Falcao striving to recover in time for derby

The Atlético forward sustained an injury while training with Colombia last Wednesday

Atlético Madrid forward Radamel Falcao  (clubatleticodemadrid.com)

Atlético Madrid forward Radamel Falcao

Atlético striker Radamel Falcao was sent back to Madrid early after picking up a muscle injury in training with the Colombian national team in Barranquilla last Wednesday.

The knock prevented the 25-year-old from playing important World Cup qualifying matches against Venezuela and Argentina in his home country.

‘El Tigre’ is shooting for a recovery in time for Atleti’s trip to the Santiago Bernabéu on the 26th of November.

In an effort to take part in his first Madrid Derby, the forward will sit out against Levante when the Valencian side visit the Vicente Calderón on Sunday.

“During a normal movement in practice, Falcao kicked the ball with his left leg and felt a pain in the adductor [muscle] of his right leg,” Colombian national team doctor Carlos Ulloa told Reuters.

Falcao arrived in Madrid on Saturday to immediately begin his rehabilitation efforts, Atlético’s official site reports.

“The goal is to be at the Bernabéu against Real Madrid,” the former Porto man told the media at a press conference on Saturday.

“The time limits are very short but I will do everything in order to be in that game.”

He continued: “Dr. Villalón received all of the reports from the Colombian national team doctor. It is unfortunate that the injury has come at a crucial moment in the championship. It’s an uncomfortable situation for both Atletico and me.

“These things happen.”

  • starvs

    Free Falcao!?

  • 92

    more suggestions from Colchonero users;

    “Respeto para Perea”= “Respect for Perea”

    “Capitán fijo ¡ya!”

    “Dos delanteros mejor que uno”= Two strikers/forwards are better than one.

    “Joel, ¿por qué no?”= “Joel, why not?”

    ” Gil cabrón fuera del Calderón”+ “Gil fucker out of the Calderon”,

  • 92

    http://www.colchonero.com/liberen_a_koke-itemap-1-110490-4.htm, just so you know, I think that if you make the “Gil cabron fuera del Calderon” shirts they will be easily sold, and a guy says the shirts are sort of expensive, so what do you say about the price?.

  • Ringo

    The Perea, Gil and Koke ones are sort of interesting

  • 92

    How about this Ringo?, http://www.colchonero.com/media/galeria/4/3/6/0/8/o_atletico_de_madrid_varios-698063.jpg
    it’s a play on words and a rhyme in Spanish, Enrique Cerezo, queremos tu pescuezo can be translated into Enrique Cerezo we want your neck.

  • Ringo

    But I don’t want his neck, I just want him to leave the club alone forever.
    Besides, he’s probably just an idiot who’s too stupid to sell the sell the club. Gil Marin seems more mobster-ish, he seems pretty intelligent, but sadly in a pretty dark manner 🙁

  • Ringo

    I hope the fans could be strong and boycot the club until they’re gone or something.
    It’s great to have supporters in the stadium, but by creating an empty stadium, the club, so for 90+% Gil and Cerezo, miss out on a lot of income and may leave. Words can be ignored, that has been proven in the past, since they are still in charge.

  • Ringo

    Maybe a shirt that says: LEAVE OR WE’LL SEND THE FEDS TO YOUR PLACE or something like that.

  • 92

    Off topic, where are you from?

  • Ringo

    The Netherlands

  • 92

    That’s interesting, and let me tell you that your English punctuation and writing are excellent, by the way, I suppose you obviously support an Dutch team as well, don’t you?, and in case your interested I sort of like/support Feyenoord despite the 10 defeay by PSV, I think that De club aan de Maas, is a big club, and I like it.

  • Print fliers and throw out from a plane, storm Gil’s and Cerezo’s house with a mob armed with torches and pitchforks, take them outside and hang them? How’s that for planning?

  • Ringo

    Thanks for the compliment, 92, the internet is a great teacher, if you know what to believe, haha.
    Actually I don’t really support a Dutch side, I’m moving away from nationalism more and more everyday, which could be a reason, even though the Dutch football clubs are closeby and easier to follow through television and such.
    I’ll just leave it with Atletico, I’m not even really fanatic, I guess, since I don’t hate Real Madrid, or I stopped hating the club since I don’t see the use of it. Following Atleti and hoping they’ll do good and better themselves is all I do now, sort of.

    By the way, why not a double pictured shirt:

  • 92

    I want to thank you too for sharing your thoughts and why you like Atleti.

  • Croatia Atletista

    Never boycott your loving club.
    I cheer for 2 clubs Atletico and my hometown Hajduk from Split last 6 years we haven’t won a championship and we haven’t boycotted a single match.There are other ways to show discontent with the club management and the way the players are playing.
    But never with an empty stand.
    Forza Atleti!

  • Ringo Schut

    Well, I meant it as extreme measures, it’s more boycotting their moneygaining, than the club, of course the fans will return, but perhaps an extreme measure has to be taken after so many years of corrupt management.
    I don’t care about the bad results (okay, I do, but it’s not the reason for my idea), it’s just that ‘mafia’ shouldn’t be able to rule a club, but Atletico shows they are able, for decades…

  • atletisrael

    I’m with u man, but never boycott.

  • 92

    Croatia Atletista, don’t worry man, Hajduk is a big club just like Atleti, and I’m sure they’ll win a trophy sooner or later, (I hope it’s more sooner than later!) remember that Atleti had centuries without winning a trophy, anyways, Forza Atleti and Forza Hajduk.
    About fans boycotting Atleti, Ringo is right, T”he end justifies the means” and extreme measures need to be taken, for instance, most people at Colchonero are very mature people that have been supporting Atleti from the 70’s and 80’s, and they’re not discontent about not winning titles, their discomfort is towards the management of Gil, the Gil family has been in charge of Atleti for more than 20 years now, and people from Colchonero are very upset and dissapointed Gil hasn’t relinquish his duties as the main boss of Atleti, most of the fans also, think it’s not the manager’s fault (in this case Manzano) nor the players for the bad results in the 24 years Gil has been in charge, Atleti has been very succesful in some seasons but in some others the club has been not succesful at all, ending some seasons trophyless and even been relegated to the Segunda, for all the fans care is having Gil and Cerezo getting kicked out of Atleti, and until that hapens, most fans are not gonna be happy at all, they will keep supporting Atleti but at the same time they will still be dissapointed and in discomfort towards Gil being the absolute ruler of Atleti.

  • Croatia Atletista

    I think most of all at this moment we need stability and keeping the current players and MAYBE even manager could provide us with it. In 2 seasons i think we might have a fighting chance for the championship till then we will still have a lot of beers to drink hairs to pull and sore throats from shouting but then again that is a part of the magic isn’t it?
    We have a saying here in Split “When its good everyone is Hajduk when its going bad then we are here.”
    That’s why I personally think we shouldn’t boycott.

  • Atléti needs stability, good board, coach, motivation! Money doesn’t seem to be a problem…
    But take a look at fellow Red-Whites from my country, Serbia. Red Star won the European Cup in 91′ and since then, they’ve just deteriorated, with a crap leadership, crap economics, selling and selling big players, like Atléti sold Forlán and Simao…but Red Star fans are still loyal and among the best in Europe! So I think all Rojiblancos need to stick to Atléti, no matter what. We win, we loose or become champions or get relegated, but we should always stand with Atlético Madrid!

  • 92

    Stefan, I agree with you about all the things you say Atleti need, but I differ from you about the money issues, Atleti does has money but not as much as Barca or Madrid, these 2 teams earn about 100 million ONLY for TV rights, they can earn as much as 350 million overall, so they can spend money as they please on players, and that’s making the Spanish league weak, poor,unfair, unatractive, and not nice for the other 18 teams, for instance, Atleti earns about 40 Million for TV rights, 60 millons less than Madrid and Barca, so the LFP and AFP need to something about it, because honestly, it’s really boring to watch Barca and Madrid winning every weekend.
    About the decline of Crvezna Zvezda, I agree too, it’s really sad to see a club like Red Star Belgrade not competing in Europe, but I don’t really understand why it hasn’t recovered yet, I mean it’s not like Partizan has more money than Red Star, anyways, good luck to Crvezna Zvezda, and I hope they become once again the best team in Serbia and a strong team in Europe.

  • 92

    According to TuttoMercato, Shaqiri has agreed to join Atleti despite Bayern Munich interest, the cost of the transfer is around 8 million euros, Mmmh, this rumors are kind of intriguing, Atleti’s website doesn’t mentions it, and I’m starting to think this rumours are as fake as the Loch Ness Monster, I wish it were true, but now I have my doubts.

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