La Liga: Getafe 3 – 2 Atlético

Atlético lose to Moyá, Barrada and referee Pérez Lasa

Bodies clash in Getafe  (

Bodies clash in Getafe

Atlético Madrid suffered a 3-2 defeat to Getafe on Sunday night.

Referee Pérez Lasa had a huge influence on the outcome of the game and awarded two penalties, but that shouldn’t hide the fact that Atlético again disappointed with an uninspiring performance.

Paulo Assunção was a late scratch from the squad list and with Mario suspended, Gregorio Manzano decided to line up with both Tiago and Gabi in midfield.

Godín and Domínguez again started in defence, where Antonio López surprisingly slotted in at right back.

The main protagonist of the early proceedings was Pérez Lasa, who had already handed out four yellow cards after just 17 minutes. The referee would end the night with 12 bookings, while his assistants consistently made wrong calls on offside situations.

The first big opportunity of the match was for Diego Godín, but his header was saved superbly by Miguel Ángel Moyá.

The ‘keeper again did well to stop a shot by Diego some minutes later.

Getafe only threatened through set pieces. Barrada’s free kick went just over the crossbar and Alberto Lopo was shut out by a last ditch tackle from Domínguez.

In the 29th minute Diego was hacked down from behind by Lopo and Pérez Lasa had no choice but to sent off the defender and award Atleti a penalty.

Falcao sent Moyá the wrong way to give the Rojiblancos the lead. It was the first goal Atlético have scored away from home in the Liga BBVA this season.

Despite going a man down, Getafe decided to go forward in search of the equaliser and they were rewarded for their efforts when Tiago carelessly gave away a free kick on the edge of the area.

Abdel Barrada‘s earlier attempt was off target, but in the 40th minute the Frenchmen beautifully curled the ball in the top corner to tie the score.

Atlético switched off after the red card in their favour, although Arda Turan did come close to scoring, but again Moyá got a hand to it.

The Turk has been in excellent form the last weeks and again was one of our best players on the pitch in the first half.

Atlético started the second half horribly. Miranda replaced Diego Godín during half time and committed a foul immediately after the break. Abdel placed the free kick on the head of Míchel who left Courtois without a chance to make it 2-1.

It was the fourth consecutive goal that Atlético conceded in league play from a set piece.

Despite the numerical advantage Atleti failed to create opportunities as Getafe held on to their lead quite comfortably. It was actually the home side who came close to scoring again, but Barrada headed just wide.

Atlético seemed to catch a break when they were helped a hand by Juan Valera. The former Colchonero deflected a shot from distance by Álvaro Domínguez which left Moyá without a chance and the ball ended up in the back of the net, 2-2.

But not a minute later Pérez Lasa again had all spotlights point at him, when he awarded a penalty to Getafe for an alleged foul by Arda Turan.

Diego Castro stepped up and converted the spot kick.

We almost instantly conceded again, but Barrada aimed off target and let Atleti off the hook. At the other end a header by Falcao went wide.

No more goals were scored, which leaves Atlético still without a win away from home this season.

The team did manage to finally score its first away goals, but the lack of chances and a lacklustre performance against a 10-man Getafe again left a lot to be desired.

Because of the international break, Gregorio Manzano now has two weeks to prepare for our upcoming game against Levante, but doubts arise again as to whether the coach will even be in charge by then.

Line-up: Courtois; López (“70 Salvio), Godín (“46 Miranda), Domínguez, Filipe; Tiago (“57 Koke), Gabi, Arda Turan, Diego; Falcao and Adrián.

Goals: 0-1 Falcao (p.k.)(“30); 1-1 Barrada (“40); 2-1 Míchel (“49); 2-2 Domínguez (“80); 3-2 Diego Castro (p.k.)(“82)

  • Urban

    I hope he wont be

  • DJ_ZA

    Why did I stay up for that?

  • Lubo

    No fokin way. Manzano must go. Everyone who saw this match must admit, that we failed tactically. And also because of unbelievably stupid mistake-foul by Tiago, what gave them confidence to beat us. Koke has to play instead of that curly underperforming not-a-single-euro-deserving cunt.
    FREE KOKE and let Manzano destroy another team.

  • Aagi

    He needs to go! This was the turning point for me, if we can’t even win when we lead and the other team (the lowest in the league) play with 10 men, then the tactics are wrong. Hope he will be gone tommorow..

  • ratchet

    Champions league? No way. Were not consistant enough and i expect snother poor run of form all throughout this month, finished off by real madrid demolishing us like barca. m braced for yet another dissappointing season

  • Sinan

    The referee failed dramatically today, after he gave the penalty and red card, he had the thought of ” I must help getafe as well” so during the game he lurked for any possibility to give a penalty to getafe as well.

  • kabir

    First time I’m saying this because I rarely blame the manager first but, Manzano fuera!

  • davie

    everything in the game was poor our play tactics the ref and getafes play acting i think manzano should go but not only him people higher up aswell

  • Urban

    I guess Caminero will start looking for a new coach tomorrow on and as soon he finds one Goyo will be out.

    Such a shame what he has done so far…

  • AtletienPhila

    I am fully in the “Fire Manzano” camp. I can’t wait to see him go.

    When they escort Manzano out the door, they should also push Tiago out as well. His foul led to the first Getafe goal, and he lacks creativity. Plus, he takes a spot from a younger, hungrier player, such as Koke or Pizzi.

    And I must admit that I struggle to see at times Falcao’s talent. Perhaps Atleti is not playing the best strategy for him, but he seems really incapable of creating his own shot.

  • dgsozkan

    Hope and despair. It has become our routine. Manzano please resign or please someone kick him out. He causes me suffering I’m sick and tired of his dummy mistakes. he irritates me we deserve a better coach these players deserve a better coach Atletico Madrid deserves a better coach!!!

  • Javi

    First why Tiago at all
    Second why not Koke from the beggining
    Third why replace Godin with Miranda-Godin was fine and the first play for Miranda he allows the header gol
    And Fourth why does Manzano just sit there and watch instead of yelling at these guys
    Unexplainable no consistency
    Everything we build in a week is evaporated now
    It’s time for Aragones

  • starvs

    That is not what I wanted to happen.

  • Mais

    ditto to all the above

  • Kaminero

    I like Koke, but in all honesty, he’s not the answer to our problems. Yesterday he didn’t have much of an impact even though brought in earlier than usual. He’s still in the future’s hope department.

  • Andres

    Do you really believe that manzano will be fired? Last year they had plenty oportunities to fire qsf but they didnt. Do you think our twat-directors will see it differently now?

  • Davide

    Once again, Carlo Ancelotti is looking for employment… That guy is a winner down to his bones.

  • Javi

    Kaminero, Koke is a much better option than Tiago any day
    Also why doesn’t Asenjo get a chance? Yesterday Courtois ate two more gols and we just keep him training for Chelsea while our talent rots

  • JohnGreece


  • Sebyk

    Honestly, i don’t think that Manzano will go even though i can’t see anybody more responsible for this shit Atlético is in. Everybody (except for our dumbass chairmen) knows that Manzano is not the right one for this team – he’s not able to motivate his players, convince them to follow his tactical orders, there is no hunger for victory. Moreover he destroys our own talented players, when the fuck will Koke, Asenjo or Pulido get the chance?
    The team is mentally unstable – whenever something doesn’t go according to the plan, they just founder. I feel a complete lack of leadership, from the bench as well as on the pitch. The team has no natural leader who would encourage the team. Atletico is a team full of excellent individualities, but not a team. We need somebody mentaly strong, somebody who would show the players what wearing the red-and-white shirt means, somebody who would encourage them. Either Luis or El Cholo would be perfectly suitable for this job…

  • Ringo Schut

    Well, Reyes actually IS a problem, not everyone can change and he is a great example.
    The midfield needs more (intelligent) movement, that’s why Koke is needed from the kick-off on. Gabi is probably his best partner at the moment, but I’m not too sure about that. I guess Diego knows where to run, so no need to replace him, same for Arda.
    Maybe Adrian and/or Falcao needs to drop back more, for better connection with the midfield.
    By the way, suddenly the defence isn’t ad solid anymore… Big concedings versus Athletic and Getafe.
    I wonder if Manzano pays enough attention to positioning in training, if that’s at a high level, the team becomes way more consistent!
    So, if he doesn’t improve the positioning skills of the team, maybe it’s best to let him go after all…
    I don’t know who will be a good replacement, though, there are a few big names available, but are they going to make the team enjoyable to watch? In my eyes that’s important and a possession team always is the most consistent team on the long term, look at Barcelona for instance, it’s not just great players, it’s great positioning and tactics.
    In my opinion Atleti already has great players, now it’s time for the tactical part.

    Thanks Manzano, for the 4-3-3 introduction to Atleti, but now someone is needed to introduce an effective strategy.

  • Turkish Fan

    Atleti should play 4-3-3 orderly,they start like it but it changes so often…forward; falcao,arda,reyes(diego)

  • Ringo

    I think it’s become pretty clear both Salvio and Adrian are way more useful when you want to play possession football, than Reyes.
    Reyes is an individual and is a player that would work in counterattacking football, which is not Atleti’s system any longer. Now the runs have to be different and you must be less self-centered.
    Even if Reyes plays a great game in this system, the team won’t and it’s the team that has to play terrific in order to get terrific results.
    Reyes can win you games, but he can’t win you prizes.


    once again we want manzano out but he will win next game to make us happy!!! and than we will lose the derby and evrey away game !!! if u dont have a right back so why dont’ change to 3-5-2 or 3-4-3!! damn his too bad as a coach!! and make our players play without names without confidence!!

  • osmanson

    You guys need someone like Bernd Schuster and something like his “total attack mode” style of play where wingers (i.e. Arda Turan) play like the wings of 3-5-2 on defense and forward-striker on offense with fullbacks feeding the midfield.