La Liga: Atlético 1 – 1 Mallorca

Two penalties lead to a dull draw in the Vicente Calderón

Mallorca take a point back home  (

Mallorca take a point back home

Atlético Madrid continued their poor start to the season with a 1-1 draw against Real Mallorca.

Even more worrying than the disappointing result was the home team’s uninspiring performance and inability to create goalscoring opportunities.

Falcao ended his dry streak and his goal just before half time was Atlético’s first in the league this month, but the team also conceded their first goal at the Vicente Calderón this campaign after a horrific start.

After just 19 seconds referee Borbalán pointed to the spot when Tissone crossed the ball against Sílvio’s arm. Replays were largely inconclusive as to whether the decision was right, while later on Borbalán ignored a clearer handball on the opposite end.

Tomer Hemed converted the penalty and gave Mallorca the lead after just two minutes. Curiously, Mallorca have been awarded four penalties in the last three matches. Hemed scored all the spot kicks, including a dramatic 94th minute equaliser against Valencia last week.

Atlético looked to strike back with attempts from outside the area by Tiago and Sílvio, while Falcao maneuvered himself into a dangerous position but saw his shot blocked by Ramis.

New Mallorca coach Joaquín Caparros had instructed his team well, as Atleti struggled to find the way to Aouate’s goal. The only player capable of creating goalscoring opportunities was Sílvio, who bombed up and down the right wing and delivered plenty of useful crosses.

Just before half time Atlético were helped a little by Borbalán, who awarded Falcao a penalty. The Colombian seemed to have lost possession, but went down when he felt a little push from behind by Ramis. Falcao himself stepped up and ended both his and Atleti’s dry spell by sending Aouate the wrong way.

Immediately after the break Arda set up Adrián, but the young forward hit the side netting.

Manzano made his intentions clear and brought on Reyes and Salvio shortly into the second half, but a general lack of understanding prevented Atlético from picking the lock of Mallorca’s defence.

Atleti did pile on pressure which led to a powerful shot by Reyes which was well-handled by Aouate. A little later, Pina saved the day when Falcao again found himself in a position to shoot.

Arda played a wonderful through ball to Salvio but the Argentine was forced wide after going past the goalkeeper, and from the resulting corner the Turk himself almost scored a header.

In the final minutes Aouate did well to save a free kick by Reyes, while Falcao headed wide from six yards out.

In the 95th minute Atleti made another claim for a penalty when Diego was brought down from behind, but Borbalán ignored the appeal and instead blew his whistle for the final time.

Mallorca hadn’t gone near Courtois since going up in the first minute and were happy to settle for a draw.

With today’s result Atlético have now failed to win in any of their last six matches. On Thursday, the team travels to San Mamés for a tough away game against Athletic Bilbao.

Line-up: Courtois; Sílvio, Miranda, Godín, Filipe; Tiago (“53 Reyes), Mario, Diego; Adrián (“53 Salvio), Falcao and Arda Turan (“80 Pizzi).

Goals: 0-1 Hemed (p.k.)(“2); 1-1 Falcao (p.k.)(“43)

  • Urban

    We are nowhere near top 4 potential.

    Lets hope for europa league next season, and lets focus this year on EL as well.

  • Polish fan

    Hi to everyone,

    the game was frustrating just like almost every of our last few games.

    The scenerio is always the same:
    – we have possesion,
    – we play pretty good at the back and not allow opponents to create a lot of chances,
    – but the closer the opponents’ net the worse we play: no final touch or final passes, no good movement from our forwards, no quick passes combined with qiuck movememnt of players

    I wonder how long will it take to get our scoring machine work? So far our attacking tactic and performance are weak and not fun to watch at all. I hope it will improve soon.

    AUPA ATLETI from Poland

  • FancyFartPants

    fans, how did arda play today? i was not able to watch the game today, i wonder how he played.its not going that well in results but i have hope that atletico will play good football this season, maybe they will lose or win, they wil still entertain the fans, i hope this. lets try stay calm a little bit more:D

  • 92

    Hey there Polish fan, I agree with you, in the last matches we had quite good possesion of the ball the problem is when we approach the attacking third, we struggle a lot to link up and create goalscoring chances, there’s no push and run and wall passes, so it seems it is gonna take more time for the new players to fully adapt and to link up in order to create and score goals.
    Still don’t know why Koke isn’t getting enough playing time, what is Manzano thinking regarding Koke?, I remember last season that one of few positive things Quique did when he was in charge was promoting Koke and give him plenty of chances, Koke was very important last season in the last part of the season when we managed to qualify for the Europa League, so it really bothers me that he isn’t getting plenty of minutes because I think he needs to be starter as soon as possible.

  • DJ_ZA

    Nothing left to say except ‘Groundhog day!’

  • 92

    DJ_ZA, that is a pretty good and interesting article, just wondering when is the groundhog day gonna be over us.

  • Sinan

    Poor refferee decision.. A free penalty for Mallorca.

  • DJ_ZA

    92, I think only Bill Murray knows. whahahahaha.

  • palc

    Not enough movement from out two wingers..They need to be breaking through the defense constantly. Don’t think Arda and Adrian is the men to do so. Reyes and Salvio would be better. Arda should be playing central midfield instead of useless Tiago.

  • Germany

    disappointing again.
    with the players we have in our squade we need to win such games like this. there is no excuse !!
    until now the season is the same crap than last year.

  • 92

    Well, Tiago isn’t exactly the best box-to-box midfielder but I don’t think he is useless, in the past seasons he did a decent job, I just think that instead Koke should assume that role and Tiago should be on the bench, that could do good for Tiago.

  • 92

    One more thing, Levante absolute leader of the Spanish Primera, who would have thought that the team with the lowest budget in the first division would be the leader in Spain!, but let’s see how long can Levante’s lead lasts, hopefully they can lead Spain for a little longer.
    Also, again, I want to highlight City’s victory over United, another result I don’t think anyone could have imagined, great result for City, awful for United, I feel bad for De Gea, poor kid, hopefully United bounces back and United keeps fighting in England and Champions League.

  • starvs

    Doesn’t appear that anyone is willing to make runs inside the box so we just sit around with possession outside the box doing nothing productive. And when the ball is received/played to the wings no one is looking to cross it into Falcao, they just dribble around.

  • javi

    I dont understand this, the first few games we played we were outstanding in our attack, scoring 4 gols per game, now, we have to get a penalti to score one. Yes we are good at the back, but how could the players AND Manzano forget what we accomplished at the beggining of the season???

  • TeSo

    It seems Atleti is still not recovered after the 5-0 against the Cules.