Injury round-up: Tiago and Sílvio go down

Atlético suffer a couple of injury blows ahead of Saturday's trip to the Bernabéu

Sílvio and Tiago in training (

Sílvio and Tiago in training (

While Atlético were just able to hang on for Sunday’s 3-2 win over Levante, the victory came at the expense of Portuguese duo Tiago and Sílvio.

Tiago was handed a start at the last minute only because Gabi was a late scratch with a stomach flu, but the former Juventus man came up limp just before the half after suffering what Atleti’s official website is calling a “left rib injury”.

There’s no word yet as to the timetable for his recovery, though he is said to still be experiencing some pain.

Sílvio, who was a strong doubt to play against Levante in the first place because of his persistent groin problems, survived past the halfway point only to sustain what an MRI performed on Monday morning confirmed as a “grade II MCL sprain” in his left knee.

The 24-year-old was replaced by Luis Amaranto Perea in the 58th minute and will be sorely missed by Gregorio Manzano for Saturday’s Derby and beyond, with AS reporting he will be out for over a month.

According to the club’s official site, team captain Antonio López has been cleared to play following his recovery from minor knee surgery.

Gabi overcame his stomach bug and is also back in training.

Radamel Falcao is still nursing the hamstring injury that kept him out of Sunday’s clash.

An MRI on Monday confirmed the Colombian is making progress, but it’s still unclear if he will be fit in time to take part in the Madrid Derby.

  • 92

    I think that now with Silvio’s injury is a must to sign a “proper” right back in the transfer window, because if Salvio is no treated he is just gonna injure himself everytime and his injury is gonna get even worse if he doesn’t get treatment, with that said, I think Perea should play as RB until we sign one, and I know that he is awful but at least he doesn’t play as ugly as Juanfran, Juanfran plays ugly when he is on the RW and when he is used as RB he is even worse, Perea is now an Atleti legend and he should stay with the club just as Antonio Lopez and they both should retire with Atleti, I know that probably Antonio Lopez should retire already and Perea is getting close to retirement too, but Antonio Lopez being a back-up sub player doesn’t harm anyone and also, he takes care of the dressing rooms problems once in a while, not always such as Forlan’s ni un balon a la rubia case, but in other cases he makes sure there’s a sense of peace in the dressing room, and on top of that he is now an a Atleti legend and key figure, (for better or worse, you guys decide) and I wouldn’t want to see him leaving Atleti, and as I said before, he and Perea arte now Atleti legends and you don’t kick out your legendary players for how bad or old they’re are getting, you just don’t kick ’em out, just look at Milan’s Maldini, I know that’s a different thing, Maldine always was in good shape, but they never kicked him out.
    Respect for Perea and Antonio Lopez!, never kick out your legendary plays as much as they become old and not-so good players!.

  • Sebyk

    Legend or not, if your level is not sufficient, you leave. That’s football…
    And moreover, Perea is not a legend, I would never call him like that. I know, he’s a faithful servant, played many matches, gave it everything, but during his era, Atletico’s defence was always something to laugh at rather than something to have respect of. Perea is well-known for his comic defending, for comitting a funny mistake every second match. Not as a reliable centre back or a team leader. He was just lucky to have stayed for such a long time and played so many matches. Except for one season and several occasions he has never even been a quality defender or somebody to stick out of the crowd (if you don’t account for his “defensive tragicomedy”). I appreciate Perea for everything he has done for Atléti, he has many qualities I value high, but calling him an Atlético legend is an insult to real legends of our club.

  • Sebyk

    By the way, are there any rumours that Silvio could now undergo his so much needed groin surgery? Now he’s gonna be out for some time anyway, so isn’t this a good time to kill two birds with one stone?

  • 92

    For your information Sebyk, Perea is the foreign player with the most official appearances for Atleti, so if he is not a legend to you then I don’t know what makes a legend, and I repeat, I know Perea has become and awful player I’m not blind, he has gotten old and he makes childish mistakes, every knows it not just you, but what did you expect?, he is not eternal, no one is, and calling him a servant is more of an insult than what you actually consider what an insult is.
    Again, Respect for Perea, because having the honor of being Atleti’s most foreign capped player is not easy to achieve and by doing so, Perea is now an Atleti legend like it or not.

  • Ringo

    I think my next Atletico shirt will have “Perea” on the back 🙂 Not because of his record, but just because he’s still one of my favourite players.

    Now, I know it’s risky, but I really think Manzano should consider Koke as a starter in the match versus Real Madrid. I keep hope in a victory, but I have to admit that Real has a bigger chance. Try stuff that might improve the play!
    We won the game versus Levante, but the midfield still showed the lack of creativity, etc. So, try Koke with either Mario or Gabi and take the risk: there could be a great improvement and otherwise, at least you know you tried SOMETHING.

  • 92

    What’s up Ringo?!!!, so you say Koke should be a starter againts Madrid?, Mmm… I like that idea but I also agree with you that’s it’s risky, and the problem is that Koke and Mario aren’t DM’s but somehow Manzano tries weird things like that, but Koke and Mario, they should play as CM’s but not as DM, and againts Madrid I think we are gonna need someone who’s capable of stop and destroy Madrid’s advances and attacks, therefore I think that role should be assigned to Assuncao, his passing is ugly but he is good at destroying advances and againts Madrid we’re gonna need a player like him, I think.

    Off topic, I know you said that you had no preference for Dutch teams, but I suppose you follow the Eredevisie at some point, and so I’ve been keeping track of John Goossens, I’ve even came up with a nickname for him, John the Goosse!, (I know, that’s too obvious and simple, but is the only thing that I could came up with!), anyways, this John Goosens or Johnny Goossey!, has caught my eye, last year he scored 7 goals and while it’s not a significant amount, I think is quite good for a midfielder and it’s even more significant for a player that plays for such a small club as NEC Nijmegen, and Goossens has a knack to score such as great goals, his goals are truly amazing, and so I wanted to ask you for your feedback about Goossens, and also about the youngest one of the Sneijder dynasty, Rodney, he seems to be even more promising than Wesley, also, Wesley said that Rodney is very talented and when Wesley was asked if Rodney had the talent to play for Madrid he said that he was too young but he has the quality to do so, and about Rodney, honestly I haven’t seen him play, I’ve just seen a few videos, but other than that I have no idea what’s is Rodneys style like, so I was hoping if you could give my your opinion about Goossens and Rodney if it doesn’t bother you. 🙂

  • atletisrael

    Ringo, I think my next shirt will be Alvaro, though Perea won’t be so far behind. And I am actually not agreeing about him being that bad. In the last few years we did have a bad defence but it was never solely Perea. I allways looked at him as the more solid one, the problam was first the keepers, than co-CB, than DM. I think last couple of years with de Gea, godin, alvaro and of course perea, only weakness was on DM position and midfield in general not helping defence.

    92 I’m not sure about surgery being as simple as hitting two birds, but I like the idea. And generally I lile the idea of Juanfran playing RB. I actually liked him on osasuna and was pretty exited when he came (still keep the article about his first game from Israeli(!!!) journalism), so I’ll like him to succeed in Atletico.

  • DJ_ZA

    92, was so sure you’d be calling for Pulido to get more time with Silvio’s injury… but instead you want to sign a new player ?!? (minus a point on your fan of the year chart – hahaha – just teasing)

    Perea a legend? i think not! Legends are players who are exceptional ….and Perea is not. Sure, he must have done something right (+ a bit of luck) to have the honour of most caps, but again, not a legend. Have to agree with Sebyk….. and I don’t think there’s anything disrespectful about what’s been said about Perea.
    Also cannot agree with your opinion ‘never kick out your legendary plays as much as they become old and not-so good players’. If Atleti signed the world’s best tomorrow, are you still gonna play Perea? When your time is up…..

    Anyway, back to topic : ¡ánimo! Silvio

    back off topic : 92, The Goose is a nickname already given to golfer, Retief Goosen…. so you’ll have to get a bit more creative. Perhaps he already has a nickname? C’mon Eredevisie supporters… help 92.

  • Ringo Schut

    Hmm I’m not sure about nicknames…
    A few years back Rodney Sneijder was said to be better than his brother at that age (not sure how long ago that was) but he never really got through to the first team, because of Eriksen and Siem de Jong mostly, I believe. Goossens didn’t get a chance a few years before that, when he was 16 or so, he could’ve gone to Chelsea, but he stayed. However, Ajax was going through a buying time, the youth didn’t feature as much as their legendary days, for instance. I think that really blocked his growth back then. He was a winger if I remember correctly, but because of his lack of pace, he became a midfielder and he shows some promise. I don’t follow the eredivisie a lot, though, so I can’t say too much. He has a great shot in his legs (I believe he uses both feet), but I think he’s injured at the moment.

  • Kaminero

    Perea is the lowest positioned outfield player in a team that is not very interested in defending. That is not a thankful job and something his many critics should bear in mind. Furthermore, over the years we have brought in a number of players who were supposed to solve our defensive problems, but curiously enough they are gone while Perea is still around.

    Obviously, his technique will not improve and he will get slower by the year but his status as a legend will never go away.

  • 92

    ah atletisrael, Sebyk was the one that mentioned that Silvio’s getting trated was a “good time to kill two birds” (I have no idea what the heck does that mean!), but I certainly think Salvio needs an operation to end his injury problems once and for all.

  • 92

    DJ_ZA, you’re right, Pulido deserves some minutes, but I’m not sure he can play as RB, or LB, and I don’t like the improvisation idea, and honestly, Manzano is not give him minutes, that’s a fact, so I think Pulido would be better at Valladolid, Numancia, (joining Atleti players Cedrid Mbwati and Leandro Cabrera) or any other segunda team, but if somone wants him in the Primera and if they can guarantee him minutes then it would be also good for him to join a Primera team.
    And about buying/acquiring a backplayer for Silvio well, most of you guys don’t even want to see Perea on the pitch!, so why not signing a “proper” RB?, at Colchonero most of the fans agree that a RB and CF should be signed in the transfer window in January, among the RB candidates, most people would like to sign Barca’s Montoya &/or Bartra (I suppose most of us Atleti fans sort of remember the last name Bartra, mostly because in our last victory againts Barca in February 2010, which was a 2-1 win for Atleti courtesy of goals from Forlan and Simao, a young Barca B player, Marc Bartra made his debut with Barcelona substituting Jeffren and even though Barca lost, yeah we beat them!, I think Bartra did a decent job that time, also I want to highlight that, that was the only match that Barcelona lost that season from courtesy of Atleti!!! ) and Hugo Mallo who’s in the agenda of many teams like Napoli among others and at Colchonero most people say Mallo is not an Atleti player and the rumors that he was signed in the summer but subsquently stayed with Celta for one year are as fake as the Loch Ness Monster, which complety sucks because I wanted to see Hugo Mallo next season. And about a CF substitute for Falcao -who is not Superman and it’s gonna need some rest because he can’t play all games of the season- everyone at Colchonero has their own choice and it’s impossible to sign about 50 subs for Falcao!, so they better reach and agreement to find out who’s the best candidate to be Falcao’s sub. Not that neccesarily picking a sub for Falcao is gonna become a reality, we’re just exchanging opinions.

  • 92

    Btw, thanks Ringo for the update on Rodney and Johnny Goossey!, I appreciate it a lot.

  • Ringo

    No problem, maybe you could ask Derek a few questions, he might know more about the Eredivisie.

  • Veiko

    What the blody hell??? Perea should never be considered as a starter! He is awful and his awful for many years by now. Legend? Come on….

    Silvio injury problems are unstoppable :S such a good palyer in my opinion.

  • 92

    This Perea is a “legend or no he isn’t” theme is getting tiresome and boring, and for the third time I know he is getting awful as time passes, that’s not something new, and he is not a servant, he deserves some respect because above all his bad performances he is a human being and deserves to be treated with some respect.

  • DJ_ZA

    92, not to bore you any further (and its not a criticism but rather a clarification), when someone is referred to as a ‘faithful servant’ it merely refers to their DEDICATION and LOYALTY. don’t confuse ‘slave’ with ‘servant’. Calling someone a ‘faithful servant’ is not disrespectful at all. Just think of it as an acknowledgement of the service provided by Perea.

  • 92

    And I don’t want to bore you with my statements, and I know you’re not being disrespectful towards Perea, it’s just that when I hear the word ‘servant’ I think of someone who serves, and actually that is the definition of servant, and I think the proper words would be a ‘faithful member’ rather than a “faitful servant’, because in the end, all football players are members of an institution or club, like in Perea’s case he is a long time member of Atleti.

  • Sebyk

    @92: I know about Perea’s record and I respect him for his faithful service (as I have already said), but his time in Atlético should have been over long time ago. He will never be a true Atlético legend, people will rank defenders such as Griffa, Renones or Calleja higher, because they proved their football qualities in Atlético, Perea showed mostly his talent for tragicomedy…
    On the other – which player does represent Atlético of past ten years better than Perea? Unfulfilled expectations, huge swings in form, tragic defending…