Injury round-up: Turan and López sustain knocks

Both players will miss the match against Granada; Sílvio hasn't been ruled out yet

Arda to miss two weeks of action?  (

Arda to miss two weeks of action?

UPDATE: AS reports that Argentina international Eduardo Salvio also injured himself over the international break, and will be out for about 7 to 10 days.

Original Report: After the conclusion of all international action over the FIFA break, it appeared as if Atlético players had made it through unscathed.

However, Atleti’s official site reported on Thursday that Turkish midfielder Arda Turan sustained a grade I-II right hamstring injury in mid-week duty with his national team.

Turan will miss Saturday’s clash against Granada, and reports from Turkey claim the playmaker will be out for two weeks.

It’s the second time this season Arda has suffered a knock while playing for his country, and it’s said Atlético officials are not too pleased with the situation.

Back in Madrid, Antonio López also succumbed to a grade I-II right hamstring injury and, according to the club’s official site, will not be travelling to Andalusia to face off against Granada.

Meanwhile, Sílvio remains a doubt to play this weekend because of his groin injury. He hasn’t been officially ruled out yet though, and may be a game-time decision.

Colombia’s heroes Radamel Falcao and Luis Amaranto Perea, and Argentine international Eduardo Salvio all got stuck behind in South America with flight delays and will report to training on Friday, only one day before our game.

  • DavidSF

    Turan seems a bit injury prone. I know we have Salvio and Juanfran “waiting in the wings” no pun intended… if i can recall this is the 2nd time he’s been hurt in as many as 2 international breaks… Move Reyes to the left and Salvio to the right (maybe this is a blessing in disguise because Salvio can score)

    This next stretch of 5 games is going to be crucial… ATLETI needs to pick up at the very least 12 points IMO to have momentum for the Derbi Madrileno.

    What are your thoughts?

  • starvs

    Time for Pizzi to step up. I agree that Reyes/Salvio on the wings is our best option with Turan’s injury, but I’m assuming Pizzi will get some PT now too.

  • Sash

    I rellay think Salvio and Koke should get the chance to prove their worth, Both are really big talents and Koke dig a solid game for the u-21.

  • javi

    I’m with Sash, Koke and salvio are great players and need time to develop, lets get them in

  • 92

    Are you the new javi?

  • starvs

    I agree Koke needs time to play, but the midfield is pretty solid with Gabi, Tiago, Mario, and Diego. I wouldn’t mind seeing Koke jump Tiago in the order. I think he will break in fairly soon be it through injury or sheer ballertude.

  • 92

    Sucks that Turan isn’t playing on saturday, I guess we’ll have to wait for his 1st goal for Atlei. Agree with DavidSF, he is very injury prone, seems he is made out of crystal, and when he returns from injury is gonna take time for him to recover his best form. With that said this is a great chance for Salvio to be a starter, he needs to step up and prove he doesn’t belong in the bench. He is a great player, I saw his performances with Lanus and the Argentina U20, and he does has the potential to become a world class player, so hopefully he starts on saturday and delight us with his best football.

  • Ringo

    Hmm, a formation like this is something I’d like to try if I were the coach:

    Miranda/Godin – Dominguez
    Silvio – Koke – Filipe
    Gabi – Diego
    Salvio – Falcao – Arda

    or a little variation on this. Looking at his best performances in youth squads, this looks like Koke’s best position, with some freedom to come forward every once in a while.
    Reyes should not be out immediately, but he’s 30 now, he’s probably going to get slower soon and in most cases he isn’t adding to the whole picture, usually just his own… Salvio is a possible hero for this team, so give him some shots, at least I would.
    Mario should be back-up and Tiago is getting older, so needs replacement, Marcos or Cidoncha are possible future suitors.

    Well, momentarily Silvio and Arda are unavailable (or in Silvio’s case, better left unused this time around), so experiment a bit with Juanfran, Kader or someone else, perhaps try Perea again, but against Granada I think it’s safe to try one of the more offensively skilled possibilities. Salvio seems a certainty to replace Arda, although Pizzi also has a good chance and Salvio has his delay…

  • Javi

    It’s the old Javi
    I was using a different computer and my pic didn’t show
    I would go with
    Perea Miranda Dominguez
    Koke Mario Gabi/Reyes
    Salvio Diego pizzi

  • 92

    Makes sense. So Javi you’ll drop Filipe Luis and Courtois and play with a 3 defensemen line, without any sidebacks?. Your lineup looks interesting but I don’t think Granada is gonna be that agressive, I think we shouldn’t be that careful, Granada is a weak opponent with all due respect, and with the exception of Uche they don’t have any other dangerous players. But this is football and anthing can happen, although I honestly doubt Granada is gonna be a very offensive opponent on saturday.

  • Martin Rosenow

    AS now reports Salvio was also injured. They say he will be out for about 7 to 10 days. Pizzi time?

  • dgsozkan

    About Arda , he missed countless games because of his injuries last season. I hoped this year would be different when I’ve first heard that he joined Atleti, but unfortunately such kind of a start isn’t so much promising.Granada game would be excellent for Salvio to show everyone that he deserves play more.However, it’s still a good chance for Pizzi.

  • Javi

    Yeah Salvio is out for a week so I would replace him with Adrian
    @92 I agree that Granada should not be that aggressive so I put in three backs to give room for another attacker felipe was a consideration but he’s not played well recently
    And I think perea will be solid

  • Javi

    It’s asenjo and pizzi time

  • starvs

    pizzi in the hizzy

  • palc

    A player who scores three goals against Porto has to be better than Juanfran.

  • Andres