Courtois: “I don’t think it should’ve been a red card”

The Belgian goalkeeper disagreed with referee Mateu Lahoz's harsh decision

Courtois shown red by referee Mateu Lahoz (AS)

Courtois shown red by referee Mateu Lahoz (AS)

Atlético Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, on loan from Chelsea, had a forgettable Madrid derby debut having been sent off after just 20 minutes of play at the Bernabéu Saturday.

“The match changed when we ended up 10 against 11,” the 19-year-old told Atleti’s official site after the 4-1 loss.

“For Real it was easier with the 1-1 and an extra man. In the second half, they were able to score three more goals against us. In derbies, one of the teams can always end up at a disadvantage, but I don’t understand how he could send off Godín and me.

“I don’t know if they should’ve been reds, but they are the referee’s decisions. I’m disappointed because we started the match off well, with 20 very good minutes.”

The 2010/11 Belgian Goalkeeper of the Year felt that los Rojiblancos had a fighting chance to take home some points had he remained in the game.

“If I had not been dismissed by the referee we could’ve won here or at least tied because we played well, with aggressiveness,” he said.

“I personally don’t think it should’ve been a red card.”

Courtois’ teammate and backup Sergio Asenjo, who on Saturday made his first official appearance with Atleti since May of 2010, felt Lahoz acted rashly.

The referee “pulled out the red card too fast. He should’ve thought about it a little more because you can’t ruin a match in tenths of a second,” Sergio said.

“With the 1-0 in the Bernabéu and the team playing at a high level, the dismissal arrives and our work goes to the garbage. We have to take a positive lesson from the team’s incredible level during the first 20 minutes. Later, it got very difficult with the numerical disadvantage.”

Asenjo continued: “The effort and work of the team on the pitch was flawless. If we go to every stadium with this work rate and aggressiveness, we are certain to net many points. The team has shown that when we have desire and we run and fight, we are difficult to beat.”

The 22-year-old was pleased to finally be able to put his latest recovery from a knee injury behind him.

“I felt good,” Asenjo said.

“On the one hand, I’m happy for having done everything it took to be able to forget this bad patch in my career. From the bad, we take a positive note. From now on, I will take on everything that comes along in a different way.

“I see myself capable of being in goal.”

  • Ringo Schut

    Besides the di Maria goal, Asenjo had a fine game.
    Sadly though, I think the red cards were right decisions by the ref…
    Too bad these things happened, I think Atletico made Real play poorer than usual, especially Perea, he is a perfect marksman for Ronaldo!

  • 7th

    yeah, i agree with u, courtois.
    if we play like this without being rough at first, we could have won lots of points.

    we could even have beaten barcelona at least.

  • Well anyhow the ref was hating, and Godin was surprisingly horrible! But anyways, aupa atleti!

  • 7th

    well he just came back from his injury. that is why he was horrible

  • Javi Lozoya

    I respect Godin because of his trajectory and accomplishments with Uruguay and Villarreal, but his performances with Atleti have left much to be desired, and he has been inconsistent since last season, I don’t know if his underperformances are because of his injuries, I think not, because with Uruguay he seems a confident player and when he plays for Atleti he makes more childish mistakes than Perea, the truth is, that the club can’t deal with Godin being so inconsistent, and if he doesn’t recover his best level then I’m afraid he needs to leave, and if Chelsea still want him (which I highly doubt) then the club should sell him instantly and buy a much more consistent player.

  • Urban

    The penalty was blatant. TC made a horrible mistake, he should have let Benzema go on goal. However, I belive he can be excused due to his age, he surely really wanted to save the situation and he misjudged it.

    Godin was way worse and he cant be excused by lack of experience. I remember godin when he played his first games in our shirt in September 2010 – he was just amazing then. I have no idea what happened to him – my sole explanation is the atletico curse that gets even the best defenders after they join us.

  • atletisrael

    I disagree. Godin, talented as he is, has been doing mistakes from his first games in Atletico.
    Most players on his calibre is LEARNING from mistakes, adjusting, but it looks like he is going backwards (Alvaro was doing lots of mistakes under QSF but look at him now… Even Miranda is starting to look consistent)

    And about the Uruguayan team, he wasn’t even playing last Copa and his team didn’t seem like they miss him much…

  • Chalet

    @ atletisrael:

    No offense – but every time you are commenting about Godín it sounds to me as if you just couldn´t stand the guy.

    It´s true that he couldn´t play most games of the Copa América – first he caught a bad cold and then he got injured.

    But in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers recently Godín was excellent for La Celeste – especially in the game against Bolivia.
    And despite Seba Coates getting his award at the Copa América Godín for now will always be ahead of him as a starter.

  • GS Fan 1905

    Everything aside.

    Asenjo should be in net. Period!

    Why? Because he is still young and he is Atleti’s very own. When did Atletico Madrid become the training ground for Chelsea? Atleti does not need Courtois!! Asenjo is more than good enough.

    As good as Diego is, if Atleti are not planing on making him a permanent player then ship him back and get Koke out there!!

    I’m all for bringing up the youngsters and building for the future. Frankly, the future is looking kind of bleak at the moment and Atleti would do well to nurture their own for the future.

    Let’s be realistic about this season and look to the future. It’s quite clear that these bandaid solutions aren’t working out so good.

    Lastly. Manzano, go retire or something!! Por favor!!

  • atletisrael

    Non taken, thats just my way of getting frustration out, because Atleti deserves better from it’s players.
    I really loved godin coming over but he is becoming irresponsible from match to match