Adrián to the rescue

Manzano weathers the storm and brushes off chants calling for his dismissal

Adrián celebrates a goal with his team-mates  (

Adrián celebrates a goal with his team-mates

Atlético coach Gregorio Manzano survived the weekend after his men comfortably saw off Real Zaragoza on Sunday, ending a seven-game winless streak.

Manzano’s lifeboat came in the form of an Adrián brace and a goal by vice-captain Alvaro Domínguez.

Atleti moved up to ninth in the league standings having taken 13 points from 10 games.

“We’ve won an important and difficult match and we want it to be a turning point to gain confidence from,” the manager said in the post-game press conference.

“A dark October ends today.”

While the triumph offered the 55-year-old some breathing room, several fans at the Vicente Calderón weren’t quite ready to let Manzano off the hook just yet and continued the chants of “Manzano vete ya!” heard at the stadium a week ago.

Confronted about the calls for him to go, Manzano responded:

“I only care about the result, the victory, and not about what happened off the playing field.”

He continued: “We hope to keep offering the fans satisfaction and we’re sure the team will have a great season. I’m no novice and I’m aware of the dimension of this club. Now, we have to work harder.

“We professionals are here to withstand all the pressure that arises. I would even say that we will come out reinforced by this mini-crisis.”

The Rojiblanco boss then spoke about the hero of the night.

“Adrián is the complementary version of Falcao,” he said.

“He has completed a great match and that makes me very happy. He has more mobility in wide spaces.

“He’s a player that now has three goals and we expect a lot from him.”

Adrián, who returned to the starting line-up after riding the bench in our mid-week defeat against Athletic Bilbao, hadn’t found the back of the net since our blowout of Racing well over a month ago.

The former Deportivo man hasn’t been getting many opportunities to shine with star striker Radamel Falcao shouldering the club’s goal scoring responsibilities.

Nonetheless, it was the 23-year-old who looked like the 40 million euro man on Sunday.

“I’m happy about having scored, but most of all for the team,” he said afterwards.

“It was a very important game that we needed to win. Today, we had the luck of scoring early. The team played well, we responded from the beginning and were the just victors.

“I’m happy for having helped the team, for scoring, but mostly, because the team won.”

Manzano plays down having sent Reyes to the stands

Asked if he had left José Antonio Reyes off the game-day squad as a punishment for the winger’s misconduct on Thursday, Manzano said, “That depends on each individual’s interpretation.

“I only say that he was left out of the match selection just like Miranda was, and we hope to recover the best version of Reyes for the future.”


  • Right back Sílvio surprisingly started his third consecutive match on Sunday after Atlético officials had claimed he would only be able to play one game per week throughout the season due to a nagging groin injury. However, the 24-year-old came out in the second half and it is unclear if he aggravated his injury or if his substitution was simply a precautionary measure.
  • Colombian defender Luis Amaranto Perea, who replaced Sílvio at the 67 minute mark, tied Argentine Jorge Bernardo Griffa’s record as the most-capped foreigner by Atlético in all competitions with 291 appearances.
  • Adrián took his goal total in Liga up to three for the season. He now has six goals in all competitions in the current campaign.
  • Falcao hasn’t scored a goal from open play in eight matches.
  • Arda Turan picked up his third assist of the season with his cross to Adrián to open up the scoring against Zaragoza. Filipe Luis and Diego Godín each got their first assists of the season on Sunday.
  • All 12 of Atlético’s goals in the domestic competition have been scored at home.

  • starvs

    I think I know how to start scoring on the road, FREE KOKE.

  • javi

    FYI, Villareal apparently want Adrian in January to replace injured Rossi.

  • Mais

    they can keep dreaming..

    props to Granada!!

  • Gert

    Villareal can have Diego Costa

  • Villarreal can fuck off, thats what they can do. They’ll get fuck all from us is what I say, not even Costa, HA!

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    Someone help this man, he seems like a dedicated dude, gotta respect the hustle.


  • Mais

    does anyone who follows this site even live in madrid?

    starvs, t-shirt, im telling you.

  • 92

    Dark October it’s gone and now we’re gonna rock November starting with Udinese!, Aupa Atleti!!!.

  • Javi

    Apparently Villareal offered six million for Adrian which was rejected. Since we still owe them for Godin they thought the offer would work-not so…

  • DJ_ZA

    hey Mais…. not even close! I’m 8000km away!

  • I’m in Sweden, but I’m from Serbia…so I’m pretty far from Madrid 🙁 Was thinking of going there this spring/summer…

  • atletisrael

    Not even close… Haven’t been since I’m folowing the team for only 5 years!
    But the dream is a visit on the Vicente on derby day or for any other la liga match. Anyone knows when the team leaves it for the new stadium?

  • DJ_ZA

    Pozdrav Stefan. Kako si? …. there endeth my Serbian.

  • Mais

    2014 i believe…its too bad i really like the location of the calderon

    im in canada, any fans on my continent?

  • 92

    Mais, I live in the US, more specifically in Denver, so you can imagine…, btw I’m just curious, how did you became an Atleti fan?

  • Mais

    im pretty new…iv always rooted for the underdog, but when i saw the supercup against inter i was hooked..i usually root for uruguay and portugal in international competitions so i was already a fan of those players

  • [email protected]
    Hehe Pozdrav, dobro sam, hvala, a ti? 🙂
    Where you from?

  • 92

    Mais, that’s very interesting, I hope Atleti’s fan base keeps growing in Canada or even the US since most people tend to support Barca and Madrid, hope they come to the US next year.
    Btw, I began supporting Atleti because of Fernando Torres, Kun Aguero and Forlan, also because of Hugo Sanchez and Luis Garcia Postigo who are Mexican just like myself, played for Atleti, so I began following Atleti matches and I just can’t stop following Atleti.

  • JohnGreece

    We will continue to play like we played,bad results will come again unless Manzano is sacked at last.Atletico fans ask for a COACH and we expect him coming NOW!!!!!

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    Canada here aswell, but originally from Saudi.

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    FREE KOKE announcement coming sooner rather than later hopefully.

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    K14,wellcome bro, I am also from saudi, and I am studied there.

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    I never been to abu dhabi or to UAE in general, although at a point in my life I used to live only 4 hours drive from it :p

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    @ 7th

    Nice, so another atleti supporter do exist in Saudi!

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    FREE KOKE shirts are official going to happen. Spent all day mocking a design up and just had a sample shipped to me to make sure they are high enough quality to put my stamp of approval on. Stay tuned in the coming week for a reveal of the design/first pictures.

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    Mais, wait until you see the design, I’m what some would call ‘a complete fucking design novice’, think it came out surprisingly well though.

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    Starv, that is…well awesome, how are we gonna send this message to maznano? send an Xxl FREE koke t-shirt.

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    Dobro sam hvala Stefan.
    Ja sam iz Južne Afrike… I have a few srpskih prijatelja.

    Haven’t met another Atleti fan in these parts though 🙁
    (You’d think with 50 million neighbours, I’d be able to find a few. Can’t even convert any if we keep playing crap!)

    Nice to see you can all make it to the Calderon on Thursday wearing Starvs t-shirt (hahahaha).

  • Gert

    Starvs, you should get some at the market outside the Calderon. They would sell easily I think. (but maybe with the message in Spanish)

    Since this thread has become a ‘where-are-you-from-thread’. Representing Belgium here!

  • DJ_ZA

    Gert , Vlaams or Français?

  • rockefeller

    anyone from Malaysia?

  • Javi

    Mais, Im in Boston. The only atleti fan here. I think starvs is around here too. But everyone I know is from those two other liga teams, I deserve an award for defending our colors here surrounded by the enemy.
    Starvs I want a shirt!

  • Martin Rosenow

    I live in Florida.

  • atletisrael

    Dibs on one T-shirt!
    libre de koke!!!

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    Javi, I will def make that happen, maybe even personal hand delivery.

  • Mais

    No atleti fans in toronto either..though I think I’m starting to sway a cpl real fans

  • starvs

    Well I worked for the Toronto Star for about a month, so that may count…

  • Los Colchonero

    We are three then from Saudi. I know of two more, but one of them is a sketchy mechanic. Not to sure I want to meet all Atleti fans out there.

  • palc

    I live in Oslo. 🙁

  • Javi

    Cool starvs, Ill trade for a few beers at a bar watching atleti.

  • To be honest I do not really know any Atléti fans here in Sweden. I could not even get my hands on a new jersey :O they didn’t even import any…:( and yeah, sucks living far from Madrid thats all 🙂

  • Javi

    Sorry about that Stefan. get yourself some atleti pijamas, that will help.

  • DavidSF

    EVERYONE I KNOW IN THE STATES IS BARCA OR REAL. its disgusting. btw, i’m here in San Francisco! who’s out here in the west coast finds watching la liga/europa league impossible with work?

  • starvs

    True story David. That is why Atletico should sign Clint Dempsey this January, the second goal scorer we need, and very versatile. And it would do a ton for Atletico’s American market share.

  • 92

    Javi, so you live in Boston, I thought you lived in Spain because of the tryouts, btw do you follow the Revs?.

  • javi

    @92 I moved here some years ago, i wish i was still there so I could see the games every other Sunday. I get to watch a live game once a year, and its usually not a good one. The last one I saw we lost 0-3 to Espanol and it was freezing. But I did go to the Supercup Final-awesome.
    Actually i dont follow the revs. The time I have I use for atleti, other liga games, premier games or brazilian games.

  • ratchet

    anyone from england, i cant convert any from where i come from (weston-super-mare) loads of people havent even heard of us…

  • 92

    That’s pretty cool, well at least you get to see Atleti once in while lat the stadium not like me, I’ve never been to the Calderon and I guess I’ll never have the chance to go, that sucks.
    I ask you if you follow the Revs because of a player named Diego Fagundez, he was born in Uruguay but moved to the US at the age of 5, he is 16, he scored 2 goals in 6 matches, and the first goal he scored in his career was in in his league debut, people say he is the next big thing and since I don’t live in Boston I haven’t got the chance to watch him closely.

  • Javi

    Ill check out Fagundez.
    I have a pic of me with my father at Calderon playing the tuba-I used to play tuba- celebrating a championship in the 70s. It was on the back page of As, pretty funny. Ill find it and post it for you guys to laugh.

  • Gert

    @DJ_ZA: Vlaams

  • DJ_ZA

    @Gert, ek woon in Johannesburg, oorspronklik van Kaapstad. Hoe lank ondersteun jy Atleti? Wanneer gaan jy weer na die Calderon? …ok, not Flemish, but close enough

    @Javi, can’t wait to see that pic.