.

  • k14

    If atleti get over 10mil, then sell asap 😉

  • 7th

    if he is to go, who will take NO.10 from him.

  • Sebyk

    @Javi Lozoya: Yeah, our best players leave. But think about where and for what price they left, we received a decent sum of money for Kun, Torres or De Gea and they desired to show their talents at a bigger stage (and they did).
    Then there is the second group of players – Maxi, Simao, Reyes, Forlan. Our star players that should have never left the club and if you think about it, none of them really wanted to. It is our fucking management which forced them to. Moreover deeply under their price! The bunch of idiots just want to ruin the club and everything it represented. I will never understand how these bellends could give a chance to Manzano, but not to Reyes. How the hell they rate the incompetent manager higher? And 6 millions must be a joke!!! I would understand if Reyes left to Inter for 15 milions, but fucking Turkey? Fuck this really!
    Honestly, Shaqiri might be talented, but he is apparently even bigger brat then Reyes. And what do you judge his qualities on? Youtube videos? C’mon… Also the step between the Swiss league and the Spanish one is quite a big one, it’ll take him time to adapt. Can we allow to lose more time letting our players adapt, when our rivals are getting away from us and our manager is obviously incompetent? Manzano is gonna get sacked until the end of January anyway…
    Do you really think that Salvio can fully replace Reyes? I am still very unsure about Toto, he doesn’t seem to have the required quality…
    And which canteranos do you mean? To be honest, I would say that maybe Sergio Marcos and Saúl have what it takes to break into the first team in future, the rest of this generation is pretty weak…
    @Lubo: Same here…

  • Javi Lozoya

    I guess some of us are forgetting how unfair was Forlan treated by Reyes and Quique, and Reyes not a single ball for the blonde campaign, that’s talks of how respectful is Reyes of his teammates.

  • Javi Lozoya

    “Judging Shaqiri because of youtube?”, nah, I’ve saw him againts England and in Champions League, and I think that’s quite enough, personally I prefer his teammate Fabien Frei be cause he is a natural right winger but Shaqi is good enough to replace Reyes, and about him being “a brat just like Reyes”, well, Reyes is a 28 year old acting like a kid who’s 12, and Shaqiri is 19, and that’s a huge difference, also, I don’t think Shaqi is a “spoiled brat”, and if it takes him time to adapt, that’s quite understandable as we been losing even more time waiting for Gil to relinquish his duties, so I think we can wait for Shaqiri whatever it takes him for be adapted into Atleti.
    About Salvio replacing Reyes, “Toto” certainly has the qualities to do so, he just needs to be more confident.
    And the canteranos they’re all over you; Iago, Manquillo, Javi Cantero, Michel, Kader, Sergio Marcos, Cidoncha, Fer, Saul, Pedro Martin, N’doye, Collado, Oliver, Pulido, Koke, these guys defibately have the talent to suceed in the future in my opinion, and I’ll believe it so.

  • palc

    I dont buy the “we are a selling club and our best players will utlimately leave” thing. Atletico is a club with high ambitions. Why did we pay 40 mill € for Falcao then?. Torres left for a reason, Maxi, Petrov, Forlan and Aguero all left for their reasons of their own too. Our best players left because Atleti couldnt fulfill their ambitions. Whilst the others was sold because they were getting old and poorer. De Gea is a special case. We actively tried to sell him and we valued the 20mill € more than we valued him. Which is good business as I think Courtois is a better keeper and 20mill€ is a helluva lot money for a GK.

  • Javi Lozoya

    We payed 40M for Falcao only because his agent is Jorge Mendes.

  • Lubo

    I still doubt that we actually paid that much. For me, it’s just a hype made by Mendes, who actually wanted to overvaluate the player and, we paid maybe 15 mil to Porto and now I bet Shaqiri, Toto, Arda or whoever else will go there as a fuckin compensation. Oh and a very special thing about the deal is that fucker Micael. WE ARE A SELLING CLUB. What is worse, we are the fuckin Mendes’ puppets ruled by fuckin mafia and having Caminero (who’s fingers and nose probably too are stuck in coke) is just a proof.
    And palc, you’re right. Selling De Gea was special. Special in a way how we treat also our home-growns. He wanted to stay, but those monkeys in our management are actually taking a shit on our heads, caring just how to fill their pockets. Easy money, right? I don’t actually know why I’m pissed off so much. Everybody knows it’s that way. But now the reality hit me fuckin hard. But do you really think Courtois is better keeper than De Gea? Well, he might be (imho, he’s one fuckin class below De Gea), BUT HE IS NOT OURS! And face it, he will never be. Why? Because he’s not even thinking about staying here? Why would he? Coach is a joke (not-jokes-coaches decided rather not to step into this horseshit), his assistants are jokes, sporting director joke, managing board cannot be even called “jokes”, because no one is even smiling at them. Oh and I forgot Mr. President, the worst joke ever.
    But I forgot one very bad joke. The squad. There is actually just one fuckin player who deserves to wear these colors. Wait what colors? The colors of red-white fail. Now press CTRL+T and the tab will be full of fucks I give to this shit in rojiblanco. I’m done.

  • atletisrael

    Just take a look at the squad that won our last title, it was a couple of years ago. Only player still actively playing is Alvaro, and he wasn’t even first pick in that squad. Anyone else was either sold or a replacement was found for him (the only good one is Felipe)

    I agree that Aguero had to go, De-gea as well (and yeah he is better than Courtious), they are too tallented for our shitty situation. Forlan should have stayed, Maxi as well. I personally think that Ujfa and Raul Garcia as well but that is just me.

    Let Reyes go I say, he should have left a while ago, but don’t pretend this is a policy, not even a marketing way of running a club. The team is crumbling, end of story. We have to start over, the name Atleti is worth better

  • Edletico

    Well he started and it doesn’t look like he wants to leave

  • dgsozkan

    Maybe he is the most talented player in our squad but we have to admit that Reyes becomes a troublemaker sometimes. Comparing to Torres,Maxi,Kun or De Gea , Reyes’s lost is nothing I believe. Also I don’t think that Reyes is irreplaceable.We have quite good players to cover him if he leave. Besides, if it was just because of Manzano , I would strongly against to idea of selling him but I don’t think it’s relevant. We need a competitive team not a selfish star. However , 6 M is too low for Reyes. If we let him go for that fee , it would be stupid. But again, I’ve devestated when Kun and De Gea left , and also Torres and Maxi back in time , but Reyes’ leave won’t make me sad that much. But, it is a fact that we have to find some talented players and keep them . Otherwise, we would nothing but an ordinary team.

    By the way , we should get rid of Mendes immediately.

  • Sergen

    Galatasaray got a super squad. Milan Baros, Elmander, Felipe Melo, Emannuel Eboue, Reira, Ufjalusi, Muslera and now Reyes.

  • Ringo Schut

    So, Luis Enrique might be available soon, I think Atleti’s squad fits him better than Roma’s.
    I’d go for him…

  • 7th

    Ringo schut, yea, I really think we should go for him, feilpe luis and silivio will fit with his tactics. he is really good with youngsters,

    to let you know, he plays with this formation,

    2-1 4-1-2

    roma plays a good football with him, but bad luck are always with them,

    today, they got three players (juan,Gago,bojan) red-carded.

  • Ringo Schut

    Yeah, I’ve heard, do you think that 3-4-3-ish (italian? Napoli uses a similar one, i know) tactic would fit Atleti.

    By the way, in a Dutch article it’s mentioned he thinks the players don’t believe in him anymore, or something, if it’s just bad luck, do you think that’s true?
    Keep in mind, though, Dutch footballjournalism is truly terrible.

  • Sinan

    It’s just shocking that people think 6 milion is low for Reyes, do you guys even know that he’s almost 31 ? A few more years and he’s done.. Sigh !

    But the again GS is a crazy club that loves to sign in old veterans, they prefer 30+ then their own youngsters.

  • Sinan

    @ Lubo

    >Arda? Always-injured-not-even-spanish-speaking guy?<

    The guy just arrived at Madrid, what do you expect ? Learn spanish in such a short period of time ? He's doing his best.

    Arda Injured ? Arda has a incredible stamina, and doesn't gets injured so quickly. Can't even remember the last time he hot injured.

  • dgsozkan

    @sinan, dude you gotta be kidding. I agree with you about spanish issue but he has great stamina and you don’t remember his last injury? Are you serious? All of the last season he suffered from injury. He is talented for sure but his stamina is terrible. Everybody knows that. Even GS fans protest against him because he wasn’t with the team when Galatasaray suffers from bad form. It doesn’t a fair protest anyway he was just injury but it doesn’t change the fact that he has bad stamina.

    I wish dutch magazines are true. Luis would be good for us. At least he knows how to use youngsters and he has good football style. All the magazines in the world creates fanciful rumors about sports we all know that. However , there is a turkish saying suggests that even the broken clock shows the right time twice a day.Maybe these rumors about Luis are true. I honestly hope it’s true. This time we should do whatever it takes to get him to Vicente Calderon. This squad and fans deserve a coach like him.

  • palc

    @ Andres



  • Dave

    Personally i’m glad we offloaded him. Galatasaray will feel cheated though. They lost arda for peanuts and in his place got a shitty player for to high a cost.

  • Ringo

    Well, he’s not a shitty player, he just lacks some parts of his brain or just ignores them 🙂
    If Gala doesn’t care about overall team play, they won’t be hurt by this signing.

  • Urban

    This one is kinda strange… I guess xerdan is coming in if this is true and we basically make a swap deal.

    Guess reyes is more talented but he surely is a cause for problems in the dressing room (first forlan, now manzano) and I guess the board have had enough.

    They want to bet on younger players. IMHO we would be going from griezmann if we havnt promised last summer we will wait at least a year, so Kaminero found Shaqiri (or whats his last name).

    Its a shame, I really like la perla!

  • Ringo

    Like him or not, I think, if you look at the whole picture, that Atleti is better off without Reyes. Any price is fine, but I have the feeling they can get more out of it.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Rumor says Chelsea wants to buy Eduardo Vargas and then loan him to Atleti, while it’s only rumor, I say Atleti should buy him rather than have him on loan from Chelsea. Vargas is a fucking great player, I’ve seen with U. de Chile and he is gonna become world class, he is also the goalscorer of Copa Sudamericana and I’m sure his team (U de Chile) is gonna win it.

  • Javi

    By the way, these same Turkish fellows also said Reyes was theirs last summer…lets see what happens.