Atlético reportedly looking to extend Courtois loan

Rojiblanco officials are already working to keep the Belgian around for another season

Manzano trying to will Courtois to stay?  (

Manzano trying to will Courtois to stay?

Atlético goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, on loan from Chelsea for one season, has been one of the club’s most consistent players so far.

He’s done so well in fact, that Rojiblanco officials are already negotiating a one-year extension of his loan deal so that he can remain at the Vicente Calderón through the summer of 2013, AS reports.

One of the possible conditions that Chelsea could impose on Atleti in order to agree to an extension of the 19-year-old’s stay, is that he start every game.

Upon Courtois’ arrival, some fans suspected the starting job requirement had already been a prerequisite for the initial deal.

Despite confessing not too long ago that he prefers the Premiere League over La Liga, Thibaut would apparently be open to sticking around at Atlético for another year.

“Before Chelsea bought me, Atleti wanted me,” Courtois told Spanish radio station Onda Cero earlier in the week.

“I really like Atlético. Right now, it’s only one year but if they want me for a second year and that’s okay with Chelsea then that’s fine, it’s possible.”

Thibaut continued: “Chelsea talked to me about playing for a team like Atlético for two years. Later, one year at a club in England, like Fulham or Tottenham, so that I can adapt to a league like the English one.

“Then, in the fourth year, I’d be expected to go to Chelsea.”

The uncertainty about his future aside, the youngster did make one thing clear.

“I will never play for Real Madrid,” he said.

Should Courtois stick around for an additional campaign, he would continue to block the development of Atlético youth system product Joel, who has played second fiddle between the sticks for two straight seasons.

The Belgian also stands in the way of a Sergio Asenjo comeback.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if either one, Joel or Asenjo, leaves on loan in the upcoming transfer window.

Do you think we should sign Courtois for another year, or is it time to finally give Joel or Asenjo a chance? While Courtois is the best option in goal at the moment, is it wise to develop another club’s future ‘keeper while sacrificing the development of your own?

  • Urban

    Asenjo should get a chance. Joel had one and IMHO he didnt convince. But Asenjo still deserves one.

  • DJ_ZA

    Petr Cech’s gonna be Chelsea’s no. 1 for a long while yet, so I don’t think they’re in any hurry to get Courtois back. In football, contracts are not worth the paper they’re written on – as we’ve seen so often, there’s always a way out (preferrably with financial gain to all parties). So it’s always a possibility that we could sign Courtois permanently with him never having played a minute for Chelsea. (The longer he stays – and is happy – the more chance of this happening?)
    The Asenjo / Joel dilemma : While they are both talented goalkeepers, are either of them better than Courtois? Atleti is not a social club – so if Courtois has proven himself better at the job, we can’t feel sorry for Joel / Asenjo because of history or sentimental reasons. Both Joel and Asenjo are ultimately responsible for making their own career choices. (look at Juanfran – so eager to play, he’ll even swap to RB) If they’re unhappy, they can leave – there are always other players available.
    So if we have the opportunity to hold on to Courtois a bit longer, I say ‘ Go for it!’ It’s no use worrying about losing him in the future, when he’s here now.

  • Urban

    But youre missing an important point, which is long distance planning and interests of our club – if he stays it would be great, but still more probable than your wishes is that TC will leave to Chelsea and after two years we will have to look for a keeper, since we have already wasted a chance to let our talented players develop and they will never make proper football careers and will become another Pichu Cuellar or Roberto.

  • Javi

    I hear you Urban, at least in the copa del rey and possibly in EL we should try our spanish guys. Maybe even on some liga games. I would only extend cortouis for another year if there is a buyout clause.

  • 92

    Asenjo already had a chance to become Atleti’s No. 1 GK, and he wasted it, that’s why De Gea relegated him to the bench, but he does deserves a second chance just like Joel. About extending Courtois loan, he made it clear that he was eager to return to Chelsea as soon as possible and that he prefers EPL over LFP, but the kid is performing so great that it doesn’t even matter he is on loan for just 1 year, perhaps as DJ_ZA says if he stays for a while with Atleti there’s a chance to sign him permanently, but that thing about Courtois being happy with us I don’t buy it, as I said earlier he is eager to retur to Chelsea as soon as possible and he prefers English football over Spanish football.

  • Lubo

    92 remember the fact that De Gea got his chance only because of Asenjo’s injury followed by Roberto’s injury.
    I still remember how good keeper Asenjo was 2 and a half year ago. Okay he made some mistakes in our jersey, but after all that time he deserves a chance to prove himself. Especially after his injury. Better thing that can happen is that he will fail, he won’t get his contract extended and he will go. The worst thing that can happen is that he won’t get a chance, he won’t get a contract extension, he will leave and be awesome somewhere else.
    And the clause in Courtois’ contract is just saying that we are a 2nd class club, good for growing and selling players. What do you think how long will Falcao stay here, if we wouldn’t be playing Champions League in next 2 seasons?

  • 92

    Lubo, Asenjo’s injury was after he was relegated to the bench by De Gea, remember the 2-2 draw against Galatasaray, well they almost knock us out of Europa League thanks to Asenjo, so he already had PLENTY of chances and if anyone deserves a chance is Joel, then Asenjo, but unfortunately for the 2 of them, Courtois is doing an awesome job and the best thing for his career is either stay with us for another season or be loaned to another team. You asked how long do I think Falcao is gonna stay with us if we don’t play CL, and I say remember that Porto is playing CL right now and probably next year, and Falcao gave up CL action to play with us, why he did that, I have no idea but I think that he is staying at least for the next season which is 12-13, and after that I think he might leave if he we don’t qualify to CL.

  • Lubo

    Okay, my memory is worse than I thought 😀 sorry I got it mixed a bit. Yes, Roberto was injured that time, but Asenjo was called up to spanish U-20 team. Sorry once again, my mistake. Anyway I still think Asenjo should get one more chance. I mean, these situations like very long term injuries can make you mentally stronger. I don’t know if it was just me, but from latest Asenjo’s words I felt he’s more matured and knows what he wants. Yes, he got his chance when came to Atletico and he was making mistakes, but I think it all was just his bad mental preparation, more pressure than in Valladolid. Joel on the other hand was looking unsure and shaky, but I agree he also deserves a proper chance in this team, not only some pre-season friendlies and few competitive matches against norwegian team, what could also be considered as another friendly match. I know Courtois is doing good job right now, but he’s not ours and that irritates me.
    And about Falcao. We are still the same selling club as Porto, just in more competitive league. And if no miracle is loading right now, we will be the same selling club for another 5-10 years. But it’s quite a sad realization that even our board lets others to treat us like that. But that’s another story.

  • 92

    Lubo, as DJ_ZA said, It’s kind of a tough dilemma isn’t?, in one side we have Courtois who is doing great, but on the other hand we have Asenjo and Joel, who are still very good prospects, so is hard to pick one of them, but at the moment Courtois is a wall, so unless he gets injured or he make mistakes or we play Copa del Rey, clearly Asenjo and Joel are just gonna sit on the bench waiting for their chance.

  • 92
  • Lubo

    That article is very good. But for me it’s not dilemma at all. I know what will be the first thing when I start my Football Manager 12 tomorrow – terminating Courtois loan deal. Looking to the future, that deal has more negatives than positives, looking to present – he sadly is the best we have. For me it’s clear we will be fighting for nothing this year, this whole new project is exciting, but needs time. So I don’t expect good results. And therefore I don’t think we should raise a keeper for Chelsea. Because those pretty mediocre results we had so far we would also have with Joel or Asenjo in the line-up. But that’s only my own opinion.

  • 92

    I agree with you that it doesn’t really matter who’s the starting GK the results will remain the same, and I think you got a point, why are we even raising Courtois for Chelsea?, if sooner or later he is gonna end up at Chelsea, that’s not really a smart move by the sporting directors or Manzano, I can only say that this things only happen at Atleti, and I agree that instead of developing other club players we should rather focus developing and raising our own players because the canteranos deserve a chance or else they’ll lose faith in their club.

  • k14

    Strange opinions, first of all, Courtois is by far the best option currently, which will help us achieve a CL spot.
    I think that is a more major factor in shaping the future of the club rather than a “Spanish” GK having some more playing time.
    And about giving Asenjo or Joel a chance, they do get it everyday, that’s the purpose of training, improving and proving yourself to the coach.

  • 92

    Once again Courtois seems to be more interesting in Chelsea rather than Atleti read this:
    Seems he can’t wait for his loan with us to be over and begin playing with Chelsea, so his possible “loan extension” with us seems it’s not gonna happen.