Europa League: Celtic 0 – 1 Atlético

Arda wonder goal takes us into the next round

Diego congratulates Arda Turan (AS)

Diego congratulates Arda Turan (AS)

Atlético secured their qualification to the knockout stages of the Europa League this evening, winning 1-0 in Glasgow against a tough Celtic side.

Arda Turan’s spectacular first goal in red and white was enough to ensure victory for Gregorio Manzano’s team, for whom the win was their first away from home in over three months.

Los Colchoneros made a bright start to the game, and should have taken the lead in the first minute through Eduardo Salvio. Arda’s inviting cross was knocked down by Godín, but the Argentine inexplicably missed his header from inside the six yard box.

Celtic quickly found their way into the match, and would have perhaps taken the lead themselves if not for Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian stopper twice denied Samaras from close range.  The Greek saw a dangerous cross cleared off of the line soon after by Filipe Luís.

Later on another chance fell to Salvio. The youngster linked up well with Gabi and Arda but was prevented by a strong Joe Ledley block.

However, the away side were not to be denied, and from the resulting corner they did take the lead thanks to Arda Turan. Daniel Majstorović’s clearance fell to the Turk, who promptly rifled in his first goal for the club from fully 25 yards out.

Goalkeeper Frazer Forster managed to get a hand to the strike, but will be disappointed with captain Beram Kayal who looked to duck out the way of the shot.

Salvio was presented yet another opening before the end of the half, but fired high and wide after the ball bounced awkwardly.

Manzano’s team stood firm and managed to resist a number of Hoops attacks, and went into the break with their lead intact.

Nine minutes into the second period, Salvio again came close. This time his chance was not so gilt-edged, with the right-winger firing the ball dangerously across the goal line.

The fans inside Parkhead roared their team on and will feel aggrieved not to have found the net on the hour when Gary Hooper was ruled offside. The half-time substitute looked to be level as he hooked the ball into the net, but the referee’s assistant thought otherwise.

Minutes earlier, Courtois had done well to tip Ki’s curling free-kick over the crossbar.

Midway through the half, Adrián was replaced by the returning Radamel Falcao, and the Colombian’s first contribution should have been to win his team a penalty. His touch was clearly handled inside the box by Majstorović, but again play continued.

Diego then went close to finding a second goal, when his free-kick was pushed onto the crossbar by Forster. The Celtic ‘keeper made another fine save later on to deny the completely-out-of-luck Salvio.

The one sour note of the night for Atlético was an injury sustained by Arda Turan. The match winner had to limp off on 79 minutes after taking a knock.

His replacement Juanfran had an opportunity to secure the game late on, but Forster did well to save from the former Osasuna man.

The Glasgow side pushed until the dying minutes for an equaliser, but the defence stood strong, with Diego Godín particularly impressing after his nightmare in the Bernabéu on Saturday.

Coming off the back of such a demoralising derby defeat, the away win should provide great confidence and a platform to build on. We can now welcome Rennes to the Calderón in December knowing that anything but a defeat will see us top the group.

Line-up: Courtois; Perea, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Mario, Gabi (“90 Assunção), Diego; Salvio, Arda (“79 Juanfran), Adrián (“67 Falcao).

Goals: 0-1 Arda (“30).

  • Amazing goal by Arda Turan! Celtic were tough as hell though! :O

  • Sinan

    Will Atleti come in a group again ? Or will it be knock-out

    Nice goal by Arda btw.

  • Javi

    Arda was all over the place, man of the match. Diego played well also, as did Courtouis, Felipe, Godin and Perea. Mario was awful, walking during attacks and many bad passes. Why was Koke not in there in Mario’s place, or Assuncao from the get go? Salvio had many, many opportunities and wasted them all. Gabi was kind of invisible.
    But overall we got the job done and this should help morale going forward.
    Time to free Koke.

  • Javi Lozoya

    This is nice!, now that we’re already qualified, we can line up our subs and reserves for next match, I would like to see Joel, Pulido, Koke, Fer, Collado, Cidoncha, Sergio Marcos, Kader, and Pedro Martin making their respective debuts, in the case of Joel and Koke, they have rarely played this season, so perhaps they can start againts Rennes and/or Albacete, I have a slight hope to see any of these guys plus the B players whether is it againts Rennes or/and Albacete, but if they play or not that depends solely on Manzano.

  • Arda was deserving his first goal for Atleti. Glad it was a beautiful one 🙂

  • Javi Lozoya

    And I forgot about Alberto Noguera, Cesar Ortiz, Paco Regalón and Iago, I would like to see these guys too featuring againts Rennes &/or Albacete.

  • F


  • Javi Lozoya

    F, not exactly, we defeated Stromgodset and Vitoria Guimaraes at their home grounds.

  • A


  • Javi Lozoya

    Yeah I know, but I thought you meant that this was our first away victory and literally it isn’t.

  • FF

    yeah!! but now we need those wins in la liga ayaw games cause i think that very important to improve in table!!
    what do u think about an man city of kun – atletico in 1/16 or 1/8!!!

  • Javi Lozoya

    Agree FF, we need to improve in the table in Spain because were a big club.
    About facing Man City and Kun in the 1/16 or 1/8 round I think it would be great if that happens, and honestly I still miss “Kun” a lot, he was a fucking great player 1000,000 times greater than Falcao that’s for sure, and it is because of him that I became an Atletico fan, I remember when he was 19, with his long hair, he looked so cool, I liked to listened to his cumbia songs, “Kun” Aguero Papa!, I remember him and Forlan also kicking Barcelona’s ass, unfortunately, we all know are gonna remember him because how he left Atleti and his words, although like it or not, for better or worse, he is gonna be in the Atleti records and history, and he’ll never be erased from the history of Atletico

  • Javi Lozoya

    Sergio “Kun” Aguero 12 goals 4 assists in 17 games with Manchester City, Falcao 9 goals who the hell knows how many assists in 14 matches, I still prefer “Kun” 2 billion times better.

  • AtletienPhila

    I don’t mean to rain on this parade, but I am still not thrilled with the victory.

    Atleti managed to score one goal against an inferior team. Furthermore, the lone goal was a long shot, which clearly involves a mix of luck and skill.

  • Sinan

    @ Javi

    Kun is a good player.. But imo he’s getting a little bit overrated. And yes 12 goals in 17 games is a nice stat.. But it isn’t that hard if you have players like Silva and Nasri at you’re side.. Any random striker could progres the same as Kun did, when you great players next to you.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Probably, but about Nasri, he only plays good when he feels like it, and Silva, yes, Manchester City are the current EPL leaders and probably are gonna win mostly because of David Silva’s assists, and also because of Yaya Toure, and changing the subject, if we face City in the knock out stages they’ll probably send us to oblivion, although I’m really optimistic that we can advance pretty furher into the Europa League, I don’t wanna say that we can win because it seems pretty difficult but I think we can at least make it into the quarters finals, depending on the match againts Rennes, if Manzano plays with subs we might have a look at the sub players and see if we can rely on the if the starters are not fit, so hopefully Manzano plays with a mix of players againts Rennes, and see which players can step up and be considered for future matches.

  • Sinan

    Well ther’s a major diffrence between City in EL/CL and in the premier league. They don’t have the experience outside their own league.

    And even if they manage to cross City, then i would say a win for A.Madrid.

  • Javi Lozoya

    Well, I say City does has experience, they are playing Champions League and last season they played the Europa League, they didn’t manage to advance to the semifinals but they certainly have experience.
    And if we (Atleti) cross paths with City, I dislike to say it but they are gonna defeat us no matter what, probably not by a large margain but they still are a better team individually and collectivelly, Aguero, Balotelli , Adam Johnson and Dzeko are good finishers, and if Silva and Yaya Toure are able to combine themselves they can be a deadly duo, also, their side backs, Kolarov, Clichy, Zabaleta are world-class players, overall all of City players can win matches on their own, and as I said, there’s no way we can possibly defeat City if we face them latter in the Europa League.

  • Hi there guys,i saw the match for you know who and he didnt disappoint me(but he did disappoint against Real).Atleti played well and passed it beautifully at times,especially Diego.Manzano has got a lot of stick but you are slowly moving in the right direction now.I hope and pray that we dont face you guys in the Europa League.and get on the right track ourselves as well soon.FORCA Atleti and Blues!

  • Davide

    Celtic is a crap team, still not impressed at all. Celtic not scoring was due to good last second blocks. They came though on goal to many times. Manzano is also holding back some seriously talented young players. Dominguez and Koke should be playing every single game. Manquillo should be getting some cameos in CdR etc, seeing as we are short of fullbacks. Manzano is desperatley trying to save his own as by not rotating the squad with our talented youngsters and only playing same senior players over and over again. Fatigue Is going to backfire so hard after x-mas that Manzano won’t know what hit him.

  • dgsozkan

    Agree with Davide. Manzano is the kind of coach I hate. He doesn’t care about club’s future. we have some talented youngsters , there is no logical reason to explain why he doesn’t use them. I will say what I’ve been saying since he came to club ; ” Atleti should get rid of him” It’s obvious that we need backup for fullbacks. Why he doesn’t give a shot to Manquillo? Why doesn’t Koke take enough minutes? Is there any reasonable answers ? If it is I would admit that I’m wrong about him, otherwise he doesn’t fit the coach profile we need.

  • Lubo

    Manzano is a coward and a piece of shit. He doesn’t deserve to manage team like we are. That is only reasonable answer. I remember that he was just the 3rd choice for manager position. If Caparros and Enrique reject us, they must know something we don’t. And that is also why we never will get a good coach.

  • antoine


  • palc

    The reason why Manzano doesntuse our canteras is because they are notgood enough. In this stage it is far more important to win games rather than giving young lads first team action. This goes for Koke too.

  • Davide


    And we have been winning how games now again…?

  • Javi Lozoya

    We have a great cantera, it’s just that I’ve been saying this in countless times, that Manzano is not the kind of manager that likes to grant young players many opportunities to play. I think that Koke, Pulido and Joel are good enough to be starters, with Godin’s poor performances I think Pulido deserves a shot at the center-back pairing Alvaro Dominguez, and Koke, we all know what he is capable of, and I think he should join Assuncao at the center of the midfield, that way we’re gonna have a more dynamic midfield and also, Diego is gonna find a partner in Koke, and therefore they’re gonna create more goalscoring chances for Adrian and Falcao, but again, that depends solely on stubborn Manzano, whose tactical decisions are very odd, but in the end, that’s Gil and Cerezo’s fault because they appointed Manzano as our head coach.

  • DavidSF

    I agree with Davide- As much as I want to admit- our canteneros are simply not good enough yet to start. We start young players (Courtois, Salvio, Silvio etc)…
    In addition, they can’t get cameos because we simply haven’t shut out teams to allow them a run late in the game.

    Nonetheless, I think atleti can become a real threat when we get silvio back and find a right sided midfielder that can defend when Silvio gets up to attack (much like arda and filipe are combining at the moment.

    Only then will Atleti become a threat with keeping defenses off balance. This will just open up avenues for Diego through the middle and vice versa.
    I know for a fact Reyes can’t play this role (I think that’s why he’s been benched) and I’m not sold on Salvio with his lack of sharpness in front of goal.

    If you look at Real and Barca, they’ve got great wide players at the full back position and midfield positions that cover. (Look at Lass at Right Back)= Real didn’t do much Perea should only start at RB when playing a world class team with pacy attackers like Ronaldo, Messi, etc.

  • cocke

    under every topic koke koke koke free koke free koke u guyz better open =) and i agree koke has to take more minutes. cheers for arda’s first goal it was a good 1 and hope he scores his next goal in home game.

  • Gert Jacobs

    I was at the game in Glasgow. When Arda got injured, Juanfran, Reyes and another player (Koke or Dominguez) were warming up close to where we stood. The coach who was warming the players got the call to send on of the players to the bench to come in for Arda. That was Juanfran. We were all surprised Reyes didn’t get the call and so was Reyes himself. He looked very dissapointed and was upset with the coach. He really wanted to play. He applauded when we chanted his name, but that didn’t change the situation of course.

    Are Manzano and Reyes having a tough time after all?


  • Ringo Schut

    Pulido misses rhythm and a lot of experience, so he can’t start right away. Loaning out seems best for now. Koke misses the rhythm as well, but he is already the right quality to begin an Atleti game next to Mario or Gabi and against some opponents next to Paulo.
    Atleti needs more structure in the midfield area and I think Koke could give that when given the chance.

    I believe in Salvio, I just think he needs a goal right now to get in better form, I know he has better finishing in him.

  • palc


    We would be crushed if we startet with several inexperienced canteras. I think we should focus on getting good results first in a regular basis, then we can experiment with the inexperienced 🙂 I think this is what Manzano is thinking. But I agree that Koke is getting ignored. He is good enough. Far batter than Tiago.

  • FancyFartPants

    arda more attackin role please, no defend role .. only energy in attack, he will crush some asses

  • Ringo Schut

    I don’t know, I like the Arda I’m seeing right now, he’s useful in so many ways! His partnering with Filipe is pretty much amazing.

  • jd

    does anyone think we are going to catch Valencia in 3rd.
    or are they simply much better or more consistent than we are?

  • Derek Maaijen

    Even before the start of the season I think Valencia were clear favorites to win “the other league”. Like last season they will finish a way behind Barça and Real, but far ahead of the number four. It’s up to Atleti, Athletic, Sevilla and Málaga to grab that 4th spot.

  • Ringo Schut

    I think Atleti has a very competitive squad for 3rd place, but new players, system and the team has come to see if the right coach is in front of the team.
    Can he improve the players both individually and collectively? I don’t think he has too much time to show his positive sides, a lot of fans are against him already and I’m losing faith as well.
    If we ever want to see Atleti fighting for the big prizes again, everything needs to go perfectly for a while.